Turkey Jerk
» I got so much money I should start a bank
» Seeing your ex with someone uglier than you = ...
» Missing a person is a part of loving them. If ...
» I make it look easy
» I Handle Every Situation Seriously!
» I want to punch her in the face right now
» I have to find "ME" before being an ...
» I need to go shopping
» I wanna leave right now !!!!
» Fucked up shit
» I feel ridiculous.
» I'm gonna be a therapist when I grow up, ...
» Doing shit different .
» I hate when I bite the inside of my cheek
» I Wanna Get High!
» I can fly.
» I am not staying at one job for 11 years if it ...
» I need good music to vibe to
» I call bullshit
» I want some Sonic ..
» i doubt it
» I knew that was going to happen..
» I Hate Waiting
» I don't understand why destiny allowed so ...
» I want to watch some Baseball!
» I was not born 2 B someone's trophy nor w ...
» Fuck frozen yogurt. I want some fucking ice cream.
» I use my phone very strategically when it hits ...
» I wish nothing but the best for you
» I hate when people take pictures of food and u ...
» I want some freaking food !!!!!
» I Play Basketball To Give Other People Hope.
» I need some head
» I suck dick
» I am a genius when I apply myself but usually ...
» I nap too much.
» I love chili
» I'd go straight to bed too if you were la ...
» I have yet to go to a good strip club.
» I'm a Virgin!
» going to paradise (:
» Looking at cheesecake for my birthday is like ...
» I'm gonna feel terrible tonight.
» I'll regret this in the morning but fuck it.
» I'm ready to get my night started.
» I broke my hand, fucking awesome.
» I'm such a little party animal
» I'm a mess, I'll confess.
» come with us now on a journey through time and ...
» My love?
» Oh Well ; To Late For That
» Pain is only Temporary....Success is Forever.. ...
» FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK fucking fuck fuck.
» You make me crazy; you make me wild.
» I thought it was funny...
» Training the mind is the source of inner peace.
» I'm totally not who you think i am
» some people will do anything for attention, it ...
» Nothing makes you work harder than hearing you ...
» Our time has [ex]pired, now please [ex]it my life.
» Winning Is Our Aim
» Life is a learning process, and changes can be ...
» I'd love if there was an extra day betwee ...
» Resigned to the fact that almost every Sunday ...
» That coffee was strong as fuck
» Feeling Good About Life Today
» i love feeling important to someone.
» A teenager is someone who is well prepared for ...
» If my thoughts ever came out...
» Why monkey so cute
» don't be so humble, you are not that grea ...
» All I want is your love
» Changed my career... I know EXACTLY what I wan ...
» Changed my career... I know EXACTLY what I wan ...
» Falling in love is like jumping off a tall bui ...
» Taking steps forward in life can be scary and ...
» I love your smile.
» I totally take back all those times I didn&apo ...
» My mother taught me IRONY.
» Some coffee for this hang over..
» Clearly he has no idea what isn't appropr ...
» Made a grill cheese sandwich
» the more you give a fuck, the happier you&apos ...
» I love me some Oxford, Mississippi
» i love TURTLES and Money
» Every success has a trail of failures behind i ...
» Living life. Having the best College experienc ...
» Mad is a strong word. More like annoyed.
» Case is solved
» I don’t care how drunk I am I wash my feet
» don't hate me
» my hair smells like strawberries
» I really do love my life and the people I have ...
» I don't like the quiet or the dark
» trouble is a bubble in a champagne glass
» I hate when people say they don't have ho ...
» chopping up onions is so emotional
» Reverse psychology, apparently, does not work ...
» I love it this time of year.
» Every man needs a backbone, so don't be t ...
» I belong with you, you belong with me. You&apo ...
» i should write a book entitled 'the joys ...
» I think condoms have that nasty latex smell to ...
» I just queefed in yoga class and now the old m ...
» So I have exactly 420 dollars saved up in tips ...
» Just heard someone use the phrase slut mustard ...
» So after THIS dui, I've decided to stop d ...
» oh right, i forgot that not everyone has a go- ...
» New word for getting laid so we don't sou ...
» You're the end to all my bad dreams.
» my dad came in to wish me a happy birthday and ...
» Fuck U Mike is a golden god.
» dude just tell them you don't wear clothe ...
» Why did every guy I have ever slept with have ...
» so the guy behind me in court for my DUI heari ...
» roommate just walked in on us. two and a half ...
» I'm almost 25, which means I can ride wit ...
» Highlight of my evening, pile of books falling ...
» Becoming a productive member of society?
» I really don't want to move...I'm ha ...
» A hard boiled egg and a shot of tequila is not ...
» you dont have to exercise, you threw up last n ...
» I saw him at work today and he gave me a reall ...
