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Starkville, MS
Member Since: 2007

I am standing so close to Cupid the sky is black with arrows. ; )

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Sit, Meditate, & Be happy. Rub your own Budha on your own belly while in one of these shirts!

Jolly Budha (Rub My Belly)

Jolly Budha (Rub My Belly)
Click on My Belly to see more products

Indoor Golden Budha

Reddish Stone Budha Meditating

Gold Budhas Meditating

Stone Budha Looking East

Indoor Electric Budha

Gray Stone Budha Meditating

Stone Budha Head

Row Of Budhas Meditating

Japanese Budha Meditating Eastward

Giant Outdoor Budha

Monk and Stone Budha

Gold Budha Greeting

Giant Outdoor Stone Reclining Budha

Budha Motif

Stone Outdoor Meditating Budha

Bronze Budha Meditating

Golden Budha Meditating

Golden Budha Shrine

Budha's Meditation Garden

Indoor Golden Budha Temple

Buddist Shrine

Stone Budhas Meditating

Head of Golden Budha Reclining

Golden Meditating Budha Shrine

Giant Golden Budha Shrine

Giant Golden Budha Head

Prayer at the Shrine

Buddist Temple

Golden Budha Temple

Budha by Candle Light

Jolly Budha

Bronze Budha Statue

Giant Bronze Budha Shrine

Budha Blue Sky

Bronze Budha Meditating East

Golden Budha on the Horizon

Golden Budha Shrine

Bronze Budha Meditating East #2

Giant indoor Budha Shrine

Stone Budha in the Grass

Budha Mediatating in the Grass

Budha Meditating in the Grass #2

Giant Outdoor Budha Greeting

Giant Outdoor Budha Greeting #2

Giant Outdoor Budha Greeting #3

Giant Outdoor Budha Greeting #4

Giant Budha Mediataing on Roof (H)

Giant Budha Meditating on Roof (V)

High Relief Budha W/ Fresco

High Relief Budha W/ Fresco

Reclining Stone Budha Head

Simple Buddist Shrine

Budha W/ Gold Fingers

Golden Budha Shrine #2

Chinese High Relief Budha

Row of Stone Budhas Meditating

Row of Golden Meditating Budhas

Stone Budhas Meditating in a Row

Golden Buddha of Joy

Row Of Gold Buddhas

Stone Budha Statue

Jolly Buddha Statue

Sunny Buddist Shrine

Buddha W. Halo Fresco

Buddha The Healer

Stone Budha in Meditation

Mediatating Golden Budha Shrine

Golden Budha Meditating

Golden Budha Meditating In Shrine

Golden Budha Reclining

Row of Stone Budhas Mediatating

Row Of Illuminated Stone Buddas

Golden Buddha Shrine w/ Offerings

Shrine of Giant Stone Buddha Meditating

Shrine of Giant Stone Buddha Meditating (H)

Buddist Praying

Children's Buddist Temple

Tree Hugging Buddha

Trees Hugging Buddha's Head

Giant Gold Buddha Shrine

Buddist Motif In High Relief

Stone Buddha Bathing in Sunlight

Monkey Whispers to Buddha

Stone Buddha Meditating

Buddist Lotus Garden

Buddist Lotus Garden #2

Ornate Buddist Door In Gold Relief

Red Carpet Gold Buddha

Bejewled Buddha

Gold & Jeweled Buddha

Buddha Head Incased In Tree Trunk

Stone Buddha Meditating

Giant Gold Buddha at Mountain

Giant Golden Buddha Monument

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