PA City Council Sucks!

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PA City Council Sucks!

Tired of the "DICTATORSHIP" of an arrogant and rude Port Angeles City Council ? Tired of their "Our way or the highway" attitude? Tired of this government body running their own agenda's with "NO" concern to Port Angeles citizens? How about closed door sessions and thumbing their noses at the voting public ? Their Unfair hiring practices and the re-appointment of Richard Headrick after we voted him out of office.They continue to kick the voting public smack in the teeth. Mass medication of our community water supply without so much as a public vote. We vote them out of office and they re-appoint each other. They have collected cash contributions in their love fest with the medical community which keeps the puppets in office. How about the {Rushed} vote for a $13.8 Million dollar swimming pool filled with Fluorosilicic Acid for our children to soak in ? We can't keep our schools open & enrollment is way down, but by god, LET'S BUILD A HOLLYWOOD STYLE FLUORIDATION POOL! Nice our city council can side with a "FORMER" councilman to get that on the ballot. The voters seen right through that SCAM !This city council has stonewalled the public with their stalling on initiative & referendum and two recent initiatives of great concern to citizens.

To avoid adding the "Fluoridation" issue to Novembers Ballott, they are instead SUING THE CITIZENS OF PORT ANGELES ! This could cost tax payer$ thousand$ in legal fee$ and special election fee$ when they simply could have & should have followed the will of the people & placed the initiative on the November ballot to begin with. The Port Angeles City Council & the MEDICAL COMMUNITY are scared to death to get a public vote on FLUORIDATION. It's been rejected time & time again folks. Then their is the Gateway Center issue, The 8th Street Bridges Issue, Gales Addition Water Threat, The Graving Yard Mess, Randall Ehm Convention Center Issue, Downtown Parking, The Farmers Market MESS, & now this SWIMMING POOL SCAM !
I could go on & On... Show your true colors Port Angeles.

Let Mayor Karen Rogers & her cronies and all her PUPPETS down @ city hall know just how you really feel. Wear your favorite t-shirt to any Port Angeles City function, City Council meetings, the Mayors speaking engagements, or your next medical & dental appointments........

Thank you...

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