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Shopkeeper Bio

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Poker shirts for online poker victims. Admitting it is the first step. Got a personal poker statement to create? Wear your favorite hand or slap it on a mug or something. See below for details.

NEW! BLACK SHIRTS JUST ADDED! Send an email to "" if you would like a black shirt design created.

The generic, simple look communicates. Minimalism. No attention lost to color or design. The message goes straight to the brain, and at FunnyJesusPokerShirts, it's all about the message!

CUSTOMISE! Send a detailed email to "" to customise your order (blank shirt back, two designs on a shirt, smaller design...etc.). I want to please your ass. I'll create whatever your ass wants.

Submit an original statement for potential financial gain (that means money from me to you). If I like it, I'll pay (your ass)! Write to ""

DISCOUNTS: Email to (subject="discounts") for current offers. ... where it all starts.

"poker shirts: don't look here"
"don't look here, the joke's in your hand." A fond men's room memory makes it on to an online poker shirt.

"poker shirts: liquor in the front"
"liquor in the front, poker in the back." Give her what she wants, on all her online poker shirts.

"poker shirts: make hands, not war"
Don't let the fighting leave the table. Online poker shirts against all wars.

"poker shirts: bless me, father"
"bless me, father, for i have bluffed." Finally, online poker shirts for the confessional.

"poker shirts: poker? i like my hand"
Online poker shirts that say "No one knows you as well as you do."

"poker shirts: suited pair"
Texas Holdem's perfect hand makes for perfect online poker shirts.

"poker shirts: bad beat insured"
"bad beat insured. call my bet?" Maybe one day this insurance dream will come true. It does on these online poker shirts.

"poker shirts: dealers give good hands"
Online poker shirts that say "Nobody does it better than they do."

"poker shirts: steal from the blind"
We can't do it on the street, but at least we can do it at the table, and say it on our online poker shirts.

"poker shirts: any two will do"
Those two Texas Holdem cards are live! And on all your lucky online poker shirts.

"poker shirts: Jesus died for somebody's chips"
"Jesus died for somebody's chips, but not mine." Finally, a good cause for martyrdom, why not on online poker shirts?

"poker shirts: addicted"
Life is what you do between hands of Texas Holdem while wearing this online poker shirt.

"poker shirts: desperate"
An online poker shirt that guarantees chip action.

"poker shirts: tired"
I can't think straight....flush maybe, but not straight. My online poker shirt says I'm tired.

"poker shirts: pissed"
Freakin' bad beats. Thank Jesus for my online poker shirt.

"poker shirts: vulnerable"
Defenses down....I wouldn't want to deceive you so don't believe my online poker shirt.

"poker shirts: undiscovered"
I will be found out one day and won't need this online poker shirt.

"poker shirts: unknown"
You can say you knew me when I wore a poker shirt that said I was unknown. Praise God and Texas Holdem.

"poker shirts: Y?Y"
"why ask why?" or "why question why?" What is the point when one is at peace with his Texas Holdem hand in this

"poker shirts: your favorite hand"
Wear your favorite Texas Holdem hand on your online poker shirts, put it on your dog, put it on a

"poker shirts: your poker statement"
What's YOUR online poker statement? You play enough, you must have something you want to say on your poker shirts. If I like it, I'll pay. Click here

"time to gamble" Wall Clock

"time to poker" Wall Clock

"time for poker" Wall Clock

"time to whine" Wall Clock

"time to surrender" Wall Clock

"time to cry" Wall Clock

"time to quit" Wall Clock

"time to scream" Wall Clock

"time to suffer" Wall Clock

"time to wince" Wall Clock

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