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» Religion/Philosophy
   » New Section
» Reality
   » Child Support
» Photographer
» Latino Pride
» Whitehouse Beer Joint
» Whitehouse
» Texas
» 420
   » 420_01
   » 420_02
   » 420_03
   » 420_04
» Animals&Critters
» One_Smart
» Humor
   » Lesbian
   » Welcome USSA
   » Bipolar Female
   » Chateau le hell up
   » Come to Work
   » DejaMoo
   » Blame-Fault
   » Pull My Hair
   » Go to Hell
   » Relationships
   » Christmas Teeth
   » Shut Up!
   » Pee Laugh
   » Runs with Beer
   » Farts
» Addictions
   » Smoke Cigar
   » Hunt Animals
   » Tractor Pulls
   » I Grill
   » Drink Beer
   » Airplanes
» Bad Economy
» Stick Figure Graphics
   » Fun in the Sun
   » Party Time
» Homeland Security
» Freeze Frame
   » Moon
» Gun Control Stuff
   » To Bear Arms
   » Rights Fight
   » Guns & Matches
   » Love Gun Control
   » Assault Behavior
   » Don't Shoot
   » Know Guns
   » Gun's Enemies
   » Killed No One
   » Second Amendment
   » Liberty vs. Security
   » Know Your Rights
   » Free Men
   » Guns cause Crime
   » Guns - Swords
   » Gun Control
   » Point and Click
   » A gun in the hand
   » Armed vs. Unarmed
   » Been there Drank That
   » Drunk Floor
   » Alcoholics Plus
   » Out of Alcohol
   » Drink Much
   » Evils of Drinking
   » Bartender
» Cocaine2
» Cocaine1
» Global Warming
   » Pisces
   » Aquarius
   » Capricorn
   » Sagittarius
   » Scorpio
   » Libra
   » Virgo
   » Leo
   » Cancer
   » Gemini
   » Taurus
   » Aries
» Darwin Awards
   » Natural Laws
   » Illegals
   » USA
   » Army
   » Navy
   » HAARP
   » United We Stand
   » Support our Troops
   » Sexy Barcode
   » China
   » Sexual
   » Elbow Grease
   » USA Barcode
   » Celtic Design I
   » Celtic Design II
   » Celtic Design III
   » Celtic Design IV
   » Celtic Design V
   » Celtic Design VI
   » Celtic Design VII
   » Celtic Design VIII
   » Celtic Design IX
   » Celtic Design X
   » Celtic Design XI
   » Celtic Design XII
   » Celtic Design XIII
   » Celtic Design XIV
   » Celtic Design XV
   » Helen Thomas
   » Colts
   » Saints
   » Burned
   » HurricaneBill
   » Pluto
   » Cash For Clunkers
   » Reptilian Brain
   » Hillary
   » OJ
   » NaginGov
   » Stay Home
   » Immigration I
   » Immigration II
   » Track iPod
   » Rumsfeld Left Bldg
   » Press to Test...
   » GPS Kid Track
» Pentagram
   » Sofa King Gay
   » Lesbian Geek
   » Kiss Girls
   » Kiss Boys
   » Rainbow Saying
   » Rainbow Outline Logo
   » Rainbow Houston
   » Rainbow Dallas
   » Rainbow Chicago
   » Rainbow New York
   » Rainbow Liquor
   » Rainbow Master
   » Rainbow Leather
   » Rainbow BDSM
   » Rainbow Proud
   » Rainbow Triangle
» Bears
» Black T-Shirts
   » Eclipse Black
   » Eclipse
   » Twisted Predator
   » Nucking_Futz_2
   » Nucking Futz
   » New Section
   » Cellphones
   » Miserable Without
   » Funeral Approve
   » Dont_Cell
   » Latino II
   » Latino I
   » Not an Office
   » Started with Nothing
   » Pretend to Work
   » Throw a Stick...
   » Off My Planet
   » ESAD
   » Quicherbichen
   » Alimony
   » Got Stupidity?
   » Bug Off!
   » Don't be sexist!
   » It's Really Cute...
   » Grow Up/Old?
   » Dance on Air
   » To Live For...
   » From Nothing
   » Keep Talking...
   » Form Attachment
   » Remarks Cage
   » Outstanding in Field
   » There's Nothing I...
   » Number One Book
   » Impersonation
   » I love you...
   » Three Wise Men
   » Go Die Somewhere
   » Machinist
   » Writer
   » Bartender
   » Plumber
   » Cubicle Dweller
   » Chemists Table
   » Chemists
   » I'm the owner!
   » Web Developer
   » Nurse
   » Nurse II
   » Nurse III
   » Retail Specialist
   » Lawyer
   » Trucker
   » I do it...
   » Cats
   » Understanding
   » Don't Care at All
   » Death Penalty
   » AmateurPro
   » Older I Get
   » Take it Slow
   » Bondage II
   » Bondage I
   » Live Together
   » Parental Advisory
   » Personal Space
   » HIGH School
   » Life is Short
   » Define Boyfriend
   » Define Girlfriend
   » Schere, Messer...
   » Ebonics
   » Big_Monogamy
   » Your Village Called
   » Garden Club Called
   » For Bloggers
   » Bad Mood Grouch
   » Cat Haters
   » Do More
   » Wasted Makeup
   » Yourself at Home
   » Whose Kids?
   » Don't Bother Me
   » People Person
   » Stop Snitchin'
      » Snitchin 3
      » Snitchin 2
      » Snitchin 1
   » Snow Sex
   » Menace
   » LSD
   » Scan Me Baby
   » Smoke More
   » No Spanish
   » Hip Replace
   » Work is Great
   » 24 / 7
   » Edible
   » Snow Like Sex
   » Spank Therapy
