» If people never change, do you change your lov ...
» Guess I'm ready for a a beer
» i want some hot chocolate
» i get paid today
» is 6 concerts a lot over the course of eight m ...
» We fear to fight for happiness
» I just wanna flirt with Winter and fall asleep.
» I read a book today
» I'm too sarcastic for my own good sometim ...
» Friends don't care if you live in a mansi ...
» I don't have any desire to immerse myself ...
» taking control of my own life for once. doing ...
» I didn't do anything dumb last night. Nee ...
» working out*
» I'm a simple girl I don't ask for mu ...
» I wanna tattoo on my thigh
» Hunting for bacon, the search continues....
» They gone love me for my Ambition....
» My stomach woke me up
» I need something or someone interesting to com ...
» I don't remember the last time I woke up ...
» Ive been the man since my first steps
» I'm smoking weed out of a trumpet
» forecast for tonight is alcohol, low standards ...
» Well I'm going to a gay club in my banana ...
» I totally understand Scottish logic. No underw ...
» careful when you do the walk of shame, they ar ...
» awwwwww =)
» how does that even happen??
» ur dog is so gonna tell on us one day.
» I only kidnapped one of them. chill
» I didn't talk to you tonight because I&ap ...
» I know right? mind you this is the same woman ...
» A hot woman with candy. This is what heaven is ...
» It was at that point the crowd that gathered r ...
» Wow.. I was doing a mental check of my bank ba ...
» Did I tell you he has dinosaur sheets?
» How do you jack off and text at the same time?
» Who goes to Church hungover
» Heyy I kind of wanted to apologize and excuse ...
» Where were you when I was single???
» I'm going to Hell for sure
» People are allowed to visit it's just the ...
» I'm sorry that you just had your first mi ...
» I wanna do crazy things to you in a tent
» Going to bed naked. Too bad I am all alone. N ...
» At a sweet 16. cant remember what shirt im wea ...
» she was wearing a cheetah print one-piece and ...
» I'm peeing chunks and puking liquid. Did ...
» glad you had fun, i did too. am rubbing aloe o ...
» Ok seriously, can we bring back badminton?
» if there is a rhyme for it it must be true
» I was at the bar last night dancing, puking in ...
» Remember that night when i almost got you arre ...
» I'm looking for sex. Do you know her?
» I just broke up with my girlfriend lets go fin ...
» sooooo how many boyfriends is too many?
» Like all of my pajamas are shirts of guys I sh ...
» I want 2 things right now, you or a cig
» I would enjoy sitting down to talk about the d ...
» He just left - my room smells like that cheese ...
» This girl is very crazy
» Experience is the best teacher
» And what are the implications of that?
» We won't sleep together?
» Wow so rude I was trying to have an orgy later ...
» so high. i feel like my whole body is a boner
» How can she be afraid to give you a blowjob? I ...
» Only someone with your twisted mind could come ...
» my house keeper must think I'm a prostitute.
» Marriage: a sacred union between one man and o ...
» your dick doesn't do me any good in arizona
» Does my surprise involve the use of a safe word?
» it tastes like there's a party in my mout ...
» just took a cab, driver just asked what i&apos ...
» There's a art of the blow job class in th ...
» How can i ever say i miss u when u wont go away
» You might as well just give her the money now.
» I think the phrase bag of smashed assholes des ...
» the only thing i have to deal with now is the ...
» I just realized that i have never seen about 3 ...
» I hate my life
» tell me about your high
» Whatever. They have the same name, so it' ...
» I'm at the point in my career when i know ...
» i need a shirt that says I fuck trainwrecks
» you're bored at work aren't you?
» You need to stop texting me at SEVEN in the mo ...
» Turns out you're obligated under man law ...
» New drink name: the Vermont Douchebag. Take sh ...
» yea but it was worth it
» I guess what I'm trying to say is you&apo ...
» 2 days and counting
» 2 weeks
» 3rd time today
» 9 on me.
