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The Flag of Ireland, or Irish Flag

Designs using the Irish Flag Tricolor of green, white, and orange

Welcome to the Irish Flag section of AmeriYank's AmeriWear. Here you will find a variety of designs of interest to the Irish and those whose ancestors came from Ireland. Most of the designs below feature the Flag of Ireland in some way. Choose from footballs (or soccerballs), angels, chieftain humor and more.

Of Irish Interest:

Irish Flag Image--linkware image of the Irish Flag.

Free Irish Web Sets--for St. Patrick's Day or any day.


Irish Green LOVE

Irish Green LOVE
Images features the word "LOVE" in green letters with a heart shaped Flag of Ireland for the "O". Fun for St. Valentine's Day, St, Patrick's Day, and any time.

Irish Flag Designs

Irish Flag Designs
Search here for designs that show the Flag of Ireland in all her glory. Some designs include the word "Ireland", others do not. Choose the one just right to express your Irish pride in your heritage.

USA / Irish Parts

USA / Irish Parts
Clothing and other items show both USA and Irish Flags and reads, "Assembled in the USA using Irish parts".

I (heart) Love My Irish...

I (heart) Love My Irish...
Choose from many designs all showing your love for your Irish friends or family. Choose "grandma","grandpa","family", "friends", and many, many more.

I Left My Heart in Ireland

I Left My Heart in Ireland
Design shows heart-shaped Irish Flag. Reads "I left my (heart) in Ireland". For those who miss the green fields, or those who just loved travelling there.

Irish by Birth Canadian by Choice

Irish by Birth Canadian by Choice
Design shows Flags of Ireland & Canada. Reads, "Irish by birth Canadian by choice". Great way to show your love for both the new and old countries.

Irish By Birth American By Choice

Irish By Birth American By Choice
Design here shows Flags of USA & Ireland. Reads, "Irish by birth American by Choice". Perfect way to show your love of your adopted country and respect for the old!

Irish Chieftains Blood & Whiskey

Irish Chieftains Blood & Whiskey
Image shows the Irish Tricolor Flag and the words, "The Blood of Chieftains flows through my veins. And sometimes their whiskey." Great for a laugh. Makes a fun gift, too.

An Irishman is Never Drunk

An Irishman is Never Drunk
Choose from slightly different designs, reading: "An Irishman is never drunk, as long as he can hold onto one blade of grass & not fall off the face of the earth." Have a laugh on St. Patrick's Day.

Irish/USA Country Heritage

Irish/USA Country Heritage
Items here show heart-shaped flags of Ireland and the USA. Reads, "My Country My Heritage". Wonderful wayt to show your love of your ancestry and the USA.

Heart Ireland

Heart Ireland
Design shows a heart-shaped Irish Flag and the word "Ireland" in tricolor. Great way to show your love of Ireland and/or your Irish heritage on Valentine's Day, or any day. Great gift anytime.

Made in Ireland

Made in Ireland
Choose from clothing items showing the Irish Flag tricolor and reading, "Made in Ireland". Fun for all those born in Old Sod. Great gift idea, too. Terrific for groups and clubs.

Deanta in Eireann

Deanta in Eireann
"Deanta in Eireann" means "Made in Ireland" in Gaelic. Design shows Irish Flag, too. Design has accent marks for Gaelic language that can't be reproduced here. Fun design for anyone born in Ireland.

I (Heart) Me Charming Irish Laddie

I (Heart) Me Charming Irish Laddie
Items show a heart-shaped Flag of Ireland and the words, "I (heart) me charming Irish laddie." Just the thing to warm your Irishman any time of year.

I (Heart) Me charming Irish Lassie

I (Heart) Me charming Irish Lassie
Items feature a heart-shaped Flag of Ireland and the words, "I (heart) me charming Irish lassie." Just the thing to warm your Irish woman's heart any time of year!


Custom design requested by my esteemed godson, Patrick, shows the America flag in the Irish colors of orange, white and green.

Irish Flag Angel

Irish Flag Angel
Whimsical little angel all dressed in the Flag of Ireland or Irish Flag Tricolor, has green shamrock eyes & orange hearts for mouth & nose. Sweet way to share your love of Irish culture & heritage.

St. Patrick's Day Wear

St. Patrick's Day Wear
Look here for Irish Blessings, Irish Curses, and assorted other Irish designs for those of us descended from Ol' Sod.

Irish Flag Heart

Irish Flag Heart
Items here show a heart colored in with the Flag of Ireland. Show your love of your Irish culture with these items. Great gift ideas, too.

Irish Flag Football or Soccer Ball

Irish Flag Football or Soccer Ball
Items show what some call a soccer ball, & others call a football. It has a Flag of Ireland in design w/ word "Ireland" above. Fun for showing support for the Irish at the World Cup, or anytime.

Anam Cara

Anam Cara
"Anam cara" means "soul friend" in Irish Gaelic, according to the person who made the design request. In this section, choose from a green or tricolor treatment.

Irish Stuff for Your Dog

Irish Stuff for Your Dog
Have the best-dressed pooch in your Irish group. Choose from a selection of doggie T-shirts to delight and amuse! Many more choices than you see here.

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