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To AK Stein's Designs!

This is where I get to present my spectacular, magnificent, wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous designs. Now I don’t want you to think I’m bragging or anything. I am, but I don’t want you to think that. :)

What I’m really doing here is just having fun. I have several ideas for designs that I hope you’ll like. They’re just simple things that represent the various interests I have.

In my Gold Frame Romance section.I have some love poems I concocted that I have put in pictures for your walls and end tables. I have them on T-shirts and other things as well. They’re from my romance novels I have listed on my website . If you have the time and are interested in romance novels, paranormal and Regency, check out my website. In the meantime, check out what I have here for you as well.

Now in my Bully Bitch section,I have all my quirky stuff. PuzzleTees and silly sayings on T-shirts that go along with what I blog about on my website If you’re interested in that kind of thing, check out my website. But while you’re here, check out what I have in this section.

In my Magical Writing section,I have all my kids’ stuff. I have a website where I have all my kids’ books listed. All ages. Picture books to YA romance novels. I love romance. But here in this section of my store, I have T-shirt designs that depict some of the characters in my books. I have these designs on other things as well, such as mugs, mouse pads, and even ornaments. Check out my website for my books I have listed there if you have kids who like to read about magic and dragons. Wizards and witches. A lot of fun reading, if I say so myself. ? And check out my store section here for those items your kids can’t do without. Great gift ideas, too.

In my Living Thunder section, is where I get spiritual. I believe in God, you see. He’s been the best friend I’ve ever had. So I have come up with some messages I believe He could easily send us through the little Christmas Eyes Angels. I have these messages on teddy bears, T-shirts, and many other CafePress offers. Come in and see. I now have my website up and running and I have added a club called Venerati. I have a section below where I have the identifying shirts ready. You can find the club rules over at my Living Thunder website. I have many designs in my Living Thunder section so come on in and take a look around.

I've added a game section here that's called RheAbi. It's a live action, role playing game (LARP) that's played out in public with real people. An interactive game much like an elaborate 'Tag! You're it!'. But to join, you have to buy an ID shirt so other members will know you're a player. Also so you won't scare the general public and make them think you're a nutcase out running amok. :) It would be good if you went to my website to read all the rules of the game and the terms of use. It's a lot of fun with your friends. Check out this section and see what you think.

This store, as with my websites, is always a work in progress. I’ll be adding designs here every so often. Never know what I’ll come up with. So come in and browse. Enjoy. And maybe you’ll find some great ideas for gifts. At any rate, thank you for coming. And you come back any time.

Love ya,

AK Stein

Gold Frame Romance

Gold Frame Romance
These are my designs for the romantic at heart.

Bully Bitch

Bully Bitch
These are my designs for those who love the quirky.

Magical Writing

Magical Writing
These are my designs for all kids. Especially kids who love the magical, fantasy worlds of. . .

Living Thunder

Living Thunder
These are my spiritual designs for uplifting everyone's spirits.

RheAbi Game

RheAbi Game
An Internet game played out in the public with real people.

Venerati Club

Venerati Club
Welcome to the Venerati Club

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