» Time To Unzip Those Genetic Genes
» OMG Oh My God Periodic Table Elements
» Book Nerd Nerdy Glasses
» I Fit Into Most Stereotypes
» Will Code For Food
» Insert Coin To Play Arcade Video Game
» All About That Space, 'bout That Space
» Definition of Awesome You're Looking at it
» Fibonacci Sequence
» I'd Like to Double Your Entendre
» Leave Me Alone I'm Reading
» I'd Rather Be Video Gaming
» Oh My God Becky Look At Her Butt
» I'm Your Huckleberry Western Gun
» I'm a Fungi Fun Guy Mushroom
» American Flag National Anthem QR Code
» Thinking Loading Bar Please Be Patient
» African American Africa United States Flag
» So Full of Win Gauge
» So Full of Awesome Gauge
» My Kettlebells Are Huge Workout
» Have a Day Smiley Face
» This IS my Happy Face
» It's In The Syllabus
» Leet Haxor 1337 Computer Hacker
» It's Not a Coding Bug It's a Programming Feature
» Mom3 Mom Cubed Exponentially
» New York Versus Boston Rivals
» Nightmare Retro Toy Monkey
» I Turn Coffee Into Programming Code
» God and The Machine Hands
» May the Force (Mass x Acceleration) Be With You
» Player 2 Push Start
» For 2 Player Game Push start
» Touchdown Homerun Baseball Football Sports
» The Bowling Dude Abides
» I Like To Think Outside The Box
» Choose Wisely There Their They're Grammar
» Define Normal
» Game of College Graduation Loans
» Running Sucks
» Installing Muscles Please Wait Loading Bar
» The Book Was Better
» Apple Pie Pi Day
» Cute Cutie Pie Pi
» Shut Up by Music Notation
» Man Of Science
» I Wish Ctrl Z Worked in Real Life
» Ctrl Z Undo Last Night Please
» A Winner Is Me Fantasy Sports Bracket
» Happy Not A Father's Day
» MATH is Mental Abuse To Humans
» Wanna Taco 'Bout It?
» Metrognome Musical Metronome
» Dirty Censored Peeled Banana
» Hipster Ice Cube Was Water Before It Was Cool
» Haters Gonna Hate and Taters Gonna Tate
» I Already Want To Take A Nap Tomorrow
» Internet Is broken So I'm Outside Today
» Irony Definition The Opposite of Wrinkly
» This Is Me Not Caring
» I Call Bull Shirt
» Forward Slash Sarcasm Code
» So You're Saying There's a Chance?
» Halloween Trick Or Treat Beer
» I Pull Out Corkscrew
» Thanks Barack Obama
» Never Give Up On Your Stupid Dreams
» I'm Not Gay But 20 Dollars is 20 Dollars
» You Can't Scare Me I Have Two Daughters
» I'm A Nurse What's YOUR superpower?
» Everything Not Forbidden Is Compulsory
» Talk Nerdy To Me
» A Cute Acute Angle
» Spooning Leads To Forking Use Condiments
» Stop and Talk to the Hand
» Atoms They're All That Matter
» Now Vs Later and Later Wins
» I Put the PRO in Procrastination
» Space Helmet Astronaut Cat
» Space Helmet Astronaut Skull
» Breakfast Cereal Killer
» How Do I Block You in Real Life?
» 100% Effort at Work
» English Alphapbet ELEMENO Song
» Error 404 Boyfriend Not Found
» Error 404 Halloween Costume Not Found
» Bad Grammar Makes Me [sic]
» If You Met My Family, You Would Understand
» Science Teacher Chemical Elements
» Just Married, Under New Management
» Trust Me, I'm an Engineer
» Trust Me, I'm an Engineer
» Broken Internet Image Icon
» Veggie Vegetable Powered Vegetarian
» It's All Good With Gouda Cheese
» A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits
» Retired Teacher EVERY Child Left Behind
» Baby Daddy Baby Mama
» Come To The Dork Side We Have Pi
» Home Is Where The WIFI Connects Automatically
» Technically The Glass Is Always Full
» Vintage Wireless Cellular Phone
» FML? No, FYL. F YOUR Life.