» A book
» About to get my food
» About to go down
» About to make myself throw up so I feel better
» About to shower and go to bed
» A drink is a drink is a drink is a drink is a ...
» After this song
» All In a Year
» All I want is...
» All I want is for you to be my love
» all night
» Alot of things to work on
» Alot of things to work on
» Always a new day
» Always right
» Always right
» am I?
» AM I
» Among other things
» and a job.
» And I can't make it on my own
» aND I DID A THing
» and i don't know
» And I'll be like
» And I'm out
» And I'm tired of all your friends
» And I need you more than ever
» and i smile
» And I want you to stay
» and just
» And my birthday
» And my boy
» And no he wasnt
» and only like to be
» and put a smile on your face.
» and so I did...
» And that is why you're a dumbass
» and that makes me happy
» and they will pass
» And you know it
» And you're a slut.
» and you should
» ANy TiMe
» are you for real
» are you okay?
» are you really really sure
» around me
» As I stop
» At this point i don't care what happens to me
» At work but not work
» Back From The Game
» Back to the woods.
» Bc I felt like it
» Bc I won't
» Because i don't give a fuck
» Because I love you
» Because I'm a nice person.
» Because I'm a pussy
» Been out of class
» Before I do
» Before I lose my mind...
» be good enough
» Be happy with what you got
» Being a girl is such a struggle.
» Believe in yourself
» Be patient.
» beyond tired
» blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
» Body has
» Bout to go to work on my head
» But ....
» But I CAN'T sleep.
» but i don't
» but I dont care
» but I don't understand
» But I don't want to waste your heart
» but i have to
» But I know I want you
» But I'll be patient.
» but I love it
» But I'm in a good mood today
» but im lazy
» But I'm not the only one
» but it's so true
» but nobody wants to die
» but then i remember
» but you don't care what they say about me
» but you don't want me to be with
» by the
» call me back
» Calm down.
i get paid today
Section Teaser
I read a book today
Section Teaser
working out*
Section Teaser
awwwwww =)
Section Teaser
I hate my life
Section Teaser
2 days and counting
Section Teaser
2 weeks
Section Teaser
3rd time today
Section Teaser
9 on me.
Section Teaser
A book
Section Teaser
About to get my food
Section Teaser
About to go down
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
After this song
Section Teaser
All In a Year
Section Teaser
All I want is...
Section Teaser
all night
Section Teaser
Always a new day
Section Teaser
Always right
Section Teaser
Always right
Section Teaser
am I?
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Among other things
Section Teaser
and a job.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
and i don't know
Section Teaser
And I'll be like
Section Teaser
And I'm out
Section Teaser
and i smile
Section Teaser
and just
Section Teaser
And my birthday
Section Teaser
And my boy
Section Teaser
And no he wasnt
Section Teaser
and only like to be
Section Teaser
and so I did...
Section Teaser
and they will pass
Section Teaser
And you know it
Section Teaser
And you're a slut.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
and you should
Section Teaser
ANy TiMe
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
are you for real
Section Teaser
are you okay?
Section Teaser
around me
Section Teaser
As I stop
Section Teaser
At work but not work
Section Teaser
Back From The Game
Section Teaser
Back to the woods.
Section Teaser
Bc I felt like it
Section Teaser
Bc I won't
Section Teaser
Because I love you
Section Teaser
Because I'm a pussy
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Been out of class
Section Teaser
Before I do
Section Teaser
be good enough
Section Teaser
Believe in yourself
Section Teaser
Be patient.
Section Teaser
beyond tired
Section Teaser
Body has
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But ....
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But I CAN'T sleep.
Section Teaser
but i don't
Section Teaser
but I dont care
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
but i have to
Section Teaser
But I know I want you
Section Teaser
But I'll be patient.
Section Teaser
but I love it
Section Teaser
but im lazy
Section Teaser
but it's so true
Section Teaser
but then i remember
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
by the
Section Teaser
call me back
Section Teaser
Calm down.
Section Teaser

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