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» Beadwork Great Grey Owl
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» Beadwork Barred Owl
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» "Into The Well of Souls"
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» Merry Meet - Winter
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» Native American Breastplate 10
» Beadwork Snowy Owl
» Beadwork Crow or Raven
» Native Crow Mandala
» Beadwork Aplomado Falcon
» Aplomado Falcon Dreamcatcher
» Beadwork Great Horned Owl
» Native American Owl Mandala 1
» Beadwork Red-Tailed Hawk
» Red-Tail Hawk Dreamcatcher
» Beadwork Mute Swan
» Native American Swan Mandala
» Beadwork Cardinal
» Native Cardinal Mandala
» Beadwork Steller's Jay
» Steller's Jay Dreamcatcher Mandala
» Labradorite Spider Dreamcatcher
» Turquoise Tortoise Dreamcatcher
» Labradorite Dragonfly Dreamcatcher
» Chakra
» Triple Goddess
» Silver Moonstone Pentacle
» Pagan God & Goddess
» Snowflakes
» Witch's Wheel of the Year
» Dragons
» Beads and Arrows Mandala
» Native American Beadwork Mandala
» Turquoise Copper Dreamcatcher
» Turquoise Silver Dreamcatcher
» Winter Blue Dreamcatcher
» Dreamcatcher Medicine Wheel
» Native Medicine Wheel Mandala
» Naumadd's Clocks
» Just Pentacles
» Yellow Crescent Moon Pentacle
» Blue Crescent Moon Pentacle
» Earth Elemental Pentacle
» Air Elemental Pentacle
» Fire Elemental Pentacle
» Water Elemental Pentacle
» Samhain Pentacle
» Yule Pentacle
» Imbolc Pentacle
» Ostara Pentacle
» Beltane Pentacle
» Litha/Summer Solstice Pentacle
» Lammas/Lughnasadh Pentacle
» Mabon Pentacle
» Purple Crow Pentacle
» Crow Pentacle - Teal
» Crow Pentacle - Blue
» Crow Pentacle - Purple
» Crow Pentacle - Pink
» Crow Pentacle - Red
» Crow Pentacle - Yellow
» Crow Pentacle - Green
» Blue Triple Goddess Pentacle
» Green Triple Goddess Pentacle
» Yellow Triple Goddess Pentacle
» Red Triple Goddess Pentacle
» Purple Triple Goddess Pentacle
» Goddess of the Blue Moon
» Goddess of the Green Moon
» Goddess of the Yellow Moon
» Goddess of the Red Moon
» Goddess of the Purple Moon
» Pagan Great Rite
» Silver Pagan Pentacle
» Gold Pagan Pentacle
» Silver Pentacle w/gold
» Gold Pentacle w/silver
» Red Viking Runes
» Pentacle of the Blue Moon
» Pentacle of the Green Moon
» Pentacle of the Yellow Moon
» Pentacle of the Red Moon
» Pentacle of the Purple Moon
» Purple Crow Pentacle
» Feminine Eleven Crow Pentacle - Purple
» Crow Triple Goddess - Purple
» Crow Triple Goddess - Red
» Pentacle of the Blue Goddess
» Pentacle of the Green Goddess
» Pentacle of the Yellow Goddess
» Pentacle of the Red Goddess
» Pentacle of the Purple Goddess
» Blue-Silver Goddess Pentacle
» Blue-Gold Goddess Pentacle
» Blue-Purple Goddess Pentacle
» Gold Goddess Pentacle
» Gold-Green Goddess Pentacle
» Gold-Blue Goddess Pentacle
» Gold-Red Goddess Pentacle
» Green Goddess Pentacle
» Gold & Green Goddess Pentacle
» Teal Goddess Pentacle
» Red and Gold Goddess Pentacle
» Red-Silver Goddess Pentacle
» Red Goddess Pentacle
» Purple Goddess Pentacle
» Purple-Teal Goddess Pentacle
» Purple Pentacle w/silver
» Red Pentacle w/gold
» Green Pentacle w/gold

Richard "Naumadