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This is one of those designs that people with either get, or not. It may take a bit of explaining, but we think the satirical play on pop culture makes a strong statement about Obama's true political bent... FAR LEFT!
"Who's in your Five" is the title of this latest design. This satirical collage is meant to poke fun at the youth of today who are clamoring to jump on the Obama bandwagon. By "five", we mean the five most important contacts that young people keep in their various communication devices. In today's youth culture, it is really important who is in their five. So, we figured that we'd speculate on just who Barack Obama has in in his five.
It's seems simple to us, so here goes. We figure that numero uno is Reverend Jeremiah Wright. We don't buy that speech where he appeared to throw the fiery anti American preacher under the bus. It was politics, pure and simple. At number two is Senator Ted Kennedy. Need we say more? Coming in at number three is Louis Farrahkan. Farrakhan said the "Obama is the hope of the world". Is it any wonder that he would be in Obama's five? Moving on to numbers 4 and 5, we think that Obama has Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in there. After all, he has said that he would talk to anyone without precondition, so it makes sense he might have their numbers handy. Enjoy!

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