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Chaos by Design: Funny T-shirts, Surreal Desktops, and other cool stuff.
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Chaos by Design Funny T-shirt Store - Twisted humor printed on t-shirts, hats and other cool stuff.
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I'm Dirty Nametag t-shirt

Chaos By Design - The Funny Nametag T-shirt Store : Click on the funny designs to see the funky t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, bags, and other cool stuff. If you like 'um, buy 'um. Send us the picture. We even have a blank one so you can fill in your own. If you like some of the designs, please take the time to vote for us.

Dirty Nametag

Dirty Nametag
This design is great for everyone from the diaper bombing toddler to the octogenarian sex fiend.

I'm pissed off!

I'm pissed off!
Tell the world what kind of day you're having. Hopefully they'll leave you alone!

"Hi, I'm Confused" Nametag
It's OK. We all have periods of unclairity. Just some more than others.

"I'm Not Here" Nametag
Ever feel like you're just visiting this strange little world?

Hi, I'm Geeky Nametag

Hi, I'm Geeky Nametag
Everyone has a little geek in them. Some more than others.

Hi, I'm Horny

Hi, I'm Horny
For guys, it's stating the obvious, for girls, wear it out if you want some action.

The Antichrist Nametag

The Antichrist Nametag
Having a bad day, or severe PMS? Perhaps you should dawn this shirt as a warning.

Hi, I'm Saddam Nametag

Hi, I'm Saddam Nametag
Hopefully, he will buy this shirt so we can find him!

Bin Laden Nametag

Bin Laden Nametag
Put this on to see what it feels like to be the most wanted man in the world.

"Hi, I'm Gay" Nametag
Show your pride, or piss off your homophobe friends.

"Hi, I'm White" Nametag
We at chaos are masters of stating the obvious.

"Hi, I'm Black" Nametag
We at Chaos sure have a knack for stating the obvious.

Blank Nametag Design

Blank Nametag Design
Here is the Blank design that allows you to fill in whatever you want with a sharpie.

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