Texting T-shirts Under $20

1'm n07 4 d0rk

5 d4y5 w17hou7 v1d3o 94m35 m4k35 0n3 w34k

Home sweet home

Iph u can read this?

Textually Active

mmfu - My mate fancies you

1337 - Leet

1337 h4x0r - Leet Hacker

26y4u - Too sexy for you

2bornot2b - To be or not to be

2q2bstr8 - Too cute to be straight

2qt4u - Too cute for you

3sum 2nite - threesome tonight?

3sum l8r - threesome later

afaik - As far as I know

AFK - Away from Keyboard



awol - Absent while online

bcnu - Be seeing you

bdfl - Benevolent dictator for life

bhl8 - Be home late

bff - best friends forever


brb - be right back

[bseg] - big shit eating grin

btdt - been there done that


code monkey

code poet

ctrl+z - Control Z - redo

cul8r - See you later

cu@ - See you

away from my computer

degt - Don't even go there

diku? - Do i know you?

ez - easy

diy - Do it yourself

dylm? - Do you like me?

f2t - free to talk?


FSCK - File system check

fotflol - Falling on the floor, laughing out loud


fubar - Fucked up beyond all recognition

ftf - Face to face

g33k - Geek

h4ck3r - Hacker

geek lvr


hot4u - Hot for you

IDK - i don't know

idk my bff jill?

I <3 U

i h8 u - I hate you

i <3 u - I heart you

i <3 u - I love you

im2gud4u - I'm too good for you

i'm textually active

i txt

IMHO - In my humble opinion

insufficient memory

i shift-3 u

j/k - just kidding

i want your text

iyq - i like you

k3wl d00d - Cool dude

KOS - Keep on smiling

kwim - know what i mean

KTHXBYE - kay thanks, bye

lmfao - laughing my fucking ass off

lmao - laughing my ass off

L33T - Leet

lmaorotf - laughing my ass off


log on to me .com

log me off

i loathe txting, don't lol, brb, idk me

lol - laughing out loud

LOL - Laughing out loud

LPB - Low ping bastard


i luv txting



iph u c@n r34d thi5

myob - mind your own business

mtfbwu - May the force be with you

n33d sum1 2luv - need someone to love


ne1 - Anyone

nething - anything

ne1 f2t? - Anyone free to talk?

this shirt has no text message

i never finish anyth

NSFW - Not suitable for work

oh noes

NEWB - Newby

O RLY? - Oh really?

omfg - Oh my fucking god

OMG, I was JK

OTH - Off the hook

otl - Out to lunch





ph33r m3h - Fear me

plz 4gv me




Reverse engineer

i read your e-mail

rotfl - Rolling on the floor laughing

RTFM - Read the fuckin' manual


rtfm - Read the fucking manual

practice safe hex

ru cmgn - are you coming

ru ok

sdiht - Someday i'll have the time

Text face: :-)

Text face: :-D

Text face: :-)

Text face: :)

Text face:  ;-)~

Text face: :-|

Text face: :-/

Text face:  >:-)

Text face: :(

Text face: ;-)

Text face: :,-(

Text face: :-(

Text face: :O

Text face: Tongue out

Text face: Speechless

SNAFU - Situation Normal all fucked up

sol - Shit out of luck

stfu - Shut the fuck up

str8 - straight

STFU - Shut the fuck up

stfu kthx - Shut the fuck up

talk qwerty 2 me

sum1 2luv - Someon to love


thx - Thanks

textually active

textually active

tgif - Thank god its friday

TIA - Thanks in advance

textually frustrated

tmi - too much info

trdmf - Tears running down

i'm too texty 4u

txt me - text me

TTFN - Ta Ta for now

ttfn - ta ta for now

typpo quenn - Typo Queen

typpo kingg - Typo King

u r a qt - You are a Cutie

U NOOB - You Newby

u r a * - You are a star

it must be user error

User friendly

[vbeg] - Very big evil grin

[vbg] - Very big grin

w84m - Wait for me

w00t - We own the other team

WIIFM - What's in it for me?

wan2tlk - Want to talk?

WTF - What the fuck

Warm 3.14159.. (Warm Pi)

W/ Stupid

WTF, OMG - What the fuck, oh my god

WSIWYG - What you see is what you get

Emoticon: Big Grin

YBYSA - You bet your sweet ass

Emoticon: Bored

Emoticon: Drunk

YYSSW - Yeah Sure Whatever

Emoticon: Crying

Emoticon: Angry

Emoticon: Sad face

Emoticon: Glasses

Emoticon: Surprised

Emoticon: Unsure

Emoticon: Smiley face

Emoticon: Smiley face

Emoticon: Speechless

Emoticon: Sticking Tongue out

Emoticon: Winking

Come to the dark side

dstr8 - Damn Straight


don't drink and text

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