» One Less Car Earth Friendly Bicycle
» I Don't Know Karate But I Do Know Crazy
» American Bald Eagle For Merica
» I Want To Believe in Aliens and UFOs
» Just Squirrely Things Squirrel
» Bearded For Your Pleasure
» This Is How I Sushi Roll
» This is What a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like
» This is What a Really Cool Grandma Looks Like
» Chocolate Candy Color Ball
» Stud Muffin
» Also Available In Sober
» The Time Is Beer 30
» Blink If You Want Me
» World's Best Cat Mom
» Golden Ratio Sacred Fibonacci Spiral
» Happy Golden Trophy Wife
» That's What She Said
» Ain't Nobody Got Time For That
» What's Your Sine Nerdy Pick Up Line
» Barack Obama Can't Take These Guns
» Video Game Heart Life Meter
» Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Hates Push Ups
» My Pen Is Huge
» You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take
» Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate
» I Heart My Students Teacher Love
» Just Horsing Around Horse
» I Teach What Is Your Superpower?
» People Struggle With Math Class
» United States Flag Paint Splatter
» Caution Prone to Sudden Outbursts of Song
» World's Okayest Dad
» World's Okayest Mom
» This is my Clone
» I Love Scranton Pennsylvania
» Captain Obvious Superhero
» Is This Real Life? Metaphysical Drunk
» I Just Support Fish Ichthys Symbol
» Feed Me Low Power Battery
» Chocolate Easter Bunny Rabbits Butt Hurts
» Love the Mother Earth Planet
» I Would Totally Download a Car
» To Save Time Let's Just Assume I Know Everything
» T-Shirt List of Ironic Things I Hate
» All Star Mathlete Math Athlete
» Its My Cats World - I Just Open Cans
» Real Unicorns Have Curves
» I Still Live With My Parents But Pay Rent
» What I Really Need Are Minions
» Chill Out Polar Bear
» Hoo Who Whom Grammar Owl
» National Chicks
» Never Forget Computer Floppy Disks
» I Used To Be Cool.
» Scientific Chocolate Element Theobromine Molecule
» Double Slit Light Wave Particle Science Experiment
» Always Plan Ahead
» I Have No Idea Why I'm Out Of Bed
» Warning - Don't Tell Me How To Do My Job
» I'm With The Noob Newbie
» Who Needs Hair With A Body Like This?
» In Dog Beers I've Only Had One
» The Computer Whisperer
» Depresso That Feeling you Get Without Coffee
» Didn't Use Algebra Once Today
» I Hate Being Bipolar It Is Awesome
» Irish I Were A Little Bit Taller St Patrick's Day
» Classy Sassy and a Bit Smart Assy
» If You Can't Say Something Nice, Be Devastating
» Hissfit Rebel Misfit Kitty Cat
» Lets Make Mistakes Together
» Funk As Druck
» Circular Reasoning Works Because It Does
» Laughing Iguana HeHe Lizard
» Religion Is Toxic Freethinker
» ASCII Unicode Sunglasses Deal With It
» I Will Love You FIVE-ever
» Party Like It's A Christmas Birthday
» If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy
» Pizza Slice - The Only Love Triangle I Want
» I Don't Know LOL
» I'm Silently Correcting Your Grammar.
» Long Live Dead Languages - Latin
» I Keep Pressing The Escape Key But I'm Still Here
» Left Handed Super Power
» Your Mom Invented The Trampoline
» Old Enough to Remember When Pluto Was a Planet
» Uncle: Like a Dad, Only Cooler
» Swole Cat is Kitten Swole
» Check Yourself Before You Wreck Your DNA Genetics
» I'm Not A Gym Rat I'm A Gym Unicorn
» Banana For Scale
» Vintage Online Gaming Vendor Buy Bank Guards
» The Puzzle of Love
» The Puzzle Of Life
» Stop Alcohol Racism Beer Equality
» Who is this person with unsolicited advice?
» Captured By Consumerism UPC Barcode Prison
» Push My Buttons Computer Keyboard
» Le French Fries from France
» Bro, Do You Even Ski Lift?
