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Welcome to the Politics section of The Blasphemy Store.
Find products displaying blasphemous designs of the political variety.

 I Don't Vote -- exclamation point!

I Don't Vote -- exclamation point!
You're too clever to fall for that voting scam, right?


What? You don't want to join the cult? But it's very popular! Everyone loves democracy.

I [heart] sedition

I [heart] sedition
Do you [heart] sedition?
I [heart] sedition.
If you [heart] sedition, this is for you.


Democracy is the new religion. Democracy is the opiate of the people.



Free Thought
Free Speech

One leads to the other.

Peace because...

Peace because...
What? Human life is more
important than ideology?

I Don't Vote

I Don't Vote
You're too clever to fall for that voting scam, right?

Don't Vote

Don't Vote
Some people actually think their vote matters. Some people actually think that voting is the right thing to do.

Help your neighbours break their democracy addiction!

Fire. Them. All.

Fire. Them. All.
Fire who? Them.
How many? All of them.
You know what I mean.

Fire Them All (CHRC)

Fire Them All (CHRC)
What should be done when a government organization that is supposed to protect rights becomes instead a powerful and relentless violator of the right of free expression?

For more blasphemy, visit my cartoon site, Tender Sensibilities, and come discuss it on my forum, Graveyard of the Gods.

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