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***TA MA DE! This store has been restricted by legal action by a Certain TV Entity. I apologize if the items you seek can no longer be found. I thank you for your years of patronage & hope you keep flying!***

Ni hao!
Welcome to my shiny Space Bazaar! Here you can find every ruttin' thing your Oppressive Allied Governemnt doesn't want you to have! And if you can't find it, email me at and I will dispatch a legion of Terrifyin' Space Monkeys to go get it and bring it back here for you! Thanks for choosing my Space Bazaar, your home for all the things you need in the 'Verse!

Don't forget to download all of my Firefly games for FREE! at

Do something RIGHT

Special Level of Hell

Good time for GRENADES

Pain is Scary

Pin Up Girl

Wan Nao (Troublemaker)

Black Market Beagle

Black Market Beagle
Not to be confused with
the really cool shop
of a similar name, these
are simply shirts for,
well, beagles.

NOT a Dwarf Planet!

NOT a Dwarf Planet!
Pluto has been
reclassified as a
"Dwarf Planet".
Are you as upset
as it is by this

It's the length!

It's the length!
Pluto maybe small,
but it will still be
on it's first orbit
while bigger, faster
planets have come
and gone several times.

Not a crap moon!

Not a crap moon!
Dwarf planet?
Well, it could be
worse. They could
have called you
a moon...

I Scope Out Pluto!

I Scope Out Pluto!
Some of us still love
Pluto. Some even
find it sexy!
Do you scope
out Pluto on
a regular basis?

No Sound in Space

The Dice Bag

The Dice Bag
Gear for the gaming
geek, dork, dweeb,
and nerd in all of us!

He is...The Tick!

He is...The Tick!
He is the yin to
villainy's yang!
Find his "unique"
vision here!

The Boob Tube

The Boob Tube
Tune in. Turn on.
Find your favorite
TV show represented

The Club

The Club
For the Adult in you!

All Smiles

All Smiles
At a distance, these
look like just another
one of those HAVE A
NICE DAY smileys.
Up close however...

The Junkyard

The Junkyard
Home to things
that just don't have
a home...yet...

The Goth Scouts

The Goth Scouts
Where Ghouls
Grow Strong.

By the Gods!

By the Gods!
Blasphemers, Agnostics,
Atheists, and those who
*can* stand the heat
are welcome here.

The Translator

The Translator
Inspired by sites like and others (though not affiliated with), here are some simply off-the-wall designs for the weird in you!

F'ing Lawyers

F'ing Lawyers
Want to know where all
the cool stuff went
that was once within
this store?
Ask those^ guys...

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