   » MooGooGuyPan
   » Sellout
   » Spare change
   » A Handle on Life
   » Guys / Gals Service
   » Would Be Funny
   » Fight Crime!
   » Voices are Talking
   » Macho
   » Blunt & Tactless
   » Live Forever
   » Married by Judge...
   » Bad Luck Mirror
   » Office Goddess
   » No Health Food...
   » Exercise Thoughts
   » Getting Old...
   » Insanity Relaxation
   » I love you, you love...
   » Three Wise Men
   » Go Die Somewhere
   » Arkansas Girls
   » Oklahoma Girls
   » New Jersey Girls
   » Pedro
   » Ahead Normal
   » West Virginia
   » Judge Gas Chamber
   » Morning Spanking
   » Don't Mind Pain
   » Don't Care
   » To a man's heart
   » Know how Feel
   » Cute but Psycho
   » It's About Me!
   » Not You Again!
   » Like Dog
   » Like Cat
   » Not Perky
   » Hate Morning
   » Dumb People
   » I don't care!
   » Why are you here?
   » Raising Kids
   » Tell Me Again
   » Silence is Golden
   » Sofa King Tired
   » Prescription Think
   » Women: Shaven
   » Earth is Full
   » Pants Point
   » To Virgins:
   » Responsible Adult
   » Supersticious
   » Ate All of Her
   » BootyCamp
   » How Can I Miss You
   » Live Free or Die
   » Pee in Pools
   » Marines
   » Satan
   » Cherish
   » Excuses
   » Rude Insignificant
   » Thankless Karma
   » France
   » Psycho
   » Young and Stupid
   » Talent & Vision
   » Reality
   » Your Problem
   » Relationships
   » Laughter
   » Made in USA
      » Train of Thought
   » Got Nitro
      » Chemistry Kiss
      » Chemistry Love
      » Chemistry Between
   » Spank Mugs
   » Divorce2
   » Divorce1
   » Women
   » Welcome to USA
   » You Sunshine I
   » You Sunshine II
   » 18 Wheel Truckers
   » Aliens See
   » Icup
   » Icup 2
   » Attic
   » Horticulture
   » Good Girls Go...
   » Traction Puller
   » Tractor Puller II
   » Pullers Power
   » We're Pullers
   » Czechmate
   » C+ Students...
   » Anarchy Logo
   » Church - Stay in bed
   » PhD
   » Miranda Rights-Police
   » Between Iraq & a Hard Place
   » Be Good, or...
   » Aight!
   » Alcoholics & Drunks
   » Anti-Smoking
   » A Plus Certified
   » Bikes
   » Beer Breakfast
   » Caveat
   » Charlie Foxtrot
   » Chief Cook
   » Could have told you...
   » Chemtrail Watcher
   » Chocolate is Forever
   » Chocolate Hurricane
   » Chocolate New Orleans Capitol
   » Driving
   » Delicious
   » Delicious II
   » Drain Bamage
   » Enhanced but Beautiful
   » Employed
   » Focus
   » Free Hugs
   » Fractions
   » For Moms and Dads
   » Got warrants?
   » Global Warming
   » Gearhead
   » Get A Lot
   » Don't Get A Lot
   » Human Hybrid
   » Impotence
   » I'm a Puller!
   » I'm a Puller!
   » f11
   » We Are Doomed
   » Skinny Cooks
   » New Orleans
   » New Orleans Chocolate Forever
   » Some Settling May Occur
   » Not flat in Kansas
   » Not made in China
   » Mayberry Think Tank
   » K9 Lover
   » Hearing Voices
   » If Columbus has waited...
   » Liberals - Mute Button
   » OICU812
   » Utterly Disgusting
   » Sexpot in Training
   » Herpetologist
   » Money...
   » Where it's at...
   » Why am I?
   » Psycho
   » Recording Engineer
   » Village Idiot
   » Ying-Yang Gear
   » Used By
   » What Goes Around...
   » Stupid Boss
   » Wish You Were Here
   » Play
   » Nudity
   » Cindy Sheehan
   » Time is Money
   » Remove
   » Woodlands
   » Houston
   » Jesus Saves
   » For Soccermoms
   » Think Sign
   » Saegheh II
   » Saegheh I
   » Búck Dich
   » Zieh Dich Aus
   » Ich bin Feucht
   » Täglich
» Sofa King Gay
   » Male Spank
» Whatever
» Wrecker Driver
» Wiccans & Witches
   » Merry Meet
   » Skyclad Moonlight
» Merry Meet
» Tech Support
   » Helpdesk
   » A+ Certified
» C17H21NO4
» Skyclad Moonlight
» I Love ______
   » Smoking
   » Mechanics
   » Massage
   » Real Estate
   » Bikers
   » Nudity
   » Grilling
   » Chat
   » Cars
   » Pseudo Sciences
» Croc Hunter
» Marijuana
» Eagles May Soar
» Thailand
» Grilling
» Spanking, Etc.
   » Spank Rating
   » Spanking Stuff
   » Need Spanking
   » Passionate Kiss
   » Spank
» Tractor Pullers
   » My rig and your rig...
   » I'm a Puller II
   » We're Pullers!
   » Gearhead Logo
   » Traction Puller!
   » Pullers with Power
   » I'm a puller!
» We the unwilling
» I'm not as drunk...
   » Drink and Drive
» Second Hand Smoker
» I Love Animals
» Motivate
» Internet Merchant
» Hats
» Homeland
   » Insured By .45
   » Insured By 9mm
» Be nice to people
» Babygirl
» Non Smoker
» Fdisk, format
» I Rock!
» FDA Approved
» Out-Think
» Made in China
» Runaway Bride
» Just Married

