The Ultimate Insider’s
Experience of Babylon 5
A behind-the-scenes peek into Patricia Tallman's life during her “B5 Years.” A candid (and occasionally spicy) memoir told through print, video and audio.
Pat Talks About Richard Biggs

Pat Talks About the Black Contacts

Pat Tallman's Babylon 5
Multimedia Memoir

Autographed by Pat Tallman,
Autographed by J. Michael Straczynski
The 362-page book includes a disc
with 9 videos, 2 audio features
(JMS interviews Pat & episode commentary)
plus the quote postcard.


Includes a 362-Page Book

Each Book Autographed
by Patricia Tallman

...and autographed by JMS
(Who also wrote
the book's introduction)


  Includes this Exclusive Collectible Postcard

9 Video Clips & 2 Audio Features (JMS Interviews Pat & a Renegade Commentary for "Secrets of the Soul"


  362-page softcover book featuring 330 photographs and documents

  Hand-Autographed by Patricia Tallman

  Hand-Autographed by J. Michael Straczynski

  Introduction by J. Michael Straczynski

  Collectible Postcard with the Pleasure Thresholds Quote

Data Disc which includes two MP3s and 9 MP4 videos --

  MP3: J. Michael Straczynski interviews Patricia Tallman. In this interview Pat is disarmingly candid about being an actor on Babylon 5.

  MP3: Audio commentary by J. Michael Straczynski and Patricia Tallman for the Babylon 5 episode "Secrets of the Soul." You can synch the commentary with the DVDs or online streams. This is a renegade commentary recorded exclusively for this package. Unllike most commentaries included with DVDs, this one has NOT been censored or edited by the studio.

MP4 Video: Promotional - Pat Talks About Rick Biggs

 MP4 Video: Promotional - About "Those Contact Lenses"

MP4 Video: Exclusive - Special Thank You from Pat

 MP4 Video: Exclusive - A Recent Cast "Reunion"

 MP4 Video: Exclusive - Working with J. Michael Straczynski

 MP4 Video: Exclusive - Working on Star Trek & B5 Simultaneously

 MP4 Video: Exclusive - Lunch on the B5 Set

 MP4 Video: Exclusive - Working with Claudia Christian

 MP4 Video: Exclusive - The Chicken "Outtakes"

Language and situtions described in this book make it suitable for adults only.



That's because it is. It's much shorter and, if you look closely, you'll see it is a different cover -- some of the pictures are different. For the shoot, done before the book was finished, she was using an in-progress edition of Pleasure Thresholds that was only partially done and had a preliminary cover.

The promo videos were shot before the book was released. The disc was in the works but not complete.

You can return it for a 100% refund. You will be refunded (1) what you paid, (2) shipping charges to recieve it and (3) the cost to return. This policy extended to international customers as well and includes all Pleasure Thresholds merchandise.

No. But only because this memoir is a multimedia experience. The book is one part of the story, the videos another, JMS' interview with Pat and their uncensored commentary on "Secrets of the Soul" another.

Pat’s covers her work on the Paramount lot on all three Star Trek shows as well as the first feature for the Next Generation crew.

No. It's being published by Publishing 180, the same company that produces and markets Straczynski has no financial interest in the company or this project. His offered his name, time and credibility because he believes in the project.




  • The embarrassing first sentence J. Michael Straczynski ever spoke to Pat Tallman.

  • The quality Pat Tallman has that JMS said is nearly impossible to find in Hollywood.

  • Details of the Murder, She Wrote script JMS penned specifically for Pat...and the lies that prevented her from being in it.

  • The quality that makes Lyta, Lyta, according to JMS, and why he compares her to a thermonuclear weapon.

  • How her Barbie dolls dramatically influenced her career in horror and sci-fi.

  • The two awards she won in one weekend in college: homecoming queen and...
  • How her mom and dad reacted to her first nude scene...and the embarassing thing one of them did at a family dinner.

  • The "odd jobs" she held while supporting her acting career in New York.

  • Why she didn't do drugs when the women around her "weren't so lucky."

  • The stage combat class that launched her stuntwoman career.

  • Why she eventually left New York for the "other coast."

  • Why playing Red Sonja in the in the "Conan" show at Universal Studios was such a significant career choice.

  • How she got the role of Barbara in Night of the Living Dead.

  • Pat's first reaction to seeing the Babylon 5 audition script.

  • How a shocking moment during her audition influenced her scene where Lyta is being interviewed by G'Kar.

  • Why Ed Wasser, who played Morden, was in the room when she auditioned.

  • How she and the rest of the actors found out they were the "chosen cast," and why the arrival of a specific Warner Bros. executive turned the meeting into a "catastrophe."
  • How she reacted the first time she read with Andreas.

  • The make-up kerfuffle started by an actress telling lies on the B5 set, and the person she turned to to make it right.

  • The reason why Richard Compton was so kind to actors.

  • The scene with Andreas/G'Kar where she felt like "a bunny about to be eaten by a wolf."

  • Why Lyta stares at G'Kar when he asks her about her pleasure threshold.

  • The situation where J. Michael Straczynski fears an actor will "play the end result" and how he avoids that.

  • Why, when Lyta scanned Kosh, she played it as though Kosh was the most beautiful and terrible thing in the world.

  • How Pat came to understand that she and Lyta were very much alike, and how J. Michael Straczynski made that happen.

  • Revealed: Why Lyta was not a gay character, as originally intended by J. Michael Straczynski
  • .
  • What Michael O'Hare said to Pat when Lyta slammed Sinclair against the wall.

  • Why Pat threw the wrap party for The Gathering, and what ended up in the baby pool.

  • The one thing that Pat didn't like when she saw The Gathering on TV, and what it felt like to watch it with 20 other people.

  • Why J. Michael Straczynski took Pat and Michael O'Hare to conventions after The Gathering aired.

  • The reason Pat approaches acting roles "like a detective."

  • Why Pat "learns" her lines, instead of "memorizing" them.

  • The audition process, beat-by-beat.

  • Why, even when the director wants you, you might not get the part.

  • How the business is set up to keep the power out of the actor's hands.

  • Why Pat loves actors, drug addicts and alcoholics.

  • Zingy-one liners other actresses have said to Pat to undermine her confidence during auditions...and what Jerry Doyle said about Pat at a convention.

  • The specific, never-before-revealed details of how Pat "lost" the part of Lyta, how she got it back and how Ian the Psychic helped her through.

  • The first thing J. Michael Straczynski said to her when she called him, heartbroken, about not getting the part.

  • How Pat's shift to stunt work (during Babylon 5's season 1) lead to jobs on Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump and...Star Trek.

  • How the Executive Chef at Prego in Beverly Hills changed her life, forever.

  • The costume she would wear all the time if she could.

  • Rare opporutnity: see a reprint of Pat's Babylon 5 deal memos, including all payment information. Nothing redacted.

  • Why the B5 hair and makeup trailer was the place to be.

  • How talking to Andrea Thompson on set relieved Pat of some of the sadness of missing her infant son.

  • Why Pat felt a little "like Spock" when playing Lyta.

  • The big disappointment her first day back on set shooting "Divided Loyalties."

  • Pat first impressions of the new cast when she returned...and which cast member asked a ton of questions when they first met.

  • The quality Pat says Bruce, Claudia and Rick brought to their characters.

  • Why, some days on the set, she would have preferred to be hit by a car or jump out a window.

  • Included: the original production call sheet from "Divided Loyalties.
  • "
  • What it means when someone calls Pat and says, "We need you on the ship."

  • The one person, other than J. Michael Straczynski, Pat calls a "loyal mentor."

  • Why the security folk at Paramont know Pat personally.

  • What Patrick Stewart would say to Pat every time they met on the set of Star Trek...and why he has no idea what she really looks like.

  • How Pat broke a Star Trek set with her head (and the actor she "blames").

  • Why Pat got a lot of overtime earnings on Star Trek, and why this never happened on Babylon 5.

  • The really, really big difference between Star Trek and Babylon 5 (aside from the paycheck)
  • .
  • The truth about Patricia Tallman and peanut M&Ms.

  • Why she continued to do stunts on Star Trek while a series regular on Babylon 5.

  • The best question someone could ask Pat about her career in stunts that has never been asked (answer included).

  • The kind thing Nana Visitor would do for Pat while filming Deep Space Nine.

  • Why, after accidently getting punched in the face full-on by another actor, Pat yelled, "Don't cut. Keep going."

  • The J. Michael Straczynski request Pat said yes to only because he said it was "one time."

  • Exposed: see the "doodle" Pat drew around J. Michael Straczynski's name on her script for "Walkabout."

  • Details on stunt-doubling Geena Davis on Long Kiss Goodnight and why they were some of the most dangerous stunts of her career.

  • Nothing held back: what it's really like to be an actor at a con...what makes her laugh, what makes her cry, what it really costs and the despicable thing promoters sometimes do to fans.

  • Find out Pat's favorite hobby when traveling...and how she applied it to David Anders at a recent con.

  • See a picture of one of the oddest items Pat has ever been asked to sign.

  • The Star Trek character Rick Biggs could impersonate perfectly and what motivated him to perform it.

  • Read classic stories of attending conventions with Michael O'Hare, Rick Biggs and the rest of the cast.

  • Why Pat was "really concerned" after Kosh died.

  • The unprecedented event that occurred the day Kosh was blown-up that happened not once, but twice.

  • Why Pat will never trust a television or movie producer again...and who she believes were the real culprits that "threw her overboard" after the pilot.

  • How Lyta's social life mirrored her own.

  • What happened to Pat when Robin Atkin Downes was cast as Byron.

  • What Tracy Scoggins would do with the crew during lunch.

  • Which scenes Pat considers the "most honest and true work on Babylon 5."

  • The real reasons (there's more than one) Pat agreed to the love scene in "Secrets of the Soul."

  • What Robin said when she took off her jacket for the her nude scene.

  • Why Pat had to be escorted to the showers immediately after the love scene with Byron.

  • How being in a Vorlon tube was the most relaxing part of an ardous day.

  • What the producers did NOT say after her filming the nude scene...and how one of the them almost sabotoged it.

  • Why J. Michael Straczynski kept telling Pat to "trust me."

  • What lie a former B5 cast member told to 3,000 fans at a convention.

  • How J. Michael Straczynski acted like a Vorlon.

  • How Lyta's cleavage ended up in Bester's face.

  • The practical joke Walter Keonig played on Pat.

  • What is was like to be part of the Fab Four.

  • The sci-fi show that was an even bigger deal to Pat growing up than Star Trek.

  • The true story of how Stephen Furst got the part of Vir.

  • The one and only line Pat ever flubbed time after time, and how Bruce reacted after-the-fact.

  • The one Babylon 5 actor Pat sometimes felt uncomfortable around, and the body part he would look at whenever they had lines together.

  • Details of how Bruce was the leader, on and off the set.

  • What her son Julian did at age 8 that was "the sweetest moment of my life."

  • Why, as a toddler, Julian would call G'Kar "Daddy" on the set and while watching the show on TV.

  • Behind the scenes of the TV Guide cover shoot: why the cast resented it, what the photographer did to alienate the cast and the one photo taken that made it all worthwhile...and scared Pat to death.

  • What happened when Thirdspace was three minutes short and J. Michael Straczynski had to write an extra scene...that would live on as a fan favorite.

  • How Jeff Conaway would get "fresh" with Lyta.

  • The real story (and photos) behind "Lyta's Lingerie." You've heard J. Michael Straczynski's version (reprinted for easy reference), now hear Pat's. You'll find out why she HAD to do it and why she rejoiced when the producers panicked.

  • How Rick Biggs can "out-diva" anyone.

  • The little scene in Thirdspace that turned out to be the toughest to get.

  • Chairgate: why and how Pat stole Rick's chair on the set, over and over again.

  • How Andreas related to the cast while he was dying.

  • Her last days on the set of Babylon 5. What is was like and the one thing she was confident about when it ended.

  • Read about Pat's recent outburst after reading the Crusade script "The Path of Sorrows," which would have featured her with Lt. Matheson in flashbacks.

  • No detail spared -- Mira Furlan's post-Babylon 5 Baby Shower complete with candid photos of the cast. Ditto for The Be Fives. How it came to be and ten photos of the recording session.

  • Dare we say "and much, much more."

    “I hope you will receive this book how it is intended;
    a loving and deeply personal gift to you, the fans of Babylon 5
    - Pat Tallman
    Autographed by Pat Tallman,
    Autographed by J. Michael Straczynski
    The 362-page book includes a disc
    with 9 videos, 2 audio features
    (JMS interviews Pat & episode commentary)
    plus the quote postcard.

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