» Come over i have rolls
» Hey when you come over to pick me up in the mo ...
» sure if you go to prison
» it's gonna be a chat room kind of night
» Note to all middle aged I totally let myself g ...
» A homeless guy asked you to feel your boobs, y ...
» About how the sun
» About to be a fun day
» afraid to fail
» After I just said I didn't like that shit
» A little bit of this and a little bit of that
» All i am
» All I know how to be is me
» all I need is someone
» All I need to hear is that you love me
» All in my zone
» All in the camera
» All I wanna do
» All I want is to sleep
» All my love is all I had
» All that was and
» All the things I believe
» A man
» A man
» Am I?
» and by two words i mean
» And give me a reason why I should
» And I Don't Feel Like Doing My Hair
» and I don't wanna go out.
» And I Hate Moving
» and in love
» and i stopped talking to her
» And I want to have a productive day .-.
» and i won't be the
» and people who will
» And right now, I love life
» And that's how I feel.
» and then she left
» and with that i am leaving
» and you don't even care
» and you have a daughter
» Annoyed with today
» Anymore numbers
» Anyone wanna take me to the game
» a pool table
» apparently she has a headache
» Are you coming home this weekend
» Are you ready to play
» Are you really
» As much as I hate you, I would LOVE to see you ...
» At Church
» A Teacher
» At least I can admit that to myself
» At lunch
» at the same time.
» Baby you on my mind
» Back in the day
» Back to the future
» bad day at school
» bad things always happen to me
» because I can't
» because you're
» Because you're a pig
» Because you said you loved me too.
» Before you came into my life
» Being the noise
» Being with you, is the only place I want to be ...
» Be kind.
» Be so pissed off
» Better than I do
» Bipolar ass woman
» Boring day ...
» Both of you
» but at night is when I think way too much abou ...
» but first
» But Fuck that
» but how long do they do it
» But i dont care what they said
» But I don't want to go to school.
» But I like your face.
» But I love that he makes you I always have wha ...
» But I love you.
» But I'm out
» but im still in a good mood
» But I refuse to say "I love you"
» But money is calling
» but not me
» but that might
» But the feeling
» but the man I love
» But then again I can't tell the future
» but the reason
» but when i look at you
» But you got no idea
» by the way.
» Call me.
» Calm Down
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I make it look easy
Section Teaser
I need to go shopping
Section Teaser
Fucked up shit
Section Teaser
I feel ridiculous.
Section Teaser
I Wanna Get High!
Section Teaser
I can fly.
Section Teaser
I call bullshit
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
I want some Sonic ..
Section Teaser
i doubt it
Section Teaser
I Hate Waiting
Section Teaser
I need some head
Section Teaser
I suck dick
Section Teaser
I nap too much.
Section Teaser
I love chili
Section Teaser
I'm a Virgin!
Section Teaser
going to paradise (:
Section Teaser
My love?
Section Teaser
Winning Is Our Aim
Section Teaser
Why monkey so cute
Section Teaser
I love your smile.
Section Teaser
Case is solved
Section Teaser
don't hate me
Section Teaser
About how the sun
Section Teaser
About to be a fun day
Section Teaser
afraid to fail
Section Teaser
All i am
Section Teaser
all I need is someone
Section Teaser
All in my zone
Section Teaser
All in the camera
Section Teaser
All I wanna do
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
All that was and
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
A man
Section Teaser
A man
Section Teaser
Am I?
Section Teaser
And I Hate Moving
Section Teaser
and in love
Section Teaser
and i won't be the
Section Teaser
and people who will
Section Teaser
and then she left
Section Teaser
Annoyed with today
Section Teaser
Anymore numbers
Section Teaser
a pool table
Section Teaser
Are you ready to play
Section Teaser
Are you really
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
At Church
Section Teaser
A Teacher
Section Teaser
At lunch
Section Teaser
at the same time.
Section Teaser
Baby you on my mind
Section Teaser
Back in the day
Section Teaser
Back to the future
Section Teaser
bad day at school
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
because I can't
Section Teaser
because you're
Section Teaser
Because you're a pig
Section Teaser
Being the noise
Section Teaser
Be kind.
Section Teaser
Be so pissed off
Section Teaser
Better than I do
Section Teaser
Bipolar ass woman
Section Teaser
Boring day ...
Section Teaser
Both of you
Section Teaser
but first
Section Teaser
But Fuck that
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But I like your face.
Section Teaser
But I love you.
Section Teaser
But I'm out
Section Teaser
But money is calling
Section Teaser
but not me
Section Teaser
but that might
Section Teaser
But the feeling
Section Teaser
but the man I love
Section Teaser
but the reason
Section Teaser
But you got no idea
Section Teaser
by the way.
Section Teaser
Call me.
Section Teaser
Calm Down
Section Teaser

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