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Big Bang Theory Tees

Cool Big Bang Theory tees for all you fans of the geeky hit show. More added each week from current episodes so keep checking back...OR be the first ton know about the new designs by "Liking" our Facebook Page Awesome Big Bang Theory T-shirts

Dumb as a bag of Geologists

Sheldon Cooper Apologized

Sheldon Cooper Apologized
Most designs are two sided - but please not that some shirts that do not offer 2-sided printing will only have the "Sheldon Cooper apologized to me" on it

My mother raised a gentleman


I came to mock

A man with a dog

Walk into a bar

Joke definition

Sheldon's Unified Theory of Comedy

You have a stick up your pre-frontal cortex

Comedy is tragedy + time

!2 months of Sheldon - Quote Calendar

Do you know I yodel?

Sheldon Cooper's Wonder Blunder

Scientifically Impossible

Cow Tipping

I had alcohol

shooting nerds in a barrel


One lab accident away from becoming a super villai

My phone is as smart as you

You are not on my list

Born Showman

I like China

Drawn to my flame

In the Zone

Even penguinsget cheated on and they are adorable

Serial Apist

Sounds like someone released a kracken

I want you to be happy

Everything I say is True

There is no switch, just listen and learn

The moving finger writes

This is not alcohol it is a magic potion

Cooper Coupons

Trust me, if I had a death ray I wouldn't be livin

And what a civilization is the Greeks'

Yes, that's what I think and I'm super smart so it

I've decided to make all trivial decisions with a

Hummingbirds are the vampires of the flower world

New SectionI would have been there sooner but my b

The need to find another human being

If you don't mind I'd like to stop listening to yo

I had to leave they were having fun wrong

It's hard to say no to yoo-hoo

Pretending to have intercourse with you

Do the dance with no pants

Mummies are wrapped in bandages

I am the Master of my own Bladder

New Dice Smell

Team Shamy

Proven Flight Risk

Professor Proton and Gino the Neutrino

And they lived inconclusively ever after

There is no problem you can't solve if you use you

Kids are like pancakes

Grab your goggles, put your lab coat on

Try not to ogle my caboose as  I walk away

I pop sparkle and buzz electric

I am Leonard

In an attempt at immortality

Take your breasts out

Glendale Train Store Cotillion

I don't do cozy

Friends are forever

gravity defying breasts

Immortality is real

Prepare to be minimized

I find the idea of coitus ridiculous and off-putti

Don't Cry over Spilled Professor

Right on Sister

Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Smart-Chip

I'm like the sun

Worship Me

I think you need a testosterone patch

Pierce your brain with a hot needle

There are goblins in my head

Peg Leg Antoine


I've got information - Ravage Me

Leonards Pick Up Line #618

Are you ready for Science

I want a Princess Makeover

It's a Joke

People say you can't live without love

Go where ever the wind takes you

Did you have good question juice for breakfast?

Kept down by the man

I have serious diagnosable problems

Spread your legs and invite them in

Fun with flags: flag virgin

I should have bought condoms

spicy chilis

Bite me

I tihnk your cool

I call dibs

Boyfriend Jackpot

Later Losers

romance ninja

What's the word hummingbird?

I'm a vegetarian

Halloween and PMS

you don't have to thank me every time we have sex

the art of conversation

Cute as a button

Lovable Scamp

Spoiler Alert


YOu drink too much soy milk

Knock, Knock, Knock Good Boy Leonard

Is there good anal leakage?

my work is suffering from all the laid I'm getting

May I offer you a consoling hug?

my coitus is whimsically inventive

go ahead mock me just use small words so I underst

do i look smug?

my wife came with both fun bags and money bags

she enjoys my genitals

Does it come with a Kung Fu grip?

