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Geek Tees

All kinds of geeky awesomeness on tees

Clever Girl - superhero

I don't need a search engine - Wife

I don't need a search engine - Husband

I don't need a search engine - Teenager

Cutie Pie (QT Pi)

I have no selfie control

I don't need you...I have Wi-Fi

Blame the lag

# Hashtag

Lag Kills

Video games don't make people violent

Searching for a place to fit in

Never trust an atom

iTired - there is an app for that

Oh Tweet

Show me your tweets

Textually Active

Estrogen Diagram

Testosterone Diagram

Error your password must contain

Reminder with customizable text

Reminder: Don't kill anyone today

Temple Run Game

Temple Run Game
If you love it when demonic monkeys chase you through ancient ruins, then you will love our awesome Temple Run tee designs

Error 404 Caffeine Not Found

Error 404 Life Not Found

Distressed Refresh icon

Distressed Infectious Icon

Distressed Dislike Icon

Distressed Broadcast Icon

Distressed Alien Head

geek girl: breasts & brains

gravity always keeping me down

come to the geek side we have pi

I keep pressing esc but I'm still here

Keep Calm - Geek On

It's all geek to me


caffeinating status

Fully Charged

caps lock

Geek sex symbol

Alpha Geek

Sex Symbols

Copy & Paste Boobies

evil genius

Sheldon Robot

Grab my joystick

cmyk robots



cntrl alt delete

not who i am

Gadget Girl

Gadget Boy

1f u c4n r34d th1s

Aggro Range

what's your i-lvl?

what's your i-lvl?
available in regular here OR check out the QR custom section and add a custom QR code to your WoW tee!

WoW i'm epic

WoW i'm epic
available in regular here OR check out the QR custom section and add a custom QR code to your WoW tee!

Like, Dislike, Shut the Fuck up

I like you


R.I.P. Father (in memory of Steve Jobs)

R.I.P. Father (in memory of Steve Jobs)
October 5 was a sad day, we lost a true creative genius, someone who changed the face of the music industry, revolutionized personal computers, and let creatives be creative and not need to be compute

talk nerdy to me


No! I won't fix your computer

the difference between genius and stupidity


The truth is out there

Where do I download one of those?

faith in technology

software problem

documentation is like sex

hacking is like sex

abort retry ignore fail

software is like sex

Artificial Intelligence natural stupidity

Life would be easier

ASCII and ye shall receive

i have not lost my mind

MAc Users / PC Users

relax its only ones and zeros

restart reboot reinstall

smash forehead on keyboard

Use the source

upgrade definition (geek)

ooops! bad sector

prepare to be boarded


I'm an avatart

New Section

I am better looking than my avatar

Txt tees

Txt tees
unintelligible txt lingo t-shirt designs

Copy of I am NOT on fucking facebook (dirty)

I'm a PC and my windows CRASH all the time

I'm a PC and my windows CRASH all the time
The perfect funny t-shirt for any computer geek - I'm a PC and windows crash all the time - buy it for yourself or great techie gift.

I am Bluejacking You

mini big bang

my mobile makes coffee

my mobile makes coffee
well there is an app for just about everything and with Smart Phone technology who is to say your phone won't start brewing your coffee too.

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