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Advertising Rules: Funny T-shirts with twisted ad parody
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Creative Department t-shirt design

Advertising Rules! It's the most twisted and insane business we know. We love it! That's why we rag it with funny t-shirts and parody humor. Click here to visit our homepage. Sit Back and enjoy the ride. If you like our site, please let us know about it. If you like our designs, please take the time to vote for us. Send us a picture wearing any Chaos gear and we'll post it with a link to your website.

Distorted Ad Design

Property of the Creative Department

Property of the Creative Department
The enless, thankless job of the creative departmet. Working all hours of the day and night.

Concept in Progress

Concept in Progress
It's like a big old do not disturb sign for people in the creative department.

100% Generic Logo Design

100% Generic Logo Design
Not into brands? Resist with this defiant anti-logo design

Ad Slut

Ad Slut
How many times have you bent over just to make the worst ad ever just to make the client happy?

Beer, It's what's for Dinner Parody

Beer, It's what's for Dinner Parody
Beer is great. Pay homage with this parody from the Beef campaign.

Copywriter - the cunning linguist.

Copywriter - the cunning linguist.
Well, here's your chance to shine. Let everyone know that you have a sharp pencil and a sharp tongue

Unemployed Creative

Unemployed Creative
How come every jobless art director or copywriter calls themselves a freelancer? Hey, we're guilty.

"Big Rod" Member Parody
We're not saying this has anything to do with penis size. It's just a great parody.. About a guy named rod..

Very Bad Kerning

Very Bad Kerning
Bad kerning is everyone's problem. Funny typographic design - Humor with letters.

Enjoy Me I'm Refreshing.

Enjoy Me I'm Refreshing.
Parody of a soda machine, with an oddly erotic undertone. Especially on panties.

Intellectual Property My Ass!

Intellectual Property My Ass!
When you're facing a tight deadline, Intellectual property issues somehow get thrown out the window.

Hobo Font Specs

Hobo Font Specs
Hobo, possibly the words font ever created, now immortalized with this t-shirt design.

Advertising Rules Logo Wear

Advertising Rules Logo Wear
Be our Ad Sluts! Here is where you can Find the Chaos Advertising Rules Logo Wear.

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Advertising Rules
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Dream Chaos

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