I gave it to her well

It's hot when Sheldon talks dirty - I am suckling

don't look at my board

i am unhappy and about to destroy the world

there are some things a man doesn't share with his

you have booze

Hello Boys

Oh Thor, he's hot

Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies

Dirty Birdy

A woman is like egg salad

Dr. Einstein Von Brainstorm

I feel like Captain Kirk

Sheldon After Dark

Don't even know which way is up

I find zombies dancing scary

ifs and buts were coconuts we'd all have a merry c

Got your back jack bitches be crazy

I'm a Physicist NOT a Hippie

Spiders give me the heebie jeebies

Death by Chicken

It's a Saturnalia Miracle

let's just assume

I'm not indoorsy

your sex life is theoretical

intellectually stubborn

Superior Intellect

This is an authentic Chinese throwing star

Or a zompire

sweet ride

Revenge is a dish best served nude

prepare for the scolding of your life

Potty Mouth Club President

payback it truly is the b-word

mummies vs zombies

I always listen to myself it's one of the great jo

most squirrels are real jerks

For Sale Laptop

I remember my first bikini wax

294 That's my spot

1234 is not a secure password

Pay Attention

neener neener neener

No Butts, No Cuts, No Coconuts

A feear of falling is illogical

No it's not going to be fine

What'cha doin'?

thought experiment

are we having fun yet?

a neutron

English Accent the sexiest accent you can have

scientists they are crazy

silly doodlebug

the mind is a mysterious thing

i'm from texas need I say more

the second x-chromosome

Set Phasers to Fun

I'm a callous egomaniac

Long Island Ice Tea

Call the Mad Hatter I'm having a Tea Party


I will catch a computer virus

Go play with yourself

I can't believe I bleached my mustache for this

Never pull the plug on my funk

What do Sheldon Cooper and A Black Hole have in co

I did a bad thing

not that anyone cares

73 - Any team

I spill when I'm Drunk

I have never entered a wet t-shirt contest

Physics Fiesta


Unidentified Flying Liverwurst

Boy-Sized Hero

What happens if I run out of oxidants?

The thrilla adjacent to the amygdala

My Limbic System wasnts you to take your pants off


F. Loops

Fake Wolowitz

Go Sports!

Anthropic Principle

God made you to annoy me


Keep Calm - Big Bang tee

soaped up

No Do-Overs

doctor star trek style

mind expanding drug school

junior conductor

brain monkey

the conversation is sparkling



Nerd Vine

Big Bang Cast

What you do

Brain Wedgie

quantum physics

It's only logical

i'm metrosexual

my baloney

pew pew pew

right way

Sheldon's Enslaved quote

I'm a stallion

I'm Smart as a whip

sickly is the new sexy

Hotsy Totsy

do you like my bongos?

embrace the chaos


Sheldon & Amy

scientific curiosity

unsatisfactory in PE

Mocking Me

furry crack of a rat's ass

bounced many a ball

I'm Super Smart

Social Convention


Sheldon on Hawaii

stop your catawalling

Biologists are Mean



Damn I'm Good

Doctor Wackadoodle



I'm a scientist

Sheldon's Little Buddie


Brown Dynamite

don't you think if I was wrong I'd knwo?

I am immune to your sarcasm

I am NOT Insane

I am NOT Insane
I am NOT insane my mother had me tested, a classic line from Dr. Sheldon Cooper, on the Big Bang Theory.

I am NOT insane (red)

I am NOT insane (red)
I am NOT insane my mother had me tested, a classic line from Dr. Sheldon Cooper, on the Big Bang Theory.

I am NOT insane (orange)

I am NOT insane (orange)
I am NOT insane my mother had me tested, a classic line from Dr. Sheldon Cooper, on the Big Bang Theory.

I am NOT insane (green)

I am NOT insane (green)
I am NOT insane my mother had me tested, a classic line from Dr. Sheldon Cooper, on the Big Bang Theory.

hot troll

knock knock knock Penny

Dr. Arraganto

I'm the boss

Lucky Baldwin's

Super Villain

tell me what kind of computer you have


screwed theory

rubber glue theory

you wouldn't understand my work

laws of physics

irony impaired


smell of paintballs

doppler effect

I admire your fingering

PMS: Perpetual Motion Squad (2-sided)

I couldn't agree with you less


what fresh hell is this

ah gravity thou art a heartless bitch

get your geek on

Large Breasts

not with a thousand condoms

everything is better with bluetooth

Smart is the new sexy

I don't trust banks

You're Improbable

too evolved for driving

wanna have coitus?