» Straight People Are Having Gay Babies
» Be Rational Get Real Imaginary Math Pi
» Becoming A Vegetarian Is A Huge Missed Steak
» When In Doubt Try Another Computer Port Hole
» This Is My Handstand Shirt
» Scientific Cow Goes Mu
» Protagonist Main Character Of Life
» Periodic Table Elemental Gold Fish
» Chicken Pot Pi (and I don't care)
» This Is How I Roll Baby Stroller
» Bigfoot Sasquatch Hide and Seek World Champion
» No Problem Llama
» Bob The Man The Myth The Legend
» This Is Where I Hide My Nipples
» Grandparents So Easy To Operate
» In Case Of Love, Break Glass and Use Brain
» You are Not Illiterate
» Paper Airplane Overactive Imagination
» Magical Unicorn Dairy Milk Cow
» Hands Heart Symbol United States American Flag
» Hashtag Swag Twerk Yolo
» I Don't Run. Something Is Probably Chasing Me.
» Moon In Space Vinyl LP Record
» Slow Sloth On A Fast Bike
» Birds Erupting of a Feather
» Hipster Gorilla With Glasses
» Best Wishes From Atomic Powered Toy Robot
» If Life Gives you Melons, You Might Be Dyslexic
» I Know Just Enough To Be Dangerous
» United States Hare Air Force Bunny
» T-Mex T-Rex Mexican Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur
» Heroic Warrior Knight Cat
» You're Entitled To Your Wrong Opinion, That's Fine
» Leave Me Alone I'm Only Speaking To My Cat Today
» Yo Momma Robot Joke - Mama Was A Snow Blower
» Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?
» You're Good. Get Better. Business Motivation
» Huffed and Puffed and Got Out of My Chair
» You Are Being Monitored
» Alcohol Confidence Dancing
» Work, Buy, Consume, Die - The Circle of Life
» Skeleton Living Inside You
» Dividing By Zero Is Not A Game
» Happy Harpy Birthday
» Rescue A Cat Save Nine Lives
» Panda Bear with 3D Glasses
» Vegetarian Stegosaurus Dinosaur
» Bacon and Eggs Rainbow
» Shocking Wall Outlet
» Flying Polar Bear with Birthday Balloons
» Gaydar Gay Rainbow LGBT Radar
» No Pants Are The Best Pants
» I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie
» The Meaning of Life A Sexually Transmitted Disease
» All Buff No Fluff Fat Hamster
» I Found This Humerus
» Hip Hip Hooray Programming Array
» Ah the Element of Surprise Periodic Element Symbol
» I Wear This Shirt Periodically
» Alcohol is a Solution
» Big Brother Santa Claus Is Watching You
» Extreme Hunting Karate Kick Deer
» Reverse Psychology
» I'm Sorry It's Just That I Literally Do not Care
» Falling R Shirt (Shit)
» Minimize Maximize Close Computer Internet
» The Squirrel Whisperer
» Inspire Inspirational Pi Symbol
» I'm Not Lazy, I'm Cat-Like
» I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious
» I Love Me Heart
» Drop the F Bomb
» tl;dr Too Long Didn't Read
» Guess What Chicken Butt
» Wicked Smart (Smaht) College
» If Only Closed Minds Came with Closed Mouths
» I Crossbow Zombies
» Ugly Narwhal Christmas Sweater
» Ugly T-Rex Dinosaur Christmas Sweater
» Respect The Beard
» There's a Name For People Without Beards... WOMEN
» Real Life
» She Wants the D Piano Music
» I'd Flex But I Like This Shirt
» I'd Wrap That In Bacon
» Dear Algebra Please Stop Asking Us To Find Your X
» I'm an Engineer I'm Good at Math
» Game Over New Baby for Parent
» I Spill Things Clumsy Goofy
» You're Overreacting Chemistry Science Beaker
» That's How I Roll Fantasy Gaming d20 Dice
» 21 Sided 21st Birthday D20 Fantasy Gamer Die
» It Is Your Birthday
» I'm Not Short I'm Fun Size
» Careful, or You'll End Up In My Novel Writer
» Real Men Love Cats
» I Like Turtles
» Santa Claus Dragon Rider Sleigh Ride
» I Went Outside Once. The Graphics Weren't Great.
» I Love My Worlds Best Husband Ever
» I Love My Worlds Best Wife Ever
» Te Amo Tequila Spanish Choice
» i has a flavor Kitty Cat
» Lorem Ipsum University College Alumni Dummy Latin
» Service Dog Working Please Do Not Touch
» Two Rules For Success Revealed
» I'm A Rotten Banana
» Great Moms Get Promoted To Grandma
» Great Dads Get Promoted To Grandpa
» I Say What Everybody Else Is Thinking
» That's What She Said Quote
» Golf I'd Tap That
» Engineer's Motto Can't Understand It For You
» I Mustache You a Question
» My Life Is Based on a True Story
» Dirty Sign Language Flash Cards
» Don't Do School Eat Your Drugs Stay In Vegetables
» I'm Hungary For Turkey (Hungry for Thanksgiving!)
