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Queenstown Shot Glasses

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42 Results
MARYLAND CRAB Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
NZ New Zealand map tattoo style Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Im a wee little kiwi (New Zealand map) Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Vintage poster - New Zealand Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
CHESAPEAKE BAY Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
What u lookin at PAKEHA? funny Kiw New Zealand des $9.74 $12.99
Road Signs Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Queenstown Cobh Ireland Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Sweet-as SISTER cool New Zealand funny Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
kiwi bird on a silver fern Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
New Zealand Travel Poster 6 Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
CHESAPEAKE BAY Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
All I Want Christmas Queenstown Holiday Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Made in Queenstown, Maryland Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Queenstown, Vintage Camo, Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
MARYLAND CRABS Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Aotearoa is with me NEW ZEALAND map Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
NOT EVEN OWL with green owls (not even AU) Kiwi Ne $9.74 $12.99
ATTABOI! New Zealand map Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Proud JAFA with New Zealand MAP Auckland Aucklande $9.74 $12.99
Quiz TEAM AWESOME quizzes Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
No, Im not AUSTRALIAN with green kiwi New Zealand $9.74 $12.99
Wanna See my HAKA? Maori KIWI open mouth with a to $9.74 $12.99
Oh TRUE Bro cute Kiwi saying New Zealand Shot Glas $9.74 $12.99
Awesome NZ New Zealand with Mountains Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
NZ and PROUD New Zealand map Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Nice one BRO with thumbs up Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Youre an egg! with a green fern Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Cheerio from NZ Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
The lights green BRO! Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Chillin like a KIWI Bro Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
MAP of NEW ZEALAND with kiwi bird heart Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
Titanic survivors in lifeboat - Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99
NZ Steel (Charm rd) Shot Glass $9.74 $12.99

Whether you're celebrating Cinco de Mayo with an amigo or searching for wedding party favors for the big day, our shot glasses are the perfect choice. These 1.9 oz. ceramic shot glasses come imprinted with your logo, a funny design or whatever. You can even buy a set of shot glasses for a graduation party or special occasion. These fun shot glasses bring your personality to any event, whether it's a bachelor party or the weekly poker game. You can buy custom shot glasses with designs for what you love most, from military themes and drinking humor to your family name or country flags. Great as souvenirs for any day, these unique shot glasses come with your choice of a white or black interior. Design your own shot glasses now!