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Starkville, MS
Member Since: 2007

I am standing so close to Cupid the sky is black with arrows. ; )

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From bad hair days to sperm swimming up stream . . . no one knows you clicked here, so laugh with me or @ me . . . : )

1st Attempt @ Flight

Family Humor

Monkey See, Monkey Like

Super Dogs

Super Dogs
Who can resist the love?

Change My Diaper, I dare you

Go Ahead, Change My Diaper

Hot Dog Happy

Hot Dog Cool


...Ask a whale, indian, or farmer.

Tickle Mr. Pickle

Moth Man's Antennae

Listen to God. . .

I can see you!

Torture Dog Breeders

Gimme A Kiss

Please, Someone Shoot Me!

God Please Kill Me!

Let's Get Screwed

Billie Jo

Lets Get Hammered

Save Ferris

Get Well Ferris

This Empress Wear Hemp

Trust Is Love

Baby Einstein

This Emperor Wears Hemp

Nudist Emperor's Club

Ganja Brownies & Milk

Naughty Santa

Maple Leaf Doughnut

New Canada

Beerst Friends

Guess What? Chicken Butt!

Guess What? Chicken Butt!

Eye Patches

Fuck Waterboarding

Howitzer 38SPL

Just Don't Tickle Me


I Heart Disk Golf

I Heart Disk Golf
I love disk golf is for the disk PDGA golfer in every dignified golfer.


Live Wild Boot Naked

Quit Stairing At My Tits

Quit Stairing At My Tits

You Are Getting Horny

You will buy me things.

You Will buy Me Drinks.

These Count as Lifting Heavy Machinery

This is a Mine Field

Turtle Soup Is Murder!

In case of Fire

Do Not Read This

Eat More Tofu

I Have Mad Tao Disease

I Make 'Shrooms

What Dolphins Really Sqeak!

Don't Eat Me . . . I make 'Shrooms

I Spent All Day On My Hair

I spent all day on my hair

I spent all day on my hair 3

THIS is a good hair

I resent being compared to Bush

Woody's Gimme More

Abby Hoffman's Child

Woody's Keep 'em Comin'

Open Up And Smile!

I am not a real doctor . . .

I am a Gynocomitrist

I am a Gynogologist

Brains: The Original Zombie Food

Mr. Turtle says…

The War Room!

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