» Honesty is an expensive gift, don't expec ...
» Up with no type of purpose
» ?Single as fuck
» don't be that person.
» So happy there's no school tomorrow.
» next year could not come quicker
» I can't come to work today, because I don ...
» Every girl deserves to be treated like a princ ...
» i've probably had more hot chocolate in m ...
» The wars we are in now are meaningless. Oil, o ...
» I look better in person lol
» Chemistry is a monster that ruined my weekend
» Day to clean the living shit out of my room
» My biggest problem is that I compare myself to ...
» I wish I lived in like the olden times
» Trying something different with my hair
» I'm short and he's tall
» Everything I like is either: illegal, immoral, ...
» My fit of rage didn't help my headache....
» I need a gym membership
» Feeling very accomplished
» Keep it real my department
» It doesn't feel like Christmas
» The world is telling me to not go into work today.
» I'm incredibly talented at wasting money
» lucky for you i don't hold grudges
» I miss my mama's cooking
» Peppermint hot chocolate is the greatest thing ...
» there comes a time in life where you get tired ...
» I have no idea what to wear today
» Don't follow your dreams, chase them.
» everything will be alright, if you keep me nex ...
» Does anyone actually read books?
» The "F-WORD" that LIBERALS hate most ...
» I just went through her cupboards. Eye patch a ...
» You had a beer at 10:30 this morning?
» Is this going to be a big send off or a somber ...
» Omg. Just talked to a semi driver from nebrask ...
» I woke up, mistook him for my ex, and started ...
» I thought I was riding a bike, but I guess it ...
» i want you now
» we're getting ready to take strippers to ...
» i already hear my dad disowning me
» Um, that's called prostitution
» so i had a choice between studying for my phys ...
» i don't have parental supervision. i&apos ...
» if you drink enough to puke, it's like a ...
» What would you say if someone told you they li ...
» I want to just tie you up so you'll still ...
» Pants 0. Shit 1.
» you guys were way drunker than both of me
» The spoon I was using to ice my hickey just fe ...
» I feel miserable, can't drink that much w ...
» I would have done the walk of shame but I coul ...
» After last night, I could never be a politician.
» I like my sex mixed with concussions.
» My milkshake brings 85 to 90 percent of the bo ...
» wow. cant help you there...
» I created a new tequila drink. it is a mix of ...
» I am doing a scientific study and i need a bri ...
» i dont nkow, theres a guy slesping next to me ...
» someone took a shit in my car last night and l ...
» You Definitely drank the goldfish bowl like it ...
» Dear Mom, I had sex last nt w a girl that like ...
» I just found a frying pan...in my bed.
» Do you remember getting into a Delorean last n ...
» I've mixd ketchup with vodka before and c ...
» if i'm ever as drunk as the girl in front ...
» You're so nebulous sometimes
» Happy, horny, occasionally hungry
» Ppl just aren't as funny as we are
» U dropped me off n it hit me, i made it inside ...
» Fair enough, I'm gonna hit it hard today.
» I can pretend to be a girl if you want. I have ...
» I felt like helen keller
» Ha! What's wrong with that? Hard work des ...
» Umm I had a plastic mermaid in my pants......
» Was i wearing a white blazer when you superpok ...
» I think its part of male evolution. Pretty soo ...
» why do they call them blowjobs? ....unless i&a ...
» I wish i could clap on, clap off my penis
» Guys should not giggle. Ever.
» The walls in my apartment are so thin that som ...
» I got so high that I decided to drive with my ...
» a strip club that doesn't allow touching ...
» the best thing about tacos is after you shit t ...
» Put my glitter back.
» are you wasted or are you getting laid?
» i think the world will end when pigs can fly. ...
» so on my way home this naked dude runs right i ...
» I just woke up with a girl who has left and ri ...
» i just walked into a room at this party and so ...
» I'm not really sure how I got home, but j ...
» I'm not working tomorrow. need to take ad ...
» We're going on a mission for new porn. An ...
» if i had a camp nickname it would be Flick Bean
» Now that I'm the boss, there's nobod ...
» is it bad if my mug shot looks better than my ...
» you dont need a face to have sex
» Considering that my ex-wife dumped me to becom ...
» condoms and good judgment
» Only you could turn Mozart into a stripper song.
» just watched a girl laugh at her own fingers.. ...
» 2 and a half
» 3 mINuteS
» 5 Minutes
» a better man
» About a dollar
» About to eat some pizza
» actually fuck off
» Adventure is out there
» Afraid to sleep
» After I eat something
» A Girl Is Priceless
» All at the same time
» All for nothing.
» All I ever wanted was the truth.
» All in all is all we are
» all i want is some chinese food.
» All my fault..
» all these
» Alone in my house...
» Also I am a slut
» Also I am a slut
» Always being like this.
» Always hungry
» Always hungry
» Always in his underwear
» And am about to cry
» And don't care
» and he said
» And I dance dance dance
» And I don't like that
» And if i could just forget all about it that w ...
