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I Can See Russia from My House!
Sarah Palin 2012 Republican Logo
Classic Palin 2012 Baseball Style
Palin 2012 Moose
Barracuda Palin in 2012
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Anti Obama T-Shirts

Anti Obama themed shirts, sweatshirts and more!

Not an Obama kind of guy or gal, or know someone that isn't? These t-shirts tell it like it is. Should we impeach Obama (yes!) Should we call him the Communist in Chief because of his socialist-like political ways? (yes!) You'll find these Anti Obama t-shirts funny, entertaining, and best of all, they'll make a point. No more Obama!

Anyone But Obama

Anyone But Obama
Dissatisfied with the current regime? Don't for stagnant sameness, vote for real change! Anyone but Obama, that is.

Liberal Health Care

Liberal Health Care
Liberal health care as explained on this t-shirt. Another freebie handed out taxpayers' expense?

Anti Obama Health Care

Anti Obama Health Care
Free health care? Now that's scary! A spooky thought of Universal health care on this anti Obama design.

Anti Obama Hopeless

Anti Obama Hopeless
Is it hopeless with Obama in office? Show your dissatisfaction with Obama on these shirts!

Anti Obama Bumper Stickers

Anti Obama Bumper Stickers
Anti Obama bumper stickers for those that can't stand the new President's actions and policies!

Anti Obama Health Care

Anti Obama Health Care
Keep the socialist changes in health care Obama is proposing out! Show your opposition with this Anti Obama design.

Impeach Obama

Impeach Obama
Impeach Obama! Is he Communist? Socialist? Show off your anti Obama-ness with this radical shirt.

Jews Against Obama

Jews Against Obama
Jewish people in Israel have been very dissatisfied with Obama's recent suggested imposements of building in the West Bank!

Obama Communist in Chief

Obama Communist in Chief
Yes, we can be a Communist nation! Obama has made some socialist moves, call him out with Communist in Chief tee!

Funny Anti Obama

Funny Anti Obama
A best seller! This funny McCain (anti Obama) design features a little Republican humor for the election. Find it on buttons, hats, stickers, shirts, sweatshirts and more here!

Anti Obama Economy

Anti Obama Economy
Thanks Obama! As the economy collapses, Obama asks "did I do that?"

Anti Obama Elephant

Anti Obama Elephant
A funny anti Obama design featuring a Republican themed elephant chomping the Obama logo.

Obama What a Turkey!

Obama What a Turkey!
An Anti Obama turkey.. just what everyone wants for Thanksgiving! For some reason his face looks perfect on this bird.

Waving the White Surrender Flag

Waving the White Surrender Flag
Sarah Palin's recent comments regarding the "white flag of surrender" and the war in Iraq during the Vice Presidential were quite memorable. Find this design on shirts, hats, stickers and more here!

Find some of the coolest Sarah Palin t-shirts on the web right here from SideSplitters! This store is now home to some of the best Palin 2012 shirts and gear found anywhere. Endorse your candidate of choice with unique t-shirts, gifts, Palin sweatshirts, onesies, Palin bumper stickers, and everything else Sarah Palin here!
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