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The promise in Stem Cell therapy (also known as SCNT, or Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer) lies simply in taking cells from a patient's own body and creating stem cell cultures (not organs or babies) matching that patient's genetic code. In this way, flexible medical treatment may be possible without risk of auto-immune rejection. With proper research, SCNT has the capability to soon play a crucial role in the treatment of degenerative diseases, spinal cord injuries and even cancers.

SCNT research into what is also called therapeutic cloning has been endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences and the American Medical Association. Two thirds of Americans support the research that scientists are ready to initiate.

But George W. Bush and politicians in Washington continue to stand in the way of science, medicine and public opinion. If Mr. Bush gets his way, countless doctors will face the choice of going to jail or forsaking the patients who need them the most.

For the majority of Americans who agree that somatic cell transfer research ought to be allowed to proceed, we are proud to offer the following items so you can show your public support.

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