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Top 25 Not Lame Father's Day Gifts

  1. The Personalized Golf Ball

    Did you know that golf balls have over 300 dimples on them? Even the cutest kids in the world only have two (three if you're counting the chin). That makes these personalized golf balls—three to a pack, add your own text or image—literally 100 times more valuable than a cute child. That's just good math.

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  2. "Best Dad Ever" Flask

    You know your dad is the best ever. But does he know it? And will he remember it when he's drinking? Make sure your pop never forgets just how special he is with the "Best Dad Ever" drinking flask. It's the perfect flask for sneaking into sporting events and boosting self-esteem!

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  3. The Personalized Cuff Link

    Cuff links are the best. They're like, "Yeah, we know all about the buttons. WE DON'T CARE." And cuff links personalized with your dad's initials are even better. Any dad who wears those is automatically the coolest dude in the room (out of the dudes wearing cuff links).

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  4. "All Hail the Baby Maker" Sleeveless T-Shirt

    A funny joke that dads like to make is to pretend that they had anything substantial to do with birthing their child aside from being a nervous bystander while the mother grew actual, miraculous life inside her. And what better way to "play along" with this hilarious fantasy than with the "All Hail the Baby Maker" sleeveless t-shirt?

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  5. "The Goodfather" T-shirt

    Nothing is better than an ironic t-shirt that is both funny and factually accurate! If your dad is indeed "good" and a fan of the Godfather, there is literally no better present for him this Father's Day. And priced at just $25.99, we're gonna make you an offer you can't… well, you could refuse it, but that would just be bad business.

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  6. Bacon Strip Neck Tie

    First, the bad news: this is not a tie made out of actual bacon that your dad can nibble on during his morning commute. (Actually, stop everything. We need to invent that tie.) The good news is that is that IT'S STILL A TIE THAT LOOKS LIKE BACON.

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  7. "World's Okayest Dad" Water Bottle

    Dad's are naturally competitive. No one wants to just be an "okay" dad. Especially when they could be the most okay dad. If your dad has achieved this elite level of okayness, show him the love with this "World's Okayest Dad" Sigg water bottle. Every sip will remind him just how okay he is.

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  8. "Howling Wolf" Gym Bag

    Gym bags are the most important item when it comes to working out. Even if you never actually get to the gym, a gym bag around the house lets others know that you're seriously considering it. ("Oh that? That's my gym bag. For my gym workouts.") And no gym bag is cooler for dads than the "Howling Wolf" gym bag. If your dad owns this gym bag, he's letting the world know that when he eventually does get to the gym, everyone better WATCH OUT.

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  9. "Flippin' Awesome" Grilling Apron

    Ask any dad and he'll tell you he doesn't need a grilling apron. Aprons are for catching spills, and spills don't happen when dad's at the grill, because dads don't make mistakes. That's why you're not giving him an apron he needs… you're giving him one he wants. Because every cool dad wants the "Flippin' Awesome" grilling apron. It's the vintage surfboard messenger bag of aprons.

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  10. Customized Mousepad

    Ever driven by a blank billboard on the highway and thought to yourself, "what a waste of an opportunity?" That's what we think whenever we see a sad, blank mousepad staring up at the ceiling. For Father's Day, why not get your dad one with a little personality? Customize these mousepads with an image of your choice! (We suggest a photo of your dad throwing out his boring old mousepad in the trash.)

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  11. The "Independent Woman" Greeting Card

    As a strong, independent woman, you decide whom you give your love too. Why not take a moment this Father's Day to give a little to the guy you still owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition to?

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  12. Dad's Garage Birch Wall Clock

    Dad's love fixing stuff. Check that, dad's love trying to fix stuff. And with this lovely "Dad's Garage" birch wall clock, you can let your old man know that you love and appreciate his commitment to repair, and that he'll always be the one you go to when you need something fixed (or when you need to make sure it gets fully broken so you can just buy a new one).

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  13. "We Want Beer" Prohibition Poster

    Every man needs his "man cave," and every man cave needs proper artwork on the walls. For the classy dad who likes to make political statements with his art, the "We Want Beer" prohibition poster is a great way to tell the world, "I stand for something. And that something is my desire for beer."