» Hammer - This is Not a Drill
» Dolla Dolla Bill Yall Cash Money Dollars
» Giraffe With Steampunk Sunglasses Goggles
» Treble Maker Clef Musical Trouble Maker
» Aww Yiss Happy Aw Yes
» Fist Bump It
» Dead Snowman Melted Bottled Water
» I Shoot People Photography Camera
» Doge Very Wow Much Dog Such Shiba Shibe Inu
» I Heart Nerds
» Why Waste Time Say Lot Word When Few Word Do Trick
» Never Trust An Atom
» I'm Two Tired Too Tired Sleepy Bicycle
» That Cray Cray Crayfish Crustacean
» Milk Cow in Socks - Cowasocki Cow A Socky
» Pepperoni Pizza Love - A Serious Relationship
» In A Relationship With Your Mom
» Sad Unhappy Snowman Face Bah Humbug
» Actual Size
» As Seen In Real Life
» Bankrupt
» Dolphin Assault Cave
» I'm Your Huckleberry
» The Internet is for Cats
» Nerdy Linen Shirt
» Rick Roll QR Code
» This is Not a Drill
» Somnambulance
» Stop Hammer Time
» Suck It Trebek
» Where My Hose At
» Pirate Bay
» Broken Image
» Be Excellent to Each Other
» Rewear Rewear Rewear
» Damn You Fine
» Everyday I'm Pufflin
» More Cowbell
» Wanted Schrodingers Cat
» Futball Football Soccer
» Annyong My Name is Annyong
» Always 1620 Somewhere
» They Took Our Jerbs!
» Initech
» Reunite Pangea
» Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal
» Whats up, sexy?
» Straight Pride Rainbow
» Narwhalicorn Narwhal Unicorn
» You Like Boobies
» The Eh Team
» Circle of Trust (Trussed)
» Axial Tilt Reason Season
» Opti-Grab Glasses Handle
» You Mad Stylin on You
» Ninja Polymaths
» Save The Thesaurus
» True and False
» Censorship Ship Boat
» 50 Centaur
» In Case of Fire Use Stairs
» Loading Image
» High Stoned Catnip Cat
» Words on a Shirt
» Obsessive Compulsive Tally
» Greece Grease on my Shirt
» Game Over Man Game Over
» Dyslexia Daily Sex
» The Great Toilet Paper Debate
» Popsicle Ice Cream Pop Art
» Sex Tape Dispenser 69
» All the Cool Girls are Lesbians
» Kind of a Big Dill
» You've Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow
» Molar Bear Polar Bear
» House Kringle Santa Red Nosed Reindeer Sigil
» Horse Head Creepy Mask
» Free Shrugs Cardboard Sign
» Dial Up Dubstep Old School Modem
» Slide to Unlock
» Mustache Style Identification Chart
» Candy Cane Snake
» Sarcastic Comment Loading Scathing Riposte
» Paint Strokes Artistic Abstract Color Streaks
» Turned On Male and Female Switch and Socket
» Whatever Turns You On Gay Male Light Switch
» T-Rex Dinosaur Wrecking Ball
» Check Meowt Kitty Cat Meow
» Thank You Based God
» Totally Totes
» Bird School Which Is For Birds
» In A Relationship With Food
» Bacon Periodic Table Element Symbols
True and False T-Shirt

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True and False T-Shirt

Contradictions don't exist...or do they? Which statement is true? Which statement is false? You decide. More hilarious, funny designs like this at www.cafepress.com/the_shirt_yurt

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Product Number: 030-608804235
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Product Information
  • Quality short-sleeve crew-neck t-shirts, 100% pre-shrunk cotton (cotton/polyester blend for gray colors), heavy weight fabric for comfortable feel. Fit is unisex standard (size up in doubt)
  • Graphic tee designs are professionally printed, your unique design will look great. Make someone smile with funny, cute, vintage or expressive artwork
  • Treat yourself, or make this shirt the perfect gift on birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, or for no reason at all
  • Machine wash cold inside out with like colors, tumble dry low for easy care

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