Unique Kreations by Margaret
» how i roll!
» Essential Oil Handwritten
» oil.sleep.eat.repeat
» Preemie Strong
» Custom Wall decor
» Baby name art!
   » Lydia
   » Sophia
   » Isabella
   » Emma
» Weird is the new Normal
» Essential Oil LOVE
   » I've got an oil for that!
   » an oil for that!
   » eat, breathe, wear, love essential oils
» What's YOUR superpower?
» Dandy
» peace.love.swi,
» peace.love.braces
» i mustache you a question
» Team Edward
   » Team Emmett
   » Team Jacob
   » Team Edward
» Dads
   » Keep Calm
   » Dad's a STAR
» Customization
   » Customer Requests
      » Cedar Harmony Chorus
      » Don't you wish your Grandma was HOT like mine?
» Humor
   » Caffeine Molecule
   » Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizards, Spock
   » Sarcasm 101
      » Sarcastic
      » Sarcasm-Advice
      » not so good at the advice...
      » not a complete idiot
      » If you can smile...
      » I'm smiling
      » one in a million
      » you call me sarcastic...
      » Sarcasm...services
      » so far...
      » One of a Kind
      » I saw that
      » I'm lost...
      » Do you know the muffin man?
      » Deaths Door
   » you can't scare me...60's
   » you can't scare me...70's
   » You can't scare me....80's
   » ooOOOooh SHINY!
   » Hot Chick
» Holiday Fun!
   » Christmas
      » Blue Snowman
      » Penguin JOY
      » Sweet - candy canes
      » Jollies
      » JOY
      » Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins
      » Christmas Fun
         » christmas fun
         » Bright
         » Merry
         » HoHoHo
      » I like Smiling, Smiling is my FAVORITE!
      » Peace
      » Let it Snow
      » get your JOLLY on!
      » Flake
      » iChill
   » Valentines Day
      » Cold, hard and sparkley Valentine
      » Polka Dot Valentine
      » Cupid
      » Sticky Sweet
      » all you need is LOVE
      » MWAH!
      » Heart Line
      » Winged Heart
      » will you be mine?
   » Irish state of mind
      » Irish Blessing
   » Basket Case
   » Super Pops!
   » Halloween
      » scary
      » Batty
      » Wicked
      » got candy?
      » scary but cute
      » Bat Smiley
» I'd tap that
» marvelous maternity
   » for Reany
   » Cards
» Babies, Infants and children
   » if you think I'm cute...
   » New Kid!
   » Human alarm clock
   » Baby to-do-list
   » loved
   » Princess
   » girlie-girl
   » BIG attitude!
   » giggle
   » Giraffe
   » Have your people call my people
   » Multiplicity
      » Twin
      » Triplet
      » Quad
      » I was first
      » Baby a,b,c,d...
   » robot
   » Because I'm the BABY that's why!
   » Elephant
   » Big Brother/ Sister
   » Cutie
   » baby bug
   » I don't wanna be a Pirate!
   » drool
   » Brand new
   » baby thank you cards
   » Prone to bursts of Enthusiasm
   » Just for Preemies
      » Small but Mighty!
      » NICU Graduate
      » Just for Preemies
» Bat Smiley
» Art Work by Emmaline
   » Luke and Zeldah hands
   » Luke and Zeldah - flames
   » Luke and Zeldah
   » Luke
» Sweet Adeline DIVAS!
   » Sweet Adelines PINK Swish
   » Customized for YOU!
   » Sweet Adelines NAVY BLUE Swish
   » Barbershop Swish
   » Barbershop....
   » Tenor Swish
   » Lead Swish
   » Bass Swish
   » Baritone Swish
   » Tenors Rule!
   » Baris RULE!
   » Leads Rule!
   » Basses Rule!
   » NEW Diva Design!
   » Abstract Diva
   » Diva Bubbles
   » find your inner DIVA!
   » NEW! Plus Size Diva Wear!
   » i heart barbershop
   » i heart divas
   » i heart my chorus
   » i heart quarteting
   » i heart sequins
   » i heart Sweet Adelines
   » i heart to sing
» Rock Star
   » Rock
   » Rock Star
   » Rock Star part deux
   » Guitar Rock
   » plugged in...
   » iRock
   » hard rock
» anime/ manga
   » Team Edward ELRIC
   » Keep Calm & Cosplay ON!
      » when I grow up...I'm gonna COSPLAY!
   » anime/ manga
» i heart
   » i heart
   » i heart ______
   » i heart i heart shirts
   » i heart liberals/ conservatives
   » i heart my mommy/ daddy
   » i heart my sister/ brother
   » i heart my preemie
   » i heart my grandpa/ grandma
   » i heart barbershop
   » i heart to sing
   » i heart my chorus
   » i heart Sweet Adelines
   » i heart sequins
   » i heart divas
   » i heart quarteting
   » i heart my cat
   » i heart my dog
» Flip Mino Camcorders
» fun mugs
   » pet bowls
» photo art and cards
   » Photography by Margaret
      » Taking flight
      » Dandy
   » Believe
      » Believe
      » blue/ purple wings
      » heart wings
      » I earned my wings
   » ALOHA!
   » Pink Thank You (Hibiscus)
   » Hibiscus on Black
   » cherries
   » Photoart
   » Lake Tahoe Photoart
   » Chinese Red ~ Love
   » You're a star!
   » coffee is...
   » cuppa joe?
   » pink swish
» Ortho Kids
   » Ortho Kids
   » Ortho Kids - Easter
   » Ortho Kids - Halloween
   » Ortho Kids - Christmas
   » Ortho Kids - Valentines Day
   » Ortho Cards
   » wired
» *NEW* Vacaville & Bulldog Country Gear
   » Bulldog Country
   » Vacaville