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  14. Best Dad Collage Mug

    You know that movie Memento where they guy has no long-term memory so he has to tattoo reminders to himself all over his body? That guy would love this mug! The Best Dad Mug is covered with enough inspirational dad statements to warm any man's heart, at that's even before coffee kicks in (also works with decaf).

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  15. "Super Dad" Beer Stein

    All hail "Super Dad," the word's greatest superhero! He can jog short distances! He can attempt to fix the sink before calling the plumber! He can flip between two live sporting events on TV without missing a single play! But all that superhero work makes Super Dad thirsty. The least you can do is help Super Dad stay properly hydrated with an oversize beer stein.

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  16. NASA Polo Shirt

    Look, maybe your dad's no rocket scientist. But that doesn't mean he can't wear a polo shirt that insinuates he's a rocket scientist. The NASA polo shirt is the perfect Father's Day gift for the busy dad who loves outer space and hopes to get there some day, just as soon as he finishes some other projects around the house.

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  17. The "Always a Father" greeting card

    More than anything, dads love to do their job and do it well. Your dad's job is the be a dad. So if your dad has successfully acted like a dad while being your dad, what better way to let your dad know than with a "Dad, you've always been like a father to me" gift card?

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  18. "Property of Your Mom" hoodie

    Every dad loves a good "mom" joke (who doesn't!). The beauty of this gift is that when you give the "Property of Your Mom" hoodie to your dad, it works as a double entendre, which is French for "an even funnier mom joke." It's your special way of saying "I love you dad, and here's a sweatshirt, but I know mom is in charge."

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  19. "I am the Most Interesting Dad in the World" Shot Glass

    The beauty of giving your dad the "I am the Most Interesting Dad in the World" shot glass is that he doesn't actually have to be the most interesting… he just has to believe he is. And what better vote of confidence can he get in his unique interesting-ness than you giving him the "Most Interesting Dad" shot glass! It's the self-fulfilling prophesy of drinking glassware.

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  20. Personalized Money Clip

    "Wallet Butt" is one of the greatest menaces facing dads today. Overstuffed wallets, crammed with money, receipts, and business cards dating back to 1998 are being shoved into back pockets and wreaking havoc on dads' butts across this great land. But there is hope: this Monogrammed Sage Green Moroccan Trellis Money Clip. Help dad take control of his wallet, and take control of his life.

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  21. Custom Pillowcase

    You can't be with your dad all the time, but that doesn't mean he can't press his sweaty, unconscious face up against your picture while he sleeps! With these custom pillowcases, he can have a photo of you greet him every time he hunkers down for the night. If you're worried he's not getting enough rest, try using a picture of something that really makes him sleepy, like housework.

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  22. "#1 Norwegian Grandpa" Mug

    They call it "Father's Day," but don't forget that your grandfather is a father too! It would mean so much to him to get a gift from one of his grandkids. And what nicer gift to get him—especially if he's Norwegian—than the "#1 Norwegian Grandpa" mug. Even if he's not Norwegian, the #1 Norwegian Grandpa mug is a great conversation piece. (Sample conversation: "Hey I didn't know you were Norwegian." "I'm not." "Oh. That's weird.")

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  23. Army Camouflage iPad Case

    Tablets are Dad candy. Whether they're playing Angry Birds, commenting on all of your Facebook statuses or staring at it with a confused look just trying to get the darn thing to work, tablets are a means of escape for our dear Daddies of the world. Help him dodge Mom's leering eye as she looks for help doing the dishes and avoid unwanted conversation with family members with the help of our Army Camouflage iPad Case!

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  24. Custom (Centered) Puzzle

    Trigger your Dad's midlife crisis by personalizing this jigsaw puzzle with a photo of your old man back in his glory days. While he painstakingly puts together the pieces of his former life he can contemplate how the hell he got where he is today. It's basically Inception and you don't want him to put off that midlife crisis too long. The longer he waits, the bigger the motorcycle he will inevitably buy.

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  25. Loads of Golf Tees Picture Frame

    As hard as they might try, Dads can't run away from fatherhood... Remind your dad of that with this fun golf-themed picture frame, pre-loaded with a photo of you and your sibling's shining faces. Because as much as he'd like to take his hard earned money and spend it on a weekend golfing trip with his buddies, your faces will remind him that he has mounds of student loans to help you pay.

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