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Starkville, MS
Member Since: 2007

I am standing so close to Cupid the sky is black with arrows. ; )

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Welcome to this collection of designs which are available on any of the products you see when you click each design.

Democrats Click Here

Democrats Click Here
Celebrate being Democrat
and show your pride.
This is also a great way to piss off
as well as piss on Republican'ts.

Green Party Folks Click Here

Green Party Folks Click Here
Celebrate being Greener than Green
and show your patriotic pride.
This is also a great way to piss off
as well as piss on
Democraps and Republican'ts.

Republicans Click Here

Republicans Click Here
Celebrate being Republican
and show your pride.
This is also a great way to piss off
as well as piss on Democraps.

Thirsty U.S.

American Bald Eagle

Free Tibet Now

Free Tibet Now
Protecting Liberty is more important
than ever before, Free Tibet Now
and Religous Freedom will follow.

Signs of a Recession

Economic Mechanics Needed

American Flag Embraced

Ripples of Freedom on the Wind

Ride Free

One Nation Under God

Free Wind Blowing

The Unkown Soldier

Never Lose Sight of Freedom

Never Lose Sight Of Freedom #2

Never Lose Sight Of Freedom #2
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Stars and Bars

By the Grace Of God

Backlit Stars & Stripes

Fourth of July Fireworks

Vintage Boy Scouts / WWII

U.S. Dollar/Flag

A Fluffy Patriotic Day

Illuminated Freedom

State Capitals

American Style Politics

Country Flag


Nixon Vs Kennedy Debate

Stars & Bars & Lady Liberty (Back)

Great Bald Eagle #1

Great Bald Eagle #2

Golden Gate Bridge

Good Ole George

USA Pool

We all want our Piece (Blue)

We all want our piece (Red)

We All Want Our Piece

Is Justice Blind?

Justice in the US Legal System

Capitol Building in Spring

Flag And Capital Dome

Capitol Dome

Nation Without Borders . . .

Republicans love July 4th

Fuck Those Russkies

Fuck Those Pinkos

Parade Route

Heavy Weight of Freedom

Never Trust a Pinko!

Mount Rushmore


Pimp Reagan

Iwojima Blazing Glory

You can't trust the government!

Early Parade Float

Ron Paul

Support American Farmers

Forever is Memorial Day

Barriers to Freedom

Economic Responsiblity

Ben Franklin


A Beautiful Day

Proud Bare Freedom

Ecomonic Puzzle

Illegal Immigration

Buy American Steel

Reflection Broken

American Box Office

Farm America's Freedom

Blackbeard's Castle

Barack for Bourgeois

Craps & Can'ts

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