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BUY USA! Spread the Message! Support Your Country! Penny wage labor from China is even taking jobs away from Mexico.

****ALL PROFITS GO TO HAITIAN RELIEF via Samaritanspurse.org!!!****

Be sure to shop for American made, those few extra dollars you pay for American made keep jobs here!
Enjoy some great looking cards from across the USA along with bumper stickers and buttons to express your concern about the declining economy and the poor job market. Jobs are being taken away from America every day, that's what I have been saying since 2006. You can stop this by choosing American made, tell your stores, you are looking for products made here first, such as produce, clothing, food, etc...

Shame on Sears! For undermining American ingenuity and American Jobs! see article!Boycott Sears Tools!

Choose Credit Unions instead of banks,(banks are more likely to have operations overseas) Every dollar counts when you choose American made, you are supporting our economy and perhaps even your own local economy too. Studies have also shown that there is a great waste of energy to ship products from overseas along with the pollution. Also, pollution from penny wage countries such as China and India are at an advantage since they don't comply to any laws regarding their emissions.

Be sure to read your food labels when you are purchasing food, now days even mushrooms, garlic, peaches and apple cider is coming from China or India. They do not have any kind of FDA (Food & Drug Administration)to inspect food items, we have seen a huge amount of contaminated food coming from overseas. These countries use any kind of pesticide available. They have no restrictions.
There has been a push from Toyota and other foreign companies to say that their trucks are more American or are built in the United States. Don't be deceived by this these companies, they send back money to their countries of origin and nearly ninety percent of their investors are foreign. So if Toyota says their trucks have a few more American parts, their company supports their economy and their investors. To have them have Americans put their cars and trucks together is great and appreciated but it serves them more than us.

New! Hugs For You! Bear

New! Hugs For You! Bear
Cute Lovelable Hugs For You Bear! Sure to warm someone's heart!

Greeting and Postcard items

San Francisco items

Sorry! I buy American Made! items

New! Esquadrille Lafayette

New! Esquadrille Lafayette
Esquadrille Lafayette The Lafayette Escadrille is about the brave Americans who volunteered to fly for France and the United States 103rd Aero Squadron during World War I

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