» Man its a crazy world
» Patience is not my forte
» Can i have a penny for my birthday?
» I hate having to work with you
» Staying around nothing but uppity white folk i ...
» I'm happy :]
» X-mas is almost here kiddies. Make sure you wo ...
» I'm so excited for winter break..
» I'm really hungry, my diet must be workin ...
» I've been asked "can you cook?" ...
» I remember having a drink with vegetables in i ...
» She's next.
» About to do something stupid. You'll be m ...
» You should dream of me :)
» I found the orange juice, it was hiding in the ...
» I just had unprotected sex with a stranger. b ...
» are you serious?
» I'm not crazy, I only keep calling you ca ...
» In a few years, 50 babies 50 states. Like it?
» when i woke up i was missing $380 from my bank ...
» yeah, but that could mean anything in Denmark.
» I used a bag of wine as a pillow last night.
» Tonite tequila might call you
» i have a strong urge to join the asians in the ...
» I did the walk of shame to another booty call
» If you were a Panda and I were a Koala and we ...
» If I had a sex resume I'd get tons of jobs.
» So I had sex in the woods... it was just as di ...
» i either just vomited on a lesbian or a small boy
» No, computers are like whores. moody bitches t ...
» I'm dying. Please wear something slutty t ...
» im drinking this country out of the recession.
» WTF. you left me with no condoms and you ate a ...
» I just watched a guy get turned down by a pros ...
» my mouth tastes like poor choices
» I want to give you a handjob with my mouth.
» Do you think they could tell I was high on tha ...
» Whatever I can do to help stimulate the economy
» So how did finding that girl you know on GGW go?
» That's what you get when you play shuffle ...
» Is this bird reliable bc I don't wanna be ...
» we don't know. we ran out of oranges.
» I'll buy you a vibrator, we can get marri ...
» I'm wearing a childsize birthday hat and ...
» mutual masturbation is only cool if cash money ...
» Regardless thnx for trying to help out, I real ...
» her voice is like 435,765 daggers being simult ...
» i hope you realize when i said grib earlier i ...
» The first thing on our $10,000 damage bill was ...
» I'm so fucking centered right now
» In the future we'll all be gay
» GAY or at the very least bisexual.
» Reminder- he's a douche bag. A big one.
» I met a girl last nite that charged by the inc ...
» it's like you attract all the douchebags ...
» Pretty sure I don't. One night stands are ...
» self-loathing.
» We saw some woman wearing leather pants. It wa ...
» Question: why is there a dildo glued to my kit ...
» the drag queen on stage looks like shes wearin ...
» Is it morally objectionable to repay my debt t ...
» should have blown me.
» i feel like im doing the pre-walk of ...
» yep! most awkward part is that i was a few fee ...
» You don't understand. I'm not like you.
» it actually wasnt that awkward...i planned on ...
» Someone wrote that you're a whore in one ...
» what a beautiful fairy tale
» ...well that sucks.
» I threw up under water while wearing a hockey ...
» kindergarten is hard when you're hung over.
» I am the king of creep.
» Me liking this guy is the best diet ever. Do I ...
» question: from what angle do you give a hand j ...
» we couldnt find her phone in the morning so i ...
» operation beaches make me wet is a go
» Well, emily woke up in Hoboken, cati woke up i ...
» Stone age, man.
» If I die, please delete the word file entitled ...
» between no blow jobs for the rest of his life, ...
» 2 months
» 4 more
» 9 on me!
» About to call my mommy
» About to get my day started
» About to go back to sleep
» about to just go to sleep
» About to just go to sleep
» About to take a nap
» Accept what you are.
» Acting like you've been in the game
» After 9
» After all that we had
» aint got no time for a hater
» Ain't nobody
» All for no reason.
» All i see is me .
» all is why
» all of me is all for you
» All of them
» All the same
» All this beer
» all three of you
» Alone with just my thoughts
» A lot to do..
» A lot to do..
» Always have
» A Mind
» And everything reminds me of you
» and Friends
» And goodbye.
