78th ASA SOU Berlin

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78th ASA SOU Berlin

The 78th ASA SOU was one of the many pre-Field-Station ASA units in Berlin. The “spider” emblem represents the operations building as it was then. The ASA shoulder patch—that nobody wore—is in attendance on the upper left. The shoulder patch for Berlin Brigade has been modified to create a specifically ASA Berlin patch. The flaming sword of the Berlin Brigade patch has been replaced by a flaming lightning sword to symbolize ASA's SIGINT role in Berlin. A lightning bolt is typically used in the insignia of ASA/INSCOM units. The motto "In God we trust, All others we monitor" adorns the front under the “spider.” On the back of the white shirts (sorry, no printing on the back of the dark shirts) is the corollary "But we're still looking for God's freq!" The zipped hooddies only have the design on the back.

While you are freshening up your memories of the 78th ASA SOU, you might want to read "VOICES UNDER BERLIN: The Tale of a Monterey Mary," a novel by a Field Station Berlin vet. To learn more about this novel, click on the banner above.

To meet more old ASA-ers from the 78th, please visit: groups.yahoo.com/group/78thASA/. You have to sign-up to see what’s inside, but it’s worth it.

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