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Angel Art by Eve

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Books available by Eve are: Angel Art by Eve, an inspirational angel art book in color can be purchased at

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Renew Thyself: CONTENTS
Before And After The Fall Of Man, Born Of The Flesh And Spirit, Why We Need Christ, Repentance And Reformation, The Holy Spirit, Deliverance From Sin, Changing Your Life, Contending With The Flesh, Contending With The Soul, Dividing Of Spirit And Soul, Communion With The Holy Spirit, Intuition Is Spirit Sense, Communicating With God, Conscience Is Spirit Sense, The Mind Become A Battlefield, Conditions Of The Mind, Battle For Recovery, This Is The Way Of The Light, Narrow And Wide Gates, Truth Will Set You Free, The Body Becomes Changed, Health Not Sickness, Triumph Over Death, Spiritual Works, To Heaven On The Wings Of A Prayer, Prayer And Spiritual Warfare, Believing and Receiving, Words Possess Power, Conclusion, Scripture Index By Topic,

Mysteries Unveiled: CONTENTS
Introduction, Who Is The Chosen Race, What Roles Has Christ Played In History, What Are God's Appointed Feasts, Are The Old Testament Events A Rehearsal, What Time Table Determines This Earth Age, Are Parables Secrets Of The Kingdom, What Does Scripture Say About The Rapture, Is The Rapture A New Concept, Will There Be A Resurrection Of The Dead, What Are The Early Church Teachings, Do We Go To Heaven When We Die, What Proof Is There That Hell Exists, What Did Enoch See In Heaven And Hell, Why Do Scriptures Tell Us To Be Watchful, What Is The Day Of The Lord, What Signs Are We Watching For, What Is The Sequence Of End Time Events When Is The Second Coming Of Christ, What End Time Sign Is Prevalent Today, Who Is The Antichrist The Son Of Perdition, What Is The Wedding Banquet Of God, Why Do We Need Christ In Our Life, Author’s Note,

Life, Death, and Beyond: CONTENTS
Is Life The Final Frontier, Birth, Born Again and Begotten, Is Death The Final Frontier, My Near Death Experiences, I Remember Seeing Death, What Is It Like In Paradise, OBE Is Different than NDE, What About The Resurrection, In A Twinkling Of An Eye,

Mysteries of Genesis Unveiled: CONTENTS
Beyond Science and Religion, In the Beginning, Is Mankind Filled with Demons, Revisiting the Garden of Eden, The Serpent Makes His Debut, The Serpent and the Woman, Blame is the Name of the Game, Your Personal Email from God, DNA - Divine Principle Code of God, Conclusion,

Pennies From Heaven by Rebecca Bamford (True Story) CONTENTS:
Preface, The Last Day on Earth, The Funeral, Choosing Headstones, Pennies from Heaven, Morning Glories, Hugs and Kisses, The Butterfly Story, Samantha’s Friendship, Pearls of Wisdom, Dark Haired Angels, Full Moon & Butterfly, Only Two Choices, Powerful Affirmations, Samantha’s Two Dads, Letter to Lou, Email from Eve, This is a Sign, The Baby Shower, Gift from My Daughter, My Birthday Pennies, Her Tenth Birthday, Our Wedding Song, The Memorial Garden, One Year Later, Roadside Memorial, The Police Report, The Green Headband, Blue Roses in Heaven, Samantha’s Heart, Angel Whispers, Lou’s Birthday, I Found a Letter, The Skunk Story, In Memoriam, Kaitlyn Remembers, Love Conquers Death, Remarriage, Dreams Come True, Mothers & Daughters, In Our Dreams, Ladybug Ladybug, Ten Years Later, Coping With Special Days, What I Believe, Letting Things Go, Everything Changes, Love Hope Faith (--Death and Grief Category)

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