» And I don't feel good at all
» And I feel so bad about it
» And I hate how much I love you
» and i hope you know
» and i'll make sure you get what you deserve
» And I miss you.
» and I sUCK
» And it's hard to learn
» And maybe some chocolate
» And people they don't understand.
» And that's enough
» And that was it
» And the next week
» And today was fun
» And you know that
» Another day of being home alone
» Anyone up
» a quick
» Are you dumb
» As if you have a choice
» as long as there
» a smile in my face is what I don't like
» As real as it gets
» At least I got to see you
» Attempting To Start This Essay
» “Attitude is a little thing that
» baby you the best
» Back in the game
» back in the hood.
» Back to bed
» Bacon or bacon
» bad start
» Balance it all out
» bc I don't know if it's just me or what
» Be a blessing
» because i dont
» Because I would want someone to do that for me
» Because of you ~
» bed now
» Before I do anything
» Believe that
» be proud of who you are
» Best In The World
» be the change
» Better be me
» Birthday is in a day :)
» Bitch, I need money.
» Booty call
» Boredom is probably the worst thing ever
» Bout to go out again
» Bout to smoke a facial
» bout to take a nap
» Bus is boring
» But I don't need the same
» But I fucking love it
» but i guess.
» But I have to pee.
» but i love the rest of you
» But I'm hungry.
» But i might
» but i'm just a know it all
» But im so sleepy
» But I'm Sure,
» But I really don't wanna
» But I still don't know why
» But I wanna be in love.
» but i wish I had my car
» But one day you will
» But what if I tell you too much
» But who am I to judge
» but who knows
» by far in the worst mood
» calm down
» Came home upset
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Man its a crazy world
Section Teaser
I'm happy :]
Section Teaser
She's next.
Section Teaser
are you serious?
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
should have blown me.
Section Teaser
...well that sucks.
Section Teaser
Stone age, man.
Section Teaser
2 months
Section Teaser
4 more
Section Teaser
9 on me!
Section Teaser
About to take a nap
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Accept what you are.
Section Teaser
After 9
Section Teaser
After all that we had
Section Teaser
Ain't nobody
Section Teaser
All for no reason.
Section Teaser
All i see is me .
Section Teaser
all is why
Section Teaser
All of them
Section Teaser
All the same
Section Teaser
All this beer
Section Teaser
all three of you
Section Teaser
A lot to do..
Section Teaser
A lot to do..
Section Teaser
Always have
Section Teaser
A Mind
Section Teaser
and Friends
Section Teaser
And goodbye.
Section Teaser
and i hope you know
Section Teaser
And I miss you.
Section Teaser
and I sUCK
Section Teaser
And that's enough
Section Teaser
And that was it
Section Teaser
And the next week
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
And today was fun
Section Teaser
And you know that
Section Teaser
Anyone up
Section Teaser
a quick
Section Teaser
Are you dumb
Section Teaser
as long as there
Section Teaser
As real as it gets
Section Teaser
baby you the best
Section Teaser
Back in the game
Section Teaser
back in the hood.
Section Teaser
Back to bed
Section Teaser
Bacon or bacon
Section Teaser
bad start
Section Teaser
Balance it all out
Section Teaser
Be a blessing
Section Teaser
because i dont
Section Teaser
Because of you ~
Section Teaser
bed now
Section Teaser
Before I do anything
Section Teaser
Believe that
Section Teaser
Best In The World
Section Teaser
be the change
Section Teaser
Better be me
Section Teaser
Bitch, I need money.
Section Teaser
Booty call
Section Teaser
Bout to go out again
Section Teaser
bout to take a nap
Section Teaser
Bus is boring
Section Teaser
But I fucking love it
Section Teaser
but i guess.
Section Teaser
But I have to pee.
Section Teaser
But I'm hungry.
Section Teaser
But i might
Section Teaser
But im so sleepy
Section Teaser
But I'm Sure,
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But one day you will
Section Teaser
But who am I to judge
Section Teaser
but who knows
Section Teaser
calm down
Section Teaser
Came home upset
Section Teaser

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