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» Piratey Stuff
   » Christmas Pirate
   » Never Too Much Rum
   » Pirate Ancestry
   » To Arrh is Pirate
   » Slitting Throats
   » Yo Ho Yo Ho
   » Yarr!
   » Pirate Test
   » Pirate Test #2
   » Pirate Etiquette
   » Pirate Woot!
   » Scurvy Dog
   » Arrh!
   » Rapscallion
   » Wicked
» Pagan Stuff
   » Crow Tesselation
   » Knotwork Raven Monochromatic
   » Knotwork Raven
   » MoonCrow
   » Halloween Tree
   » Samhain Tree
   » Winter Tree
   » Painted Triskel
      » Purple Scheme Triskel
      » Fall Leaves Triskel
      » Water Triskel
      » Magenta Triskel
      » Charcoal Triskel
      » Chalk Triskel
   » Pre-Trendy Pagans
   » 100% Wicked
   » Wiccan Rede Pentacle
   » Eye of Horus
   » Futhark Rocks!
   » Heretic
   » Aspect Triquetra
   » Pagan Kitty Has A Tummyache
   » Political Pagans
   » Something Wiccan
   » Raven Triskel
   » Pagan and Proud
   » Triskel
   » Dragon Triquetra
   » Triple Moon
   » Triple Crescent
      » Triple Crescent
      » Purple to Blue Triple Crescent
      » Red to Yellow Triple Crescent
      » Dusk til Dawn Triple Crescent
      » Blue to Green Triple Crescent
      » Red to Green Triple Crescent
      » Green to Purple Triple Crescent
   » Heathen
   » Bacchae Dancer
» The Funny Stuff
   » Good to be Useful
   » Merry Freakin Christmas
   » Soul Eater
   » Fear the Spinach
   » The Lamest Sin
   » Nom nom nom
   » Weird is a Start
   » Damned Hot
   » Caffeine!
   » Takes More to Be An Artist
   » Tastes So Good!
   » Vampires Have Always Been Cool
   » Naughty
   » Petters Beware!
   » Bar Candy
   » Rehab is Dull
   » Bacon is Love
   » Blame Someone
   » Be Merry!
   » Vegitarianavore
   » Surrounded by Idiots
   » Meatitarian
   » Good is Boring
   » Jesus was my Copilot
   » My Way
   » Multiple Personalities
   » Sparkly
   » Miracles of Modern Medicine
   » Come to the Dark Side...
   » Hey babe, you wanna (bleep)
   » A Road Diverged
   » Duct Tape
   » Madness
   » Screw Lemonade
   » Naughty
   » Alcohol Stream
   » Evil Upside Down
   » Wish #1
   » Paying Attention
   » Of Course I am Drunk
   » Go Away
   » Lust
   » Hit me again!
   » Hippy Slogan Updated
   » Best of the Best
   » Baby Gets What Baby Wants
   » My Heart Belongs...
   » Flowery WTF?
   » Evil is Good
   » Jesus Made the Roll
   » You Say Evil Like It Is A Bad Thing
   » Jesus the Savvy Shopper
   » I Can Be Nice
   » The Black Mother
   » Notice the important things
» Geek, Tech and Gamer Humor
   » Noobs, a healthy treat
   » Paladins Are Lame
   » Cheat Codes Can't Help
   » No Place Like Home
   » NSFW
   » 403 Forbidden
   » Meh.
» Political Statements/Humor
   » Pravda Vitezi
      » Pravda Vitezi
         » Pravda Vitezi
         » Pravda Vitezi (darker)
   » Soldiers per Gallon
   » I Think Therefore
   » Church and State
   » Voting UUs
   » Political Pagans
   » Stop the Religious Right
   » Pride & Prejudice
» Adult Themed Stuff
   » Truth in Advertising
   » Natural Wonders
   » BYLF
      » BYLF Censored
      » BYLF Raw
      » BYLF Clean
   » WILF
      » WILF Raw
      » WILF Censored
      » WILF Clean
   » Save A Virgin
   » Mrs. Right
   » Mr. Right
   » Straight, Single and Not Interested
   » Fighting for a Cause
   » Foreplay Is Good
   » How I Really Feel
   » Best Assets Forward
» Gothiness
   » Nevermore
   » Real Love

Fort Worth, TX

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Welcome! I make things up and CafePress puts them on things. Sometimes the things I make are good, or funny, or though provoking. Very often it is just garbage. But that's okay, because later I come back and realize it is garbage which makes me work to improve it. Or it frustrates me and I just ignore it. At any rate if you are a free thinker with a sense of humor you will likely find something here.

Piratey Stuff

Piratey Stuff
Ahoy mateys! Garb and wear for all yer piratey needs.

Pagan Stuff

Pagan Stuff
Simple designs for modern pagans.

The Funny Stuff

The Funny Stuff
A selection of humorous items. Sort of. Most of the time.

Geek, Tech  and Gamer Humor

Geek, Tech and Gamer Humor
All your shirt are belong to us.

Political Statements/Humor

Political Statements/Humor
Political humor that makes a statement, or maybe political statements with a bit of humor.

Adult Themed Stuff

Adult Themed Stuff
Mostly meant to be humorous, mostly topics small children should not be seeing. Which means it has to be good, right?


Dark, romantic, sometimes humorous.

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