RC Media International
Houston, Texas USA

We provide quality, useful products through the use of graphic design, commercial art and photography. Our t-shirts make the statements some people only think to themselves.

Custom Orders: If you need custom sayings or limited edition graphics on a t-shirt, email your information to us at rcmedia@rcmedia.com

We also offer bulk discounts for higher quantity orders. Ask us!

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Welcome to RC Media International!
We sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, bags and other items with sayings, quotes and designs on them. Lots of categories and all very cool stuff! Choose from the left column.


If you're familiar with the phrase OTK, then we have your attention. Check out one of the products here and be recognized as a SPANKO, and be overlooked by all others.


Anything religion or philosophical related will be included in this section.


Dealing with reality can be stressful, but THIS message gets the point across very clearly.


If you're a photographer, you know how the business works. Check out our fantastic new t-shirt!


WTF of course means Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Unless you have the other meaning in mind. This design points it out very clearly.

Latino Pride

Latino Pride
Show that you're proud to be in the USA, and an important part of this country. We're glad to be here and working to have a better life!

Whitehouse Beer Joint

Whitehouse Beer Joint
Having a beer at the Whitehouse might be a wish we all have. Now you can pretend that you've been there!


Having a beer at the Whitehouse might be a wish we all have. Now you can pretend that you've been there!


For those who don't live in Texas, nevermind - you can't understand. Those who ARE in the great state of TEXAS, please check out our new designs!


A few people know the meaning of the 420 number. Wear it proudly not only on 420, but to show that you're a supporter.


Animals & Critters are fantastic companions as we live our lives. They brighten our existence.


No ONE of us is as smart as ALL of us. A perfect statement for a dedicated team, group or company! It's the teamwork mentality!


Life can be really funny. Check out these recent humor statements and see if they apply to your life! They probably do!


We're all addicted to something that we enjoy and love. Show your addiction or passion to the world with our designs!


NALOBAH stands for Not A Lot Of Brain Activity Here.
Welcome to the Nalobah movement, where members work as little as possible! It's not an exotic African name - it's just Nalobah!


NALOBAH stands for Not A Lot Of Brain Activity Here.
Check out this section for more NALOBAH statements on shirts and mousepads.

