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A big cat might kill you ...

Age is a high price to pay

Age is a high price to pay
Just understand and move on

Bad Example

Bad Example
Sometimes I just feel like I've treaded down the wrong path and taken everyone with me.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Can I Trade This Life

Can I Trade This Life
Interested in getting a whole new life? Why not try what's behind door number 2?

Cancel My Subscription

Cancel My Subscription
Tired of all the drama in your life? Then let em know you won't take it anymore.

Chicks Dig Scrawny White Guys

Deceptively Normal Looking

Do Not Disturb

No Place Like Home

Don't Talk to Me When I'm Talking To Myself

Drama On TV

Drama On TV
Let them know they need to save the drama for someone else.

Equal Opportunity Offender

Equal Opportunity Offender
When you just get on everyone's nerves, maybe you're doing the right thing!

Psychic Girlfriend

Psychic Girlfriend
Ever wonder why you just don't seem to have a girlfriend? This might be the reason why.

Kung Fu Monkey

Hell - Been There, Done That

I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body

I'm for rent

I'm hiding from my imaginary friends

I'm Nature's Chew Toy

I'm so spooky, I pee darkness

I'm With Me

I didn't say it was your fault

I have lots of friends

You Suck

I have no personality

If you can read this, you can't spell worth a damn

KFU - Where we give YOU the bird!

Kiss Me Twice, I'm Schizophrenic


Let everyone know what it takes to maintain the pleasure of your glorious company.

The Monkeys Ate My Soul

My Girlfriend

My Girlfriend
Let em all see her box!

My imaginary friend thinks you have Mental Problem

My inner child won't stay in

My mind not only wanders...

My Other Shirt Is Funnier

No amount of planning will ever replace dumb luck

People who need people are...

Permanently Single

Picked Last In Gym

Picked Last In Gym
Let everyone know how you felt about gym.

Save the lap dance for me

Shirt Happens

Rub My Belly

Tact is for people who aren't witty enough ...

Talk Nerdy To Me

Take My Advice

Tastes Like Chicken

Tech Support

The Real Me Sucks Too!

This shirt serves a purpose

What Am I? Flypaper for Psychos?

Will Work For Money

You are so OFF my buddy list

You laugh because I'm different

Your Powers Are Useless

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