Unique Kreations by Margaret
Northern California
Member Since: 2005

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how i roll!


Essential Oil Handwritten



Preemie Strong

Preemie Strong
got a preemie? I did. As a fellow preemie parent I made these for my own son and wanted to share them with everyone else! Also, if you have a preemie, you know how tough they are!

Custom Wall decor

Baby name art!

Baby name art!
Sophia, Lydia, Isabella....if you need something customized let me know!

Weird is the new Normal

Essential Oil LOVE

What's YOUR superpower?


dandelion beauty




i mustache you a question

Team Edward



Need a custom made calendar? Mug? t-shirt? This is the place! Email me at Maggierda@sbcglobal.net with the words "CAFEPRESS" in the subject line and I will work with you on your customization needs.


do you speak fluent sarcasm? Have a quirky sense of humor? Boy have we got the shirts for YOU.

Holiday Fun!

Holiday Fun!
Christmas, Halloween, Saint Patricks Day...come on in and find a holiday look that suits your style.

I'd tap that

I'd tap that
for my friend, Diana, who has the BEST sense of humor!

marvelous maternity

marvelous maternity
Shirts for the moms to be. Let others know when you're due and how you're feeling!

Babies, Infants and children

Babies, Infants and children
Let the littlest ones in your life show their own style with these humours tees. Funny quotes, sayings and wording just for them.

Bat Smiley

Bat Smiley
are you ze Batman?

Art Work by Emmaline

Sweet Adeline DIVAS!

Sweet Adeline DIVAS!
Are you a DIVA? If you think you are, come on in for all your DIVA and Sweet Adeline needs and find YOUR inner DIVA!

Rock Star

Rock Star
You know you are one, wanna be one or becoming one. Why not tell the world you ROCK!

anime/ manga

anime/ manga
fans of anime and manga...stop here

i heart

i heart
who can pass up an good ol' "I heart" shirt? There's a plethera of them in here. Check it out, you're sure to find something you "heart". Want something you don't see? Email me and I can customize one

Flip Mino Camcorders

fun mugs

fun mugs
fun mugs

photo art and cards

photo art and cards
Journals, postcards, cards all with original photography/ graphics done by me. Enjoy!

Ortho Kids

Ortho Kids
Add some fun to life with braces!

*NEW* Vacaville & Bulldog Country Gear

*NEW* Vacaville & Bulldog Country Gear
Vacaville, Californians.....get your garb here! All VHS Bulldogs your gear is here.

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