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» COI - Community of Idiots formerly ACORN
» Proud Infidel
» Obama -- Not MY President
» NObama '08
» Fight Against Communism
» McCain Palin Mavericks Team Jersey Collection
» Drill Baby Drill
» Sarah-Cuda '08 - SARAH PALIN '08
» I am Joe Plumber
» Senator Government - Vote McCain
» Little ACORNS - Trees of FRAUD
» RWB Stars McCain-Palin
» Osama and Obama - Just B.S.
» McCain Palin 08 Collegiate Collection
» Vote for Palin - Sarah Palin -
» No Socialists NObama
» Gadsden Flag T-Shirts Collection
» The "Sarah Palin ~ Pretty in Pink" Collection
» Hope is NOT a Strategy!
» Palin 2012
» Palin Picture McCain/Palin 08
» JesusFish Eats "Obamessiah"
» JesusFish Eats "Mark of the Obamessiah" - SILVER
» "JesusFish" Eats "The Mark of the Obamessiah"
» Mother, Governor, Moose-Shooter - Palin for VP
» Democrats have "PJS" (Palin Jealousy Syndrome)
» "a PAL IN Washington"
» Yes we WILL
» Stand up & Fight - McCain/Palin '08
» Leave Nothing to Chance
» PalinFish Eats Obamessiah - BLK
» PalinFish Eats Obamessiah
» Palin Power
» Palin = The Gipper 2.0
» Dems & Equality? JUST WORDS
» Pro-Lifer for McCain/Palin 08
» Obama: Hopiate of Liberal Masses
» John S. McCain & Sarah Palin
» God Bless the U.S. - Asst. Colors
» Who's the REAL Racist?
» NOdinga Nobama '08
» Don't put a terrorists' apprentice in the White Ho
» NObama - Blue & White
» Obama bin Biden '08 Gear
» Obama Muslim(?) Truth Squad - Goodbye Free Speech
» No Terrorists in White House
» Jim Jones was a Community Organizer, too!
» I'm a NObama Mama!
» No Way. No How. NObama!
» NOBama/NO-Biden '08 Gear
» ObamaChe 08 - Hope & Change
» More designs coming soon...

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Show your support for Sarah Palin with all of these great designs -- all a part of our "Sarah Palin ~ Pretty in Pink Collection"! These designs and the slogans were created especially for ladies and girls who support Sarah Palin!

Conservative Woman for Palin

Conservative Woman for Palin
Conservative women around the country are THRILLED with the choice of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate. Show your support with one of these great products!

Stay-at-Home Moms for Sarah Palin

Stay-at-Home Moms for Sarah Palin
Are you a stay-at-home mother that supports Sarah Palin? Why not tell the world with products featuring this great "Stay-at-Home Moms for Sarah Palin" Design. Vote McCain/Palin '08.

SAHM for Sarah Palin

SAHM for Sarah Palin
Are you a Stay-at-Home Mom that supports Sarah Palin for Vice President? If so, then you'll LOVE these great "Stay-at-Home Mom for Sarah Palin" products!

Working Women for Sarah Palin

Working Women for Sarah Palin
Are you a working woman who feels Sarah would do an excellent job as Vice-President? Why not show your support with this "Working Women for Sarah Palin" design!

Working Women 4 Palin Design 2

Working Mothers for Sarah Palin

Working Mothers for Sarah Palin
Are you a working mother who supports Sarah Palin? If so, check out these great "Working Mothers for Sarah Palin" products.

Smart Women Support Sarah Palin

Smart Women Support Sarah Palin
Forget the feminists who just don't get it -- Smart Women Support Sarah Palin!

Feminists for Life Choose Palin

Feminists for Life Choose Palin
Feminist & Pro-Life ~ You'll love this design! Feminists for Life Choose Palin!

Typical White Woman for Palin

Typical White Woman for Palin
Everyone is now familiar with how Barack Obama threw his own Grandmother "under the bus" by calling her a "Typical White Woman". Well, show the liberals how many "Typical White Woman" will be voting

Lipstick Republicans Love Sarah Palin

Lipstick Republicans Love Sarah Palin
Lipstick on a pig, eh? Well, I've got news for Obama - Lipstick Republicans LOVE Sarah Palin! Check out these great products...

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