Christian Anarchy Cross

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Christian Anarchy Cross

Christian Anarchy: the belief that the only one they or anyone else is responsible to is God through Jesus Christ, the Son of God and that the only one that has the power and authority to tell you how to live think or act is God by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Christian anarchists do not believe in government control over their personal lives, their income or personal decisions. They believe in total individuality, personal responsibility and resent the government telling them how to think, live or believe and hate the government stealing their money that they could be using to take care their own families, friends and others in need. Christian Anarchists absolutely do not believe in socialism or communism in any shape or form. They do believe in helping and giving to those that are in need and will do so, but it is freedom of choice, not forcefully dictated by any governmental oversight. Remember, they are anti-government control over any area of their lives.

Christian anarchists also believe that every person has the right to believe and worship the way that they want, every person has the right to make their own choices and take risks whether or not they may seem harmful to themselves. However, they do not believe in doing things or making choices that harm others.

While Christian Anarchists believe that every person has the right to believe and worship who and how they want, they will never compromise or bend or waiver in their beliefs that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior and that Jesus died on the cross to pay for their sins so that they will be able to be with God in Heaven for all eternity. To the Christian Anarchist, co-existing with other religious beliefs does not mean accepting or incorporating any other religious beliefs, but the acceptance that others have the right to believe the way that they do.

By believing that they must answer to God for all their decisions and attitudes, government power and control over them is completely unnecessary. After all, if you have to report directly to The Almighty, nobody else matters and you will do your best to make the right decisions.

The Christian Anarchist symbol can take various shapes and forms that will represent that they are a Christian and that they are also an anarchist. After all they are anarchists, if their was just one form of a symbol that would be slightly hypocritical.

One Christian Anarchist symbol is the Crucifix with a traditional anarchy symbol imposed on the cross. The cross represents the cross that Jesus died upon then steal the keys to hell from satan then He rose again in order to pay the price for all people's sin.

In The Bible, God says that he is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. That is to say that he has the first word in all things and the last word in all things, nothing or no one in-between matters.

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