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Important Stuff:

The Boxwrench Garage Pseudo Racing Gear Store specializes in q-lity clothing and other paraphenalia vaguely related to auto repair, racing, and general mayhem. All proceeds from the Boxwrench Garage Pseudo Racing Gear Store benefit the actual Boxwrench Garage in some way, shape or form.  Your purchases here might buy us some new tools, or some more car parts, or possibly field another $500 race car.  Seriously!  You can make a difference in our world!

That said, we're not trying to scare you, but we're totally new to this garment and trinket business.  We can rebuild engines and we can tear down transmissions, but all this "direct printing" and "200dpi minimum graphic resolution" stuff is all a bunch of mumbo jumbo as far as we're concerned.  Really, we have no idea what we're doing.  We've done all we can to ensure the quality of the images and logos, but since this is our first go at this it's entirely possibly we're not up to your high standards.  We promise, though, we're working as hard as we can.  Did we mention we're sort of like a charity?

So, if you like what you see, buy it.  Buy some for your friends and buy some for your family.  If you don't see exactly what you're looking for or you'd like a logo or image on other item or in another place?  Let us know!  We've got open ears for all your suggestions - we wanna make your dreams come true!*


* As long as your dreams are limited to our graphics on Cafe Press's goods.



Nothing goes with a boxwrench like beer.  It's hard to pick up any tool without a beer.  Beer helps lubricate the mind and the joints, it limbers you up and keeps you relaxed, even during the most stressful manly operations.  Working on the car?  Grab a beer.  Fixing up the bike?  Grab a beer.  We know who you are.  We know how you work!

Sadly, we can't get a liquor license on the internet.  So instead, we've put together a bunch of stuff that will augment your tooling experience.  We've got mugs and cups for your beer!  We've got stickers so you can mark your beer!  We've got awesome t-shirts to replace the one you spilled beer all over.  We're here for you.  Now, give us some money!

<h3>White Ts</h3>
White T-shirts with Boxwrench logos and kick-ass witicisms.
<h3>Black Ts</h3>
Black T-shirts with Boxwrench logos and kick-ass witicisms.
<h3>Long(er) Sleeves</h3>
Racing or wrenching in cold weather? Ice cold brew too ice cold? We can help.
<h3>Things that go on your Head</h3>
Headwear. Like hats & stuff.
<h3>For the Ladies</h3>
All you womens, we know you love us!
<h3>Branching Out</h3>
Since this is all about fundraising, we've put together some other designs we think you might like.
<h3>Mugs, Stickers, and Trinkets</h3>
We've created amazing ways to promote The Boxwrench Garage. Take a look!
warning-sign2-sticker Sticker (Rectangle 50 pk)
warning-sign2-sticker Sticker (Rectangle 50 pk)
warning-sign2-sticker Sticker (Rectangle 10 pk)
warning-sign2-sticker Sticker (Rectangle 10 pk)

"$500 Car May Explode" Sticker
White T-Shirt<br>F: Get In... Icons<br>B: Signs
White T-Shirt
F: Get In... Icons
B: Signs

Dark T-Shirt<br>F: Boxwrench Racing (Large Logo)
Dark T-Shirt
F: Boxwrench Racing (Large Logo)

Dark T-Shirt<br>F: Drive Fast Sign
Dark T-Shirt
F: Drive Fast Sign

Baseball Jersey<br>B: Boxwrench Racing Warning
Baseball Jersey
B: Boxwrench Racing Warning

Sweatshirt<br>F: Icons<br>B: Boxwrench Racing
F: Icons
B: Boxwrench Racing

Black Cap<br>Boxwrench Racing Logo
Black Cap
Boxwrench Racing Logo


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