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Barack Obama’s declaration that he will vote in favor of retroactive legal immunity to telecommunications that broke the law to spy on millions of American citizens has given liberty a black eye.

The FISA Amendments Act doesn’t just give retroactive immunity. It also gives the Attorney General of the United States, a political appointee of the President, unstoppable spy powers to conduct physical searches of Americans’ homes and spy on us as we talk on the phone or use the Internet. It can all be done without any evidence that the people being spied on are even suspected of a crime. All this can be done for 67 days without question, without reasons, without a warrant -- and then the president can keep the information he gains as long as his administration deems necessary. That's tyranny right there. It's a preemptive police state.

Barack Obama promised in October 2007, in December 2007 and in January 2007 to help filibuster the FISA Amendments Act. In February 2007 he promised to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. A lot of people voted for him on the basis of these promises. After he won the presidential nomination, Barack Obama broke these promises in June 2008, broke faith with the Constitution, and broke faith with the American people.

In reaction to these events, we offer these highly disappointed bumper stickers, pins and more. Barack Obama: Yes We Can Spy On You. How we wish he just wouldn't.

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