Breastfeeding is the BEST and most normal way to feed your child. Show support and educate on the benefits of breastfeeding with these great products. Also, see designs for attachment parenting, or slinging babies. More to come, so check often!

I was born gently into my Mommy's hands!

I was born gently into my Daddy's hands

I heart my midwife-long ways

I heart my midwife

Have a Home birth the midwives clean it up!! LOL

Baby Catcher

My Favorite diapers in the washer boy

My favorite diaper is in the washer! Girl

We roll old school

This isn't-with clothdiapered baby

This isn't the first time with prefolds and fitted

Even my Baby dolls get the BEST!

I have fluffy buns brown

This isn't the first time I've worn this diaper br

I have Fluffy buns girl

Cloth diapers for a Clean planet

I was born underwater

Jesus was Breastfed

If Breastfeeding offends you...

Cows milk for Baby cows

If your diapers aren't cloth...they're garbage!

Why YES I'm still breastfeeding

A Princess is

A Prince is 2

I love boobies

I heart boobies 2

I heart bobbies

Princess Browen

little lactavist in pink

New Section

Yep I'm still nursin' Jealous? Pink

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers
Show off your Parenting styles with these trendy Bumper stickers!

Demand Supply

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand
Explain how the Breastfeeding Relationship works with these GREAT tshirts. Buy a set to use as PJ's or to Educate How it WORKS!! Supply Demand-Use it or Lose it!

Does this diaper make my butt look big? Black funk

Does this make my butt look big? Pink

If you think I'm cute:CD's have come a long way ba

Think Green, Use Cloth

milk junkie reg letters

mommys milk junkie cow letters

Futrue Breastfeeding Supporter


I heart mommy milk red

Booby Monster

Built By Breastmilk

Cloth on my bum, BM in my Tum!

I heart mommy's milk

Killer Milk

Cloth Diapered Baby!

breastfed and cloth diapered!

National Breastfeeding Symbol

Breast is Best with Symbol in Blue

Breastfeeding Symbol in Pink

Breastfed Baby!

Good Enough for Jesus2

My mom might be crunchy but my Diapers' not!

I'll wean when I'm ready, it's not up for debate!

Breastfeed and cloth diapered, I'm sooo spoiled!

Jesus was Breastfed and Cloth diapered

Good enough for Jesus, good enough for me!

I let mommy and daddy sleep with me!

Boy: Who needs Chocolate

Girl Who needs Chocolate?

It's mean to wean!

Breastmilk, the best milk for Toddlers too! 2

BFINg mommas Packing list

No I'm not done, please don't bug my Mommy!

Future Breastfeeding Mommy!

Jesus was breastfed

Breastmilk the BEST milk for Toddlers too!

Mommy's leaving Weaning up to me!

NAK nursing at Keyboard!

Little Lactavist

I make milk pink

Princess Kaytlynn

Breastfeeding since Birth

Natures Bottles, No Ster. needed!

Human milk is the only food group a baby needs!

Mommy's Milk, It does a Toddler Good!

I Make Milk, What's your Superpower?

My Mommy Wears me... Jealous

Who needs milk and cookies? I've got Num nums

Toddlers Need Breastmilk too!

Still nursing... Jealous?

New Section

Baby's First Breastfed Christmas
Baby's First Breastfed Christmas

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