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The Virgin Mary Pretzel

The Virgin Mary Pretzel
The Virgin Mary Pretzel. Customize the divine snack on any apparel and be the proud owner of the Virgin Mary Pretzel.

Awesome Black T-shirts

Awesome T-shirts under $20

Dick in a box


i love being awesome

I love Kazakhstan

Proud to be Awesome

Captain Awesome

without geometry

save water drink beer

it's hard out here for a pimp

Community College

i heart being awesome

where my ho's at?

White People are Crazy

save water shower together

Majorly Awesome

Generally Awesome

it's okay i'm a ninja

i heart awesome guys

i heart awesome girls

Remember when we were awesome?

i'm bringin sexy back

Promiscuous grill (promiscuous girl)

I'm so happy

I've always been awesome -

Everybody pretend to be normal

I hate everyone

No one will be left behind

Totally Awesome -

Jesus was wrong

Snakes on a Plane

I Love Snakes on a Plane

Don't touch my stash

Myspace broke my heart -

Stop Interplanetary Discrimination

Smile if you love Pluto

Pluto is a planet


Awesome fo' shizzle

jog your memory

i know all the naughty girls

all my friends are fairies

all my friends are pushers

i'm hung

yes i'm dirty sanchez

I'm not gay

i love my pussy

don't drink the water

i've only got one ball

Tree Hugger

I'm so thorny

i wish i knew how to quit you

Tune in Tokyo

Dirty Sanchez

this is my awesome shirt

all my friends are fairies

all my friends are fruits

From Zero To Awesome

France Sucks, but Paris swallows

Support a soldier

you can't get arrested for being awesome


i'm the awesomest

Check Yourself

awe + so + me

i'm awesome

always awesome

i'm bringin sexy back

it's okay i'm a ninja

why yes i'm a ninja

Ninja's are awesome

promiscuous grill

i'm awesome on myspace

this is what awesome looks like

it's hard out here for a pimp

awesome possum

promiscuous grill

trust me i'm a ninja

betcha i'm awesome

bad breath

santa knows where all the naughty girls go to bed

save a drum bang a drummer

i have a black belt in sudoku

i have the body of a god

blow me

college stud

i was charged with battery


promiscuous grill

Stop Mel

all my friends are fairies

all my friends are pushers

i heart my crack baby

Deep Throat

crack is wack

fortune cookie

my computer goes down on me

fast food

all my friends are metal

all my friends are pussies

all my friends are fairies

without geometry

fruits are people

i love being awesome

please don't eat my legs

gnome thyself

it's all good in the hood

rollin' with my gnome

did you herd what i herd?

i have a big nut

i heart jake ryan

kick it

don't hit kids

i heart fat girls

i heart lamp

i heart new spork

i heart mcdreamy

I need daho

i have more friends than tom

no ma'am


pirates arre awesome

pussy magnet

polska power

i put out

wear short sleeves

i ain't ridin dirty

upon the advice

silent but deadly

save a crack baby

slugs not drugs

this is how i roll

my stocking isn't the only thing hung

sofa king

strictly for my ninjas

my stocking isn't the only thing hung


I gave my word to stop at third

that awesome guy

that geek

I'll just hang around

totally baked

USB for you and me

Without Geometry

I've got your Yule Log

White Men Can't Crunk

high society


i'm awesomer than you

kiss me i'm polish

because i'm awesome

it's okay. i'm a ninja

smile if you're awesome

i'll bet you that i'm awesome

beyond awesome

i have a black belt in sudoku

captain obvious

You're Awesome

democrats are awesome

why yes, i'm a ninja

i even make dirt look awesome

This is what awesome looks like

drunk chicks think i'm awesome

reading is for awesome people

i'm exited to be here

scotty doesn't know i'm awesome

I put the AWE in AWEsome

i'm so happy i could just shit

I brought sexy back

it's hard out here for a pimp

i put the awe in awesome

i love being awesome

i'm bringing sexy back


mr. awesome

Trust me, I'm awesome

my awesome t-shirt

Staying awesome is a piece of cake

ninjas are awesome

republicans are awesome

because i'm a ninja

bred for my ninja skills

Stuff is awesome

Zero to Awesome in 3 seconds

i only date ninjas

Team Awesome

That's Mr. Awesome, to you

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