It must be humbling to suck

I'm the small package

Grab a napkin

wait until you need tech support

Sarcasm sign

I am the Sword Master

Web Chatting


grow up

Snuggle Bunny

Snuggle Bunny
Have you obtained the "Sheldonesque" higher level of consciousness? Evolved to not needing physical contact? To brainy for mere cuddling? Then this cool Big Bang Theory tee is for you!


Do women baffle you? Can you not decide if they are mysterious or crazy? Check out this cool Big Bang Theory tv quote tee from Dr. Sheldon Cooper who poses the question Women delightfully mysterious o

Three Menstrualteers

Three Menstrualteers
Are you and your girlfriends in "Menstrual Sync"? Amy Farrah Fowler thinks "besties" should be...and inspired this awesome Big Bang Theory tee "The Three Menstrualteers"


Get your geeky props in this cool tshirt inspired by our favorite Big Bang Theory geeks. Recognize!

See you in hell Sheldon

See you in hell Sheldon
We all love to be annoyed by the Big Bang Theory's quirk-some Dr. Sheldon Cooper. This is a cool tee design inspired by the Halloween episode.

Gunning With God

Gunning With God
Take your vacation with Sheldon's mom - and go Gunning With God! This is a hilarious tee for any Big Bang Theory fan

The Wesley Crushers

The Wesley Crushers
Sheldon's classic "bowling shirt" meant to taunt his arch-nemesis Will Whedon...which backfired when everyone took it the wrong way. This ia an awesome tee for any Big Bang Theory or Star Trek fan "Th

Lightning bolt

Lightning bolt
Check out this cool comic book inspired Sheldon tshirt, you know your favorite Big Bang Theory character would wear it...why not you too!

alpha nerd

alpha nerd
Show them who is in charge with this cool "Alpha Nerd" tee inspired by the Big Bang Theory

follow your endocrine system

follow your endocrine system
A hilarious quote from our favorite girl geek Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler - why follow your heart when you can follow your Endocrine System.

Ready Wrestle

Ready Wrestle
Check out this very cool Big Bang Theory inspired tee - what happens when 2 geeks try to figure out who is the superhero and who is the sidekick?? lots of superhero trash talk and very little wrestlin

Die Sheldon Die

Die Sheldon Die
It should have been obvious from the moment Leonard saw this on his bedroom wall that maybe Sheldon was a bit "eccentric". This is a cool Big Bang Theory inspired tee great for any fan of the geeky sh

creepy candy coating

creepy candy coating
Hilarious quote from our favorite blond neighbor Penny from the Big Bang Theory. Perfect rejection line for all those creepy candy coated would be suiters.

Professor Fussy Face

Professor Fussy Face
Are you as fussy as Sheldon? Then you need this "Professor Fussy Face" tshirt inspired by the Big Bang Theory.

lovey dovery Sheldon

replace human contact

Dynamite Lady

Knock Knock Knock Penny Amy Bernadette

Engineers (Sheldon Quote)

I'm Colon Capital D

Dr. Sheldon Cooper for the win

Science Works

whimsical elf

memory impairment

Sheldon's deity quote

insufficiently intelligent

The Universe of all Women

Just here to observe

What's the Gist Physicist?

One can get beaten up

You're talking like a crazy person

hola nerd migos


tolerate idiots

It's going to get loud

Not Boyfriend Material

I have a tiara

Digital Alcohol

Needy Baby Greedy Baby

I am the King of Nerds (v2)

I am the King of Nerds (v1)

I am a vengeful person (v2)

I am a vengeful person (v1)

I love my mind

Leonard + Penny 2.0

It's Slow outside

Sex with you

Gunshot Wound

Fun With Flags v1

Fun With Flags v2

my soul mate

Glow Stick

Leonard's Day

Customizable - Call me sexy

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