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» Shire of El Dorado
» Templar Themed Stuff
   » Beausant
   » Red Cross on Beausant
   » Red Cross/White Background
   » Red Cross/Black Background
   » Red Cross on Brown Background
   » Red Cross on Green Background
   » Old Style Templar Seal
   » Templar Superheroes
» Masonic Stuff
» Viking-Themed Stuff
   » Rune Wisdom
      » Valor Runes (Old Norse)
      » Valor Runes(English Phonetic)
   » Ragnarok- the other doomsday!
   » ...Need for mead!
   » Uff Da!
   » Enlarge your drakkar prow...
   » Odin's Eye
   » May the Good Lord take a viking to you!
      » Sepia
      » Color
      » Greyscale
» South Canterbury Designs
   » Episode 1- Thomas of Becket
   » Episode 2-St. Edmund
» Outlander Gear
   » Kingdom Device
   » Outlands War Ensign
   » Outlands Ensign
   » Outlander & Proud!
» Chirurgeon & Waterbearer Items
   » Outlands Guild Gear
      » Waterbearers
      » Emeritus
      » Master/Mentor
      » Journeyman/Plain
      » Apprentice/CIT
   » Got boo-boo?
   » Waterbearer Gear
   » Apprentice/CIT Chirurgeon
   » Journeyman/Plain Chirurgeon
   » Master/Mentor Chirurgeon
   » Chirurgeon Emeritus
» Highland Highjinks!
   » Trew Scotsman Design
   » Enlarge Your Caber Design
   » Up yer kilt! Design
» Kristin's Quips
   » Corn Field Wish
   » ...bad beer...
   » It's a zen thing...
   » For Lefties!
   » There's a special Hell...
   » Support Groups Slam
   » Light a Match... Gas Mask Design
   » Talk to the Finger...
   » I laughed. I cried... design
   » GOB Gear
   » Goth Gear
   » Hollander Gear
   » Don't sweat the petty things...
   » Kobudo Design
   » Okinawan Triskelle Design
   » Mind-Body-Spirit Design
   » Biohazard Design
   » Stick it to the oil man... design
      » Make a Difference/Stick it to the oil man
      » Ride!/Stick it to the oil man
      » Kickin'.../Stick it to the oil man
» Public Service Gear
   » "Hazmateer" Gear
   » EMS Gear
      » EMT Star
      » EMT-B Star
      » EMT-I Star
      » EMT-P Star
   » Rescue Diver Gear
   » Fire Fighter
   » Search and Rescue
   » Ski Patrol
   » Life Guard
» Military Designs
   » Other gifts
   » Hats
   » Mugs & Steins
   » Dark Shirts
   » All other shirts
» Politics -n- such
   » Friends don't let friends...
   » Quitcherbitchin'...
   » Clinton Library Design
   » Not Republican/Anti-Democrat
» Hats
» Miscellaneous Shirts
   » White Tees & Sleeveless Shirts
   » Jerseys & Long-Sleeved Shirts
   » Kids' Shirts
   » Color & Ringer Tees
   » Women's Shirts
   » Sweatshirts & Hoodies
   » Golf Shirts
» "Unmentionables"
» Miscellaneous Mugs
» Buttons, Magnets & Stickers
» Miscellaneous Gifts
» Pet Items
» Baby Items

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Nordic Arms

Greetings! Welcome to Nordic Arms' new online gift store! We are now selling a number of products catering to SCA and other living history groups. We have over 200 designs on various items to choose from.

Don't forget to check out for your armor needs!

Let us design your household, guild or fighting unit shirts, mugs and souvenirs. We'll also customize any of our existing designs to meet your specific needs. E-mail us at: for details!

Learn more about Bjorn and Thorhild at our home page: .

Check out KingdomWare's CafePress store for your kingdom or officer-specific needs!

Shire of El Dorado

Shire of El Dorado
In this section, you'll find designs for one of the Adrian Empire's newest branches, the shire of El Dorado.

Templar Themed Stuff

Templar Themed Stuff
Templar gear to satisfy the crusader in you.

Masonic Stuff

Masonic Stuff
Bjorn's coming out with a line of cool gear for Freemasons

Viking-Themed Stuff

Viking-Themed Stuff
We've got so many viking items, we're putting them here!!!

South Canterbury Designs

South Canterbury Designs
Episodes of Bjorn inn Gauzki's spoof cartoon series: "South Canterbury"
COMING SOON!!! Best of South Canterbury calendar!

Outlander Gear

Outlander Gear
Our line of Outlands Pride items

Chirurgeon & Waterbearer Items

Chirurgeon & Waterbearer Items
Nordic Arms' tribute to the hardworking Chirurgeonate and Waterbearers

Highland Highjinks!

Highland Highjinks!
Highland/Scottish designs

Kristin's Quips

Kristin's Quips
Non-SCA and crossover items. Express your cynicism, satirical whims, sarcasm or spiritualism with items from this section

Public Service Gear

Public Service Gear
Get your Rescue Shirts & Mugs here!!!

Military Designs

Military Designs
Our possibly endless line of military insignia, badges & patches

Politics -n- such

Politics -n- such
Since I'm coming up with multiple designs with a political bent, I've dedicated a separate section to those!



Miscellaneous Shirts

Miscellaneous Shirts
Shirts Galore!!

Lingere, boxers, camisoles

Miscellaneous Mugs

Miscellaneous Mugs
Porcelainware for your favorite beverages. As we develop multiple designs within a given theme, we'll move them from here to their own section. Keep watching!

Buttons, Magnets & Stickers

Buttons, Magnets & Stickers
Say it non-verbally with a button, magnet or sticker

Miscellaneous Gifts

Miscellaneous Gifts
Mostly stuff you can't wear-at least if you're sober;) !

Pet Items

Baby Items

Baby Items
Stuff for your little tyke

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