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» "Out Sourced America!"
» Legalize it California
» “The State of Labor in Today’s Job market!"
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» Earth Day starts at home
» robotic pigeons from planet Zenu
» "The Con-Servative heist"
» mother earth day...
» global warming
» "Nursing Shortage"
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Keith Tucker's-"What Now Toons"

In the era of Republication domination, we (the middle class) are under siege. Personal expression can reach the people. With the corporation controlled media not focusing on things that really affect us, personal expression is all we have. Spread the word.

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Keith Tucker Cartoons

Welcome to WhatNowShop!
Items here will share your progressive path with others. click on images to see the products inside.

Keith's Hawaiian Stuff

Keith's Hawaiian Stuff
Aloha Wahine, the tropical spirit of aloha is strong with this one. Spread aloha wherever you go.t-shirts, mugs, posters,gifts, and Hawaiian cheesecake art by Keith tucker

Copy of Hula Girls Calendar!

Copy of Hula Girls Calendar!
Hula Girls Calendar! spend your year with a collection of Keith Tucker's Hawaiian Pop, Hula Girl art.

"Keith Tucker's Sci-Fi Shop"

Christmas Stuff!

Christmas Stuff!
Christmas Stuff!

Dragons, Dragons and Dragons

Dragons, Dragons and Dragons
Dragons are legendary creatures in folklore, mythology and Fantasy lore. Plus they're just fun to draw!

Progressive Talk Radio, an Endangered Species

Progressive Talk Radio, an Endangered Species
Progressive Talk Radio, an Endangered Species, disappearing off the terrestrial radio dial across the USA, The corporate masters cannot have an informed public questioning their actions!

The art of cooking

The art of cooking
The art of cooking, making a meal is an art form, do it with style. Summer barbecue aprons or, well what ever Cafe Press has for me to apply my art to.

"Fox news Lies to You!"
Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All Viewers,someone who watched only Fox News would be expected to answer just 1.04 domestic questions correctly,significantly worse than if they had rep

"We Want Our Jobs Back!"
For decades now we have seen the steady exodus of U.S. jobs to other countries, now we have unemployment at almost 10%, and still more jobs are leaving the country. ENOUGH!!!

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown
Lunatics are running the asylum! Vote them Out!

"Earth Toons Now!"
Cartoons by Keith Tucker that deal with the environment and tips on how you can be a better friend of the Earth. Be it Climate Change, earth day, Eco, Ecology, endangered species, environmental, envir

"12 Cookies!"
While the CEO hucksters blur the issues and people get confused, 12 cookies tries to simplify things so we understand who's taking us all to the cleaners, the CEO's of course.

"Out Sourced America!"
"Corporations are Sitting on a Mountain of Profits from sales and higher productivity (your labor)And they're Not Hiring, well at least in the USA!"

Legalize it California

Legalize it California
California has Legalization of Marijuana on it's ballot this year, if it passes the rest of America will follow. So get register to vote all you Californians, we're counting on you!

 “The State of Labor in Today’s Job market!

“The State of Labor in Today’s Job market!"
Yes, we cannot wait any more. We have seen what happens when the corporations move some of our jobs out of the country, the pressure on the workers in the few jobs that remain steps up. This pattern

"Homegrown Solutions"
Home gardening on your lawn, turn your front yard into your food supply.

Earth Day starts at home

Earth Day starts at home
Earth Day starts at home, we all must do our part to protect outr planet, here's a few tips on ways to do your part to stop man made global warming.

robotic pigeons from planet Zenu

robotic pigeons from planet Zenu
They're watching us, slowly, carefully drawing their plans against us. They always gather at world leader events, there are no dead pigeons ever seen, they are watching us...

"The Con-Servative heist"
The truth is in the numbers. The GOP Propaganda machine would have us believe they know how to handle money. Bullshit, they have been soaking our country for every dollar they can squeeze out of it,

mother earth day...

mother earth day...
Okay, it's Mothers Day, we all have at least one that matters to us all, MOTHER EARTH. I think we should thank her more days than just earth day. Our enviroment is fragile with global warming incre

global warming

global warming
The planet is getting hotter, faster than any ice core records have ever shown. We have been pumping green house gasses into the air since the Industrial revolution, we have to stop this mass suicide

"Nursing Shortage"
"Nurses are working harder and harder so some fat cat can take home a billion (ceo pay). Patients are short changed, labor is squeezed. Help bring the issue to the worlds attention.

New Section

New Section"Vote out the Obstructionists!"
Republicans have purposefully depressed the USA by blocking bills that would've helped the middle class! It's time to vote out the obstructionists and get our country moving forward again!

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