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» The Christmas Shoppe
   » Santa thinks I'm sleeping
   » President Obama Christmas Ornaments
   » Take Brother
   » Take Sister
   » Just how good?
   » I can explain...
   » Save Santa a Trip
   » Official Present Opener
   » Three Stages of Christmas
   » *Toys Not Included
   » Bad Girls
   » Coal in stocking
   » Naughty List
   » Dear Santa
   » I don't need mistletoe
   » I got your mistletoe
   » Kiss This
   » Under the mistletoe
   » Christmas Ultrasound Ornaments
» The Attitude Shop
   » 0 to 49 in 60 years
   » Life Without Music
   » Lock up Your Daughters
   » Person of Interest
   » Occupied America
   » What is leg?
   » Wall Peels
   » Football made us friends
   » Prozac made us friends
   » Beer made us friends
   » Accepts reality
   » Oil Spill
   » Bumperstickers
   » My eyes are up here
   » Save the Whales
      » Whales with Fishing Boat
   » 0 to 29 in 40 years
   » Save the Planet...Chocolate
   » Save the whales
   » Shut up voices
   » Save the Planet...Beer
   » Real Women Eat Meat
   » You looked better
   » Not another learning experience
   » How many vegetables?
   » Let's not bore
   » Naughty And Nice
   » Crazy Family
   » Prison vs. Work
   » Don't make me use UPPERCASE!
   » Outta Bait Outta Beer
   » God Bless America
   » A Bad Day Fishing
   » Your Ex Is Cold
   » Bored to Death
   » Always In Trouble
   » Sex And Snow
   » Temptation
   » Love my Dog
      » Love my Dog (women's)
      » Love my Dog
      » J'aime mon chien (women's)
      » Love my Golden
      » Love my Golden (women's)
      » Love my Shih Tzu (women's)
      » Love my Shiba Inu
      » Love my Shiba Inu(women's)
      » Love my Rottweiler
      » Love my Scottie
      » Love my Scottie (women's)
      » Love my Dachshund (women's)
      » Love my Bulldog
      » Love my Bulldog (women's)
      » Love my Boxer
      » Love my German Shepherd
      » Love my St. Bernard
      » Love my Basset Hound
   » Bingo
   » Laugh At Your Problems
   » Off My Planet
   » Stupidity Not A Crime
   » Survival
   » Common Sense
   » Everyone hates you
   » Don't Go Home Drunk
   » Disguised as adult (women)
   » Disguised as adult (men)
   » 0 to 39 in 50 years
   » Not Your Bitch
   » Collecting Dust
   » Fishing Lure
   » MILF in training
   » Define Love
   » TGI Female
   » Pandora's Box
   » Train of Thought
   » Possessive Voices
   » Wake Me Up
   » Failure to Communicate
   » Sound Effects
   » In Your Dreams
   » Open to Suggestions
   » Computer Problems
   » Extreme Pressure
   » Made in the USA
   » Retired
   » Woman's Checklist
   » Football Season
   » Keeping Idiots Busy
   » What is your Mouth Doing?
   » One Night Stand
   » Can I Be You?
   » If You Can Read This
   » Multi-Tasking
   » Retired
   » It's your mother
   » Does not play well
   » I have a dream
   » I Don't Give a Damn
   » 100% Certifiable
   » Watch your lips move
   » Mood Swings
   » Bad Man Day
   » On the edge
   » B.A. in B.S.
   » I'm not trying to be difficult
   » Why buy the PIG
   » I look better
   » Ignorance is Bliss
   » Vaya con queso
   » Animals are made of meat
   » CIA Terrorist Busters
      » Coming Soon
      » Your tax dollar$ at work
   » I'm not fat
   » Commandments
   » Jesus loves you
   » Other shirt funny
   » So easy to annoy
   » You go, girl!
   » I'm cute
   » Nice person
   » Stay on the couch
   » Shut your mouth
» The Kids' Room
   » dos boobies
   » Cape on backwards
   » Lock up your daughters
   » Don't blame me
   » Call 1-800-Grandma
   » Heartbreaker
   » It's your mother
   » Boob Man
   » Future Mr. Right
   » Made in the USA
   » World does revolve
   » Someday I'm going to demand a pony
   » 0 to 60 in two cookies
   » Save My Planet
   » Big Man In Charge
   » Having a Bad Toy Day
   » Temptation
   » Love my Dog (for girls)
   » Love my Dog (for boys)
   » No Dating
   » Nobody Sleeps
   » Always In Trouble
   » I'm cute--let's put me in charge!
   » Dirty deeds
» Spades Shop
   » Spades League Admin
   » League Admin
   » King of Spades
   » Queen of Spades
   » Blind Nil
   » Flaming Spades
   » Nillin' Fool
   » Queen of Spades
   » Flaming Blind Nil
   » King of Spades
   » Set and Bag
   » Nil Killer
   » Nilaholic
   » Spades Tournament Host
   » I Love Cutthroat Spades
   » I Love Tournament Spades
   » Love Alternate Spades
   » To nil or not to nil
» Casino
   » The Poker Room
      » Donkey Farm
      » Donkey Heaven
      » Donkasaurus Pokerus
      » Bad Day At Poker
      » Seat Change
      » Poker Widow
      » But They Were Sooted
      » Too Lazy To Fold
      » Staring At My Stacks
      » Caveman Poker
      » Gun Beats 4 Aces
      » Reject Your Raise
      » Poker Evolution
      » River Rat
      » All your ace
      » Bad Beat U
      » All In
      » Omahalic
      » Got nuts?
      » Bluff This Donkey
      » i'm Damn Good
      » Texas Holdem
      » H.O.R.S.E.
      » Limit Texas Holdem
      » River Will Deliver
      » What part of RAISE...
      » Big Slick
      » No Limit Texas Holdem
      » Omaha Hi-Lo
      » Seven Card Stud
      » What kind of donkey play was that?
      » my lucky socks...
      » When Omaha wasn't cool
      » When donkeys were fish
      » Won Your Wife
      » Caution: On Tilt
      » I'm here For One Reason
      » I Got Your Money
      » Reject All Raises
      » Poker Princess
      » Poker Stud
      » Go Play Poker
      » Click and Pray
      » Check Raise
      » Dead Money
      » I am the dealer
   » Craps Lover
   » Slots Professional
   » Roulette
   » Bingo Card
   » Blackjack
» Pet Palace
» Greeting cards
   » Rocky Cliffs
   » Snowy Egret
   » Heron
   » Seagulls
   » Snow Tree
   » Flower reflections
   » Hummingbird

