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      » My Heart is Made of Bacon
      » My Heart Belongs To Bacon
      » I Heart Bacon
      » Bacon Heart
   » Bacon Heart and Crossbones
   » Bacon Star
      » Rock star runs on Bacon
      » Bacon Super Star
      » Bacon Rock Star
      » Bacon Star
   » Mobius Strip of Bacon
      » Never ending bacon
      » Wrap it in Bacon!
      » Tasty Math
      » mmm...mmm...math
      » Mobius Strip of Bacon
   » Bacon Pi
   » Bacon Cross
      » Blessed Bacon
      » Let there be bacon!
      » Jesus Died
      » Bacon Cross
   » Bacon Quotes
      » Why I'm not a vegetarian
      » Why you're not a vegetarian
      » Bacon Definition
      » I run on bacon
      » Will strip for bacon strips!
      » Sarah Hepola
      » Bacon Love Quote
   » Nature's Candy
      » Nature's Candy
      » Nature's Candy with Whacky Font
      » Meat Candy Bar
   » Bacon Weave
   » Sheet of Bacon
   » Pork Diagrams
      » Tasty List
      » All the good parts
      » It's all good!
      » Cuts of Pork with Numbers
      » Cuts of Pork with List
      » Cuts of Pork
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   » Anonymous Suit
   » Anonymiss Suit
   » Anonymiss Suit with Pink Lapels
   » Anonymous Suit with Question Mark as a Head
   » Anonymiss Suit with Question Mark Head
   » The Legion of Anonymous
   » Anonymous is One of Many
   » Guy Fawkes Mask
   » Guy Fawkes Mask Stencil
   » Break Glass in Case of Revolution: Emergency Guy F
   » Guy Fawkes Mask under a Hooded Sweatshirt
   » Legion of Anonymous Guy Fawkes
   » Anonymous Guy Fawkes as Uncle Sam
   » Anonymous Guy Fawkes as Uncle Sam Inverted
» Periodic Table of Elements
   » Classic Period Table of Elements
   » Period Table of Elements in classic science class
   » Periodic Bacon
» Math and Science Jokes
   » Are you an imaginary number?
   » Imaginary and Irrational Numbers
» Quotes of Wisdom
   » Cognito Ergo Sum in a Thought Bubble
   » Cognito Ergo Sum - I think, therefore I am
   » Cognito Ergo Sum
» Digital Art and Photo Manipulation
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   » Commando Penguin
   » Doctor Drip
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Some products look better with horizontal bacon, while others look better when the bacon is vertical. However, like most bacon related things, most of the look great either way! So pick your favorite!

Single Strip of Bacon Horizontal

Single Strip of Bacon Vertical

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