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Lots of great butterfly and flower products for spring!
Clothing - t-shirts (adult and children), baby bibs, creepers
Tote Bags
Framed Tiles
and Tile Coasters

Here are just some of the designs available:

Butterflies and Flowers!

There are several versions of this design - each with a different butterfly and flower. The following are just a sample:

Designs available on t-shirts, Mugs (Large and small), Magnets, Tote Bags and Tile Coasters.


This design is of a wanted poster and has an image of a Spicebush Swallowtwail caterpillar on it, and text under it which says:
"Papilio 'Spicebush' troilus - AKA 'Spicebush Swallowtail'
Last seen devouring sassafras leaves.
Frequently disguises itself as a small snake..."

(Design currently only available on t-shirts - posters available in future!)

Baby Butterflies Grow Up To Be - Flying Flowers!

This t-shirt and tote bag only design has a front and back to it. The front image is of 7 different butterfly caterpillars, each with the shape of its host plant behind it. The back is the adult butterflies that correspond to the caterpillars on the front.

Buy the Baby Butterflies shirt or Tote Bag now!

Butterflies and Their Babies!

These shirt designs have a small image of a caterpillar on the front, in the pocket area. The backs of the shirts have an image of the adult butterfly. The example below is the Tiger Swallowtail shirt.

Check out the butterflies and their babies shirts now!

Other "Butterfly Baby" shirt, large Mug and small Mug designs, have the following pairs of caterpillars and adult butterflies available on them:

"Big Butterflies!" and "Big Flowers!"

These designs each have one large image of a butterfly or flower on them. Many different butterflies such as a - Monarch, Tiger Swallowtail, Buckeye and Pipevine Swallowtail - are available as well as many different flowers: Zinnias, Black-Eyed Susans, Sunflowers, New England Asters and Morning Glory. These designs are on t-shirts, baby items, mugs, magnets, coasters and tote bags! On shirts, I usually have a small image of the butterfly or flower on the front, in the pocket area, and then a larger image on the back of the shirt.

Here is a sample of some of the "Big Butterfly" designs available on t-shirts and baby items, mugs, magnets, Tote Bags, coasters,:

Here are some "Big Flower" design samples available on t-shirts and baby items, mugs, magnets, Tote Bags, coasters:

Lots of Flowers!

These designs look like bouquets of beautiful flowers! One is all pink zinnias and the other many different colorful and bright flowers. Most have a small image of the flowers on the front of the shirt, in the pocket area, and a large image on the back. Designs also available on tote bags

Flower and Butterfly Clocks

Three beautiful flower and butterfly clocks to choose from!


Butterfly Butterfly!


These two images appear on t-shirts and tote bags - one on the front and the other on the back.

Lots of Butterflies!

This design has 17 different butterflies on it, each labeled with both the common and scientific names of the butterfly. Only available on the value t-shirt currently.

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