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Dog Lover Designs: Dog Breeds in Famous Paintings and Original Backgrounds
Dog Lover Designs: dog breeds in famous paintings and original backgrounds

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share the weiner (wieners, weenies, doxies...) dog love with our dachshund t-shirts and gifts

Dachshund Dad

Dachshund Dad
Dachshund Dad t-shirts & gifts feature Dachshund Dad text & pawprints. Perfect t-shirts & gifts for Dachshund dog breed dads!

Dachshund Mom

Dachshund Mom
Dachshund Mom t-shirts & gifts feature Dachshund Mom text & pawprints. Perfect t-shirts & gifts for Dachshund dog breed moms! Dachshund Dad shirts and gifts also available at Woof Dog Design.

Make Mine Dachshund

Make Mine Dachshund
Make Mine A Dachshund Please t-shirts & gifts are perfect for Dachshund dog breed lovers. "Make mine a Dachshund please" text and a pawprint adorn t-shirts, shirts, gift items, stickers, magnets & mor

Sage Green Dachshund

Sage Green Dachshund
our dachshund dog breed silhouette looks both contemporary and earthy in sage green. On t-shirts & gift items, stickers, magnets...

Pink Dachshund Dog

Pink Dachshund Dog
Woof Dog Design's Pink Dachshund Dog breed silhouette is available on lots of shirt & t-shirt styles, fun gift items & more.

Dachshund Dog Breed

Dachshund Dog Breed
Our Dachshund Dog Breed silhouette, on shirts, t-shirts, gift items, stickers & lots more fun dachshund dog stuff!

Pink Dachshund

Pink Dachshund
Woof Dog Design's Dachshund dog breed silhouette in pink, available on lots of shirt & t-shirt styles, fun gift items & more for dachshund lovers!

dachshund dog oval


our dachshund dog breed silhouette on t-shirts & gifts makes a perfect statement for dachshund lovers

Dachshund Oval

Dachshund Oval
our dachshund dog breed silhouette with a classic euro oval border, on euro oval car stickers, t-shirt, shirt & gift selections

Dachshund Dad Oval

Dachshund Mom Oval

Dachshund Mom

Dachshund Mom
Dachshund Mom t-shirts & gifts feature Dachshund Mom text and pawprints. Many gift items, shirt & t-shirt styles to choose from.

Dachshund Dog Pink & Black


dachshund by the sea t-shirts and gifts, some a bit more silly than others...

Dachshund Flight Attendant

Dachshund Flight Attendant
"if God is my Dachshund's co-pilot, then I must be the flight attendant" - saying/quote on t-shirts & gifts for dachshund dog lovers

wiener in my house

weenie dog dachshund

Desert Dawg Doxie

Come & Go Dachshund Dog Rainbow

Dachshund Dog Purple Mountains

Dachshunds & Heart

Dachshund Sunset

I Have Two Weenies

Ask Me About My Wiener

I Have 3 Weenies

Doxie Dachshund Dog

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