» and if you can stand
» And if you don't want me
» And I'm sick
» And I need a nap
» And I suck
» And it is time for them to leave
» And it's always my best friend
» and it's raining
» and it starts
» And it's the beginning of the end
» And just like that
» And just what i NEEDED
» and life
» and make me
» And maybe I don't love you
» And my day is done
» And now I feel like an asshole.
» And on top of it all
» And still going
» and take a shot
» And that's why I don't fuck with you
» And then get ready for the game
» and then i woke up
» And they don't care what they do
» And think
» And this is why I didn't go to the game
» And we just keep going
» And you left me
» And you're so rich
» and you're welcome.
» and you want to die
» Anything is possible
» April fools day
» Are you still up
» A shot in the dark.
» as if
» at least i look cute
» At least i wouldn't have been at home
» At peace.
» At The Hospital.
» at this point, I might as well just give up
» At this point I really just wanna be happy.
» at work.
» Baby if you give it to me I'll give it to you
» back for you
» Back in the city
» back to home
» bad day
» bc i want to do that
» Be a good listener.
» Be alright.
» Be careful what you ask for
» because i do.
» because i hate you
» because no
» Been a while
» Been on that
» before you
» Be happy girl
» Be productive today
» Be the Fastest
» Be with someone who is
» Bird is the word
» bitch, I MIGHT BE
» Blah Blah Blah
» Blame yourself for being a vagina
» Boston is the sHiT
» Bout to get on this road
» bout to get ready for tonight
» Bring me food so I can eat it.
» bout to shower
» But at least I have him
» But don't fuck with me...
» But I can teach you something
» But I can't fall asleep.
» But I don't want to move
» but i have nothing to be proud of
» but i like it
» But I love you. It hurt so much.
» But in a good way.
» But I thought
» But money
» But my heart
» But not me
» but pissing everyone off is easy and fun as hell.
» But that's just me I'm a loser
» But they don't take things for granted..
» But they're the cutest
» but you dont want to look stupid
» But you hate me
» Buy a car
» Call me call me call me
» Can I be happy
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?Single as fuck
Section Teaser
don't be that person.
Section Teaser
i want you now
Section Teaser
Pants 0. Shit 1.
Section Teaser
Put my glitter back.
Section Teaser
2 and a half
Section Teaser
3 mINuteS
Section Teaser
5 Minutes
Section Teaser
a better man
Section Teaser
About a dollar
Section Teaser
actually fuck off
Section Teaser
Afraid to sleep
Section Teaser
After I eat something
Section Teaser
A Girl Is Priceless
Section Teaser
All at the same time
Section Teaser
All for nothing.
Section Teaser
All my fault..
Section Teaser
all these
Section Teaser
Alone in my house...
Section Teaser
Also I am a slut
Section Teaser
Also I am a slut
Section Teaser
Always hungry
Section Teaser
Always hungry
Section Teaser
And am about to cry
Section Teaser
And don't care
Section Teaser
and he said
Section Teaser
And I don't like that
Section Teaser
and if you can stand
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
And I'm sick
Section Teaser
And I need a nap
Section Teaser
And I suck
Section Teaser
and it's raining
Section Teaser
and it starts
Section Teaser
And just like that
Section Teaser
and life
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
and make me
Section Teaser
And my day is done
Section Teaser
And on top of it all
Section Teaser
And still going
Section Teaser
and take a shot
Section Teaser
and then i woke up
Section Teaser
And think
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
And you left me
Section Teaser
And you're so rich
Section Teaser
and you're welcome.
Section Teaser
and you want to die
Section Teaser
Anything is possible
Section Teaser
April fools day
Section Teaser
Are you still up
Section Teaser
A shot in the dark.
Section Teaser
as if
Section Teaser
at least i look cute
Section Teaser
At peace.
Section Teaser
At The Hospital.
Section Teaser
at work.
Section Teaser
back for you
Section Teaser
Back in the city
Section Teaser
back to home
Section Teaser
bad day
Section Teaser
bc i want to do that
Section Teaser
Be a good listener.
Section Teaser
Be alright.
Section Teaser
because i do.
Section Teaser
because i hate you
Section Teaser
because no
Section Teaser
Been a while
Section Teaser
Been on that
Section Teaser
before you
Section Teaser
Be happy girl
Section Teaser
Be productive today
Section Teaser
Be the Fastest
Section Teaser
Bird is the word
Section Teaser
bitch, I MIGHT BE
Section Teaser
Blah Blah Blah
Section Teaser
Boston is the sHiT
Section Teaser
bout to shower
Section Teaser
but i like it
Section Teaser
But in a good way.
Section Teaser
But I thought
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But money
Section Teaser
But my heart
Section Teaser
But not me
Section Teaser
But you hate me
Section Teaser
Buy a car
Section Teaser
Can I be happy
Section Teaser

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