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The Dusty Zebra delivers what you're looking for!

We have a quirky (dare we say "warped"?) sense of humor, and it's all to your benefit! The Dusty Zebra caters to many different interests, from poker and spades to pets to babies and beyond. Our Attitudes section has something for almost every weirdo you know, and if it's not in there it just might be in our Christmas Shoppe this time of year.

There is also a sentimental side to The Dusty Zebra, which can be found in either our Custom Ultrasound Shop or our Greeting Cards. In Custom Ultrasound, we make your very own photos into lasting keepsakes, from Ultrasound Christmas Ornaments to custom baby shower invitations to t-shirts with that very special view of baby. Our Greeting Cards are a collection of beautiful nature photos, and if you'd like them customized for a particular occasion, just ask!

In fact, if there is anything your heart desires, just ask! Email TheDustyZebra @ and we will do our best to make your wishes come true.

Check back frequently--there's always something new at The Dusty Zebra!

The Christmas Shoppe

The Christmas Shoppe
Straight from Santa's Workshop to you, humorous Christmas designs for kids of all ages!

The Attitude Shop

The Attitude Shop
Let your shirt do the talking! Show an attitude to your friends, coworkers, or the stranger on the street. Humorous attire for the whole family.

The Kids' Room

The Kids' Room
Kids of all sizes, we have your attitudes right here! From "Lock up your daughters" to "Don't blame me, I just got here", a variety of humorous attire for babies, toddlers, boys and girls.

Spades Shop

Spades Shop
Spades players, this is what you've been looking for! Whether it's a cutthroat game or partners full of fun, we have designs for you.


All your favorite games!

Pet Palace

Pet Palace
All our designs for your four-legged friends!

Greeting cards

Greeting cards
A variety of cards for all occasions. Beautiful scenic photography on blank cards, or personalize your greeting--just email for more information!

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