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 No Bull Saloon
Welcome to Barry's World!

Looking for a wacky, surreal and wholly unique gift idea for yourself or others? You've come to the right place! We have more designs than you can imagine, all available on assortment of quality merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, hats, posters, buttons, magnets, calendars, maternity clothing, clocks, bumper stickers, framed tiles, Sigg water bottles, children's clothing, organic clothing, and so much more!

Featured Designs:

Out of My Mind

Musical Relativity

Couch Potato University


Just Kidding!

I'll Be Bach!

Studies Show

Grammar Peeves

Strong Like Bull!

Big Grin


Evil Genius

Hot Contents

Break Glass

You Are Here

Got a Life?

Evolution of Drummers

Major League Programmer

Funky Fortune

Fifth Element

The Best of the Rest:

Suicidal snakes, killer strawberries and other wacky, surreal and wholly unique designs. Includes Warped Earth, Giant Monster Attack, Chest Burster, Egg Critters, Sports Chicks Designs, Baseball Creations, A Rose By Any Other Name, Failed Prototypes and Porthole designs.
Wacky Words
Wacky, witty and just plain weird messages to befuddle and confound those around you. Includes Legally Funny, Elementary, Certified Humor, SoundFX, The Chalkboard, Diet Hell, Success Alternatives, Mixed-up Metaphors, Beastly Designs, Sesquipedalia, Funky Fortunes, l33tspeak, Curses! and Name Tags.
Dog Pound
Welcome to the Dog Pound, home of some of the weirdest, wackiest and most unique dog-related designs on this (or any other) planet! Includes got dog?, Canine College, Bling Dawgz, Canine Crossing, Major League Dog and Dog Owner Evolution designs.
Didn't go to an Ivy League school? Never fear! Here you can find the gear that will let you be Big Man on Campus of a whole host of fictional schools....
Signs of the Times
Here you'll find classic warning signs with a twist. Sometimes it's the actual content of the sign that's twisted, whereas other times it's more the context....
Major Leagues
Do you know somebody who goes above and beyond the call of duty, who takes what they do to the next level? Here's the perfect gift to show them you know it, or just buy it for yourself!
got designs?
Got a life? Got a clue? Got your favorite sport? Got your favorite dog breed? The got...? designs parody the famous milk slogan for an instantly recognizable yet slightly surreal experience.
Is there any symbol more universal than the simple smiley face? These wacky and silly designs both celebrate and poke fun at this classic icon.
Evolutionary Designs
According to Darwin, man evolved from a knuckle-dragging ape all the way to a tool-wielding biped. Is that the best we can do, though? The truly evolved don't just stand erect and use tools...
Quote Central
Various designs and quotes inspired by my favorite movies, television shows, etc.
Whatever the holiday, spread a little cheer with these off-beat, tongue-in-cheek designs
Kiddie Korner
Unique and personalized gifts for children of all ages and the young at heart
China Creations
Designs that celebrate the beauty of Chinese culture, history and language
Belly Burtsters Maternity Shirts
Maternity t-shirts for women who want to have a slightly more surreal pregnancy experience.
Stained Glass Designs
Old English letters, framed against a spectacular stained glass background
Bling Bling!
Designs for people who want to look like a million bucks without actually spending a million bucks
Some of my most amazing nature photographs, available as prints, postcards, calendars, etc.
About Time
The New Collector's Guide to Pocket Watches and other merchandise for watch and clock collectors
Classic Coin Designs
Welcome to Classic Coin Designs, featuring my own personal photographs of some of the most beautiful U.S. coins ever minted.
Skeptic's Corner
Welcome to Skeptic's Corner, my own little haven of critical and rational thinking amidst a world of wackiness and woo-woo weirdness.
Random Shots
Miscellaneous wacky designs, including original illustrations and cartoons, that don't really fit into any of the other sections of Barry's World.

About This Store:

My name is Barry S. Goldberg (although you might know me as "godzillatemple" from various on-line communities such as Worth100, Fark, eBay, and The Straight Dope). I'm a professional writer with a strong interest in photography and graphic design (not to mention an admittedly warped view of the world), and this store represents the tangible manifestation of all the creative ideas I have had over the years. Here you can find many of my best surreal Photoshop creations; my most witty and wacky sayings; my favorite quotes from various movies, books and songs; my left-wing ruminations; and my most amazing nature photographs -- all for sale on a wide variety of merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, posters, framed prints, mouse pads, bumper stickers, magnets and buttons. In addition, after years of collecting antique pocket watches I now have my popular "New Collector's Guide to Pocket Watches" for sale here as well. So take a look around and enjoy a peek deep inside my brain. And be sure to bookmark the site and return often, since I'm constantly updating it with new stuff.

If you have any questions or special merchandise requests, please e-mail me at:

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