Bad Economy

Bad Economy
Trumpet the facts of the bad economy with this iconic logo. The dollar is indeed pretty much useless - display your dismay! Wear it to work, and to your meeting with your accountant.

Stick Figure Graphics

Stick Figure Graphics
Stick figures are the simplest of all drawings. We did them during class in both high-school AND college. And still they can send a great message! Check out our new messages via stick figures!

Homeland Security

Homeland Security
Homeland Security is exactly that - the security of the homeland! In our case, this is the USA! Find Homeland friendly content and messages RIGHT here!

Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame
Using a freeze frame 'film' design, we feature photo images in a slice of life format. Images of various items and photographs show the split second images we all see, but are too busy to notice.

Gun Control Stuff

Gun Control Stuff
If you're a gun enthusiast, hunter, military or law enforcement person, you'll enjoy these designs. Having one of these on a t-shirt will definitely get your point across.


If you love alcohol of any kind, or what it does, there are cool designs here just for you.


Get a copy of this new design while it lasts. Both the standard formula and the 'melted' version are limited editions - only 100 of each will be sold.


Cocaine - the drug and the song are timeless. Each has its place - and the display of the formula is exciting, even for those who only enjoy the song.

Global Warming

Global Warming
Global warming affects us all - plant, animal, or alien. Show your support for efforts against global warming. The earth needs to be healthy!


Astrology is age old and some believe, and some don't. The traits defined when you were born may or may not act on your life, but you're still defined as the sign defined by the stars!

Darwin Awards

Darwin Awards
The Darwin Awards are given posthumously to people who remove themselves from the human gene pool through their stupid actions.


American patriotic messages for all of us who support this great country!


Welcome to the land of barcodes, where everything is tagged. You might as well have a barcode too - show it proudly!


The age old Celtic designs have been a popular and loved art piece. The familiar knot designs look great as a poster or t-shirt. This is indeed a modern piece of history.


Current Events - content from the worldwide newsmedia


The pentagram is a 5 sided symbol regarded as important and sacred by those who believe. This age old symbol of supreme power is definitely prominant in our present society.


GLBT designs to tell them where you're from and to show your pride!


Check out our hot products for Bears! You know who you are - show your pride!

Black T-Shirts

Black T-Shirts
Black t-shirts are hot! Check out our designs - and watch our cool designs on everybody's favorite color: black!


Insults - in a funny, direct way. Say what you mean!


Occupations and jobs made real with a statement! Tell the world what you do for a living and how proud you are!


Get an attitude with the world! Make your point of view known with the t-shirt you wear! Use humor and funny sayings to get your point across!


Say it with a t-shirt! Hot quotes and sayings from the media and life in general!


Foreign Content on our t-shirt, coffee mug, mouse pad and other products.

Sofa King Gay

Sofa King Gay
Sofa King Gay! Now THAT doesn't have anything to do with a sofa!


Wrecker Driver

Wrecker Driver
If you're a wrecker or towtruck driver, this message can get you more business - and laughs.

Wiccans & Witches

Wiccans & Witches
Wiccans and Witches: the bright illuminated ones!

Merry Meet

Merry Meet
Greet your fellow practitioners in a discrete, yet friendly way. Wiccans are great lovers of nature - meet them in public!

Tech Support

Tech Support
Tech Support - Helpdesk:1 Customer: 0


If you wanna hang out, you gotta take her out, C17H21NO4. The lyric and the chemical formula for cocaine tells it all. Buy yourself a t-shirt or a coffee mug with this great message on it. It's almost


Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy!

Skyclad Moonlight

Skyclad Moonlight
Doing it in moonlight is skyclad!

I Love ______

I Love ______
The "I Love ____" Logo!

Croc Hunter

Croc Hunter
The Croc Hunter Memorial design.


Marijuana cures!

Eagles May Soar


Celebrate Thailand! Show your respect and love for Thailand!


Spanking, Etc.

Spanking, Etc.
Are you into spanking for fun or domestic discipline? Do you carry a paddle or a strap in your purse or briefcase? If yes - you need to check out this rather hot part of the site!

Tractor Pullers

Tractor Pullers
Tractor Pullers are a tough group! Dragging that skid across the line is almost work, but it's great fun!

We the unwilling

I'm not as drunk...


Second Hand Smoker

I Love Animals


Internet Merchant


Say it with a hat! Ballcap messages are direct and fun!


Be nice to people


Non Smoker

Fdisk, format

Fdisk, format
Tech Support - Fdisk, format, re-install, doodah...

I Rock!

FDA Approved


Made in China

Runaway Bride

Just Married

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