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Welcome to The Conservative Statement! Conservatives and Republicans have been quiet for too long, its time to voice our opinions and make a statement.

Below you will find many t-shirts and bumper stickers with a conservative political message. Each of the designs are available on a variety of shirt styles and colors as well as bumper stickers, small stickers and magnets. Speak out!

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American Conservative

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit

A government big enough...

If you think healthcare is bad now, wait until the

Liberalism Just Doesn't Work

Jesus: the only real HOPE and CHANGE.

Its The Economy, Stupid!

Government grows, liberty decreases

No More Economic Stimulus

No More Economic Stimulus
No More Economic Stimulus
Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

I will defend my people

No Nationalized Healthcare

"Blah, blah, blah."
Does it really matter what Obama says?

Global Warming?  Don't believe the HYPE

Obama Lied, The Economy Died.

Hope? Change? No, just politics as usual.

Hope. Change. Lies!

ACORN: Vote 'til it hurts.

Guns, Religion, Babies

Karl Marx Never Drove a Vette!

Where is Obama's Legitimate Birth Certificate?

Legalize the Constitution

1st & 2nd Amendments!

1st & 2nd Amendments!
"clinging to their guns and religion"

Obama Lies, Freedom Dies

No Bailouts!

Blessed Nation

Respect The President

Pray for Obama


Stop Socialism



Don't blame me, I voted for Palin

Babies, guns, Jesus

Babies, guns, Jesus
Sarah Palin: babies, guns, Jesus


Palin Power!

Palin Power!
Palin Power!

Palin Rocks!

Palin Rocks!
Simply stated: Sarah Palin rocks!

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