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Webmasters, are you tired of having empty advertising space on your websites? Are you tired of trying to figure out how muchto charge potential advertisers and then not having them renew after a month? Well now you can put your ad space to better use! Right Things is the PREMIRE source on the net for Conservative, Right Wing, Republican, Anti-Liberal and Political T shirts & Gifts.  Since 1997 we have been producing Political T-shirts that strike fear in the hearts of liberals.  In 2003 we opened Right Things - our online store in association with Cafepress.  Now, you can make money by becoming an affiliate and selling our products!  Cafepress has just released its new affilate program and you can sign up and get your own PID!   You don't need to stock anything.  Just follow the directions below to link to this site from your own website and start earning money today!

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If you need further help setting up your affiliate link email Jeff @

Why should you link directly to Right Things?  Because our products and designs are absolutely second to none!  Our products do not get returned except by someone that accidentally ordered the wrong product!  Quality is not an issue with Right Things.  Link to other Cafepress shops and well ... you take your chances!  Sure CafePress has over 2.5 MILLION members but do you know how many of those generate enough sales to get paid every month?  Far less than 1%!  Since Right Things became fully operational in September of 2003 it has generated enough sales to get not only a check but also be in the volume BONUS with each month that passes.  So why would you want to associate with some store that has limited selection and doesn't generate sales?  That's why Right Things is your best choice for affiliating your conservative right wing web site with.

In fact we've made this so easy for you that we have even designed the graphics you can use to use to help entice sales!  Just click on one of the following and download it for use on your own site!  Then use the link code above with your own PID to start generating income without having to lift a finger.

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Note: Land of the Free Studios Inc. and The Right Things DOES NOT guarantee that you will generate enough sales to get paid each month!  Whether or not you get a check from cafepress is dependant solely on your own performance, how many visitors your site receives and how many sales you generate.


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