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Support. Educate. Advocate. Love
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Welcome to our autism awareness shop! We frequently add new designs, so bookmark this page and check back regularly for new autism awareness products.

Some of the proceeds from sales will help pay for special services, learning tools, and therapeutic toys for our beautiful 4th grade daughter diagnosed toward the severe end of the autism spectrum at age 2 1/2. We also donate a portion of proceeds to drastically underfunded schools, services, and support groups in our community.

If you'd like one or more of these designs on products that don't appear in the shop, if you'd like a custom design made, or if you just want to give feedback on the products, feel free to email me at

Thanks for your support!

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<b>April Every Day</b>

April Every Day
"April is autism awareness month. Every day is autism awareness day in our house" -- Great to wear in April, but can send a message all year long.

<b>Puzzles in Puzzles!</b>

Puzzles in Puzzles!
Our most popular design - available in a variety of colors on many different items from T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts to mugs, mouse-pads and greeting cards! NOW AVAILABLE on iPad and iPhone cove

<b>1 in 110 Bumper Stickers</b>

1 in 110 Bumper Stickers
Spread autism awareness one stop light at a time with these eye catching bumper stickers! Autism Awareness 1 in 110. Available in a variety of colors and 10 and 50 packs!

<b>Autism Airlines</b>

Autism Airlines
We made this design for shirts to wear when flying to visit family, but can really be worn on any occasion to help spread awareness.

<b>Spectrum & Prism</b>

Spectrum & Prism
A new twist on a classic favorite! It rocks black shirts, bumper stickers and mugs!

<b>For Kids & Youth</b>

For Kids & Youth
Ever get those looks from people when your child is behaving "out-of-the-ordinary?" These items will help let them know what your child (or you) might want to say to them while spreading awareness.

<b>Autism Awareness Puzzle Pieces with Heart</b>

Autism Awareness Puzzle Pieces with Heart
Help spread autism awareness with these simple but impactful designs which "put the heart" back into spreading awareness. Available in a spectrum of colors!

<b>Autism Definition</b>

Autism Definition
What better way to start to try to explain to people what autism is than with a big, bold, black & white dictionary definition?

<b>Eye Chart</b>

Eye Chart
Let the public realize it's not always so easy to see the signs of autism. Especially helpful to wear when out and about and your child may be "mis-behaving" in the eyes of others.


Autism Awareness buttons in an assortment of colors! Available in 10 and 100 packs -- great for sharing at autism walks and events!

<b>1 in 110<br>Support. Educate. Advocate. Love</b


Show your support for your autistic family and friends -- son, daughter, kids, brother, sister, niece, nephew, grandchildren, students, friends...


...Same designs but for those who prefer "with Autism" over "Autistic" ... The complete set of designs is currently still in the works, so check back soon!

Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness
The puzzle-in-heart designs from the "proud of my" series with "Autism Awareness" text.

<b>Autism Awareness Oval</b>

Autism Awareness Oval
Simple and clean, help spread awareness with this somewhat retro-feeling Autism Awareness graphic in a variety of colors.

<b>Spectrum Puzzle/Heart</b>

Spectrum Puzzle/Heart
Awareness puzzle in heart with spectrum colors. Smaller text in design informs people that 1 in 150 children is on the spectrum.

<b>Black & White Puzzle/Heart</b>

Black & White Puzzle/Heart
Awareness gear in basic black and white (available on all colors of shirts when available).

<b>Meltdown Probability HIGH</b><br>(Warning)

Meltdown Probability HIGH

When our daughter has meltdowns in public, it explains instantly. Regardless, it helps spread awareness that kids on the spectrum can sometimes be prone to meltdowns for "no apparent reason."

<b>Autism - Look It Up</b><br>(Diamond)

Autism - Look It Up

For a parent, young adult, tween or kid, this helps to express your feelings when "the look" is cast your way.

<b>Autism - Look It Up</b><br>(Magnifying Glass)

Autism - Look It Up
(Magnifying Glass)

When you're out and about with your child with autism, and some out of the "norm" behavior occurs, isn't this exactly what you want to say to people who give you the look?

<b>I'm Proud of My Autistic...</b>

I'm Proud of My Autistic...
Express your pride and love for your autistic family and friends, and help spread much-needed awareness when you're out and about. More designs coming soon!

<b>Christmas Designs</b>

Christmas Designs
Greeting cards, ornaments, and gift ideas for spreading autism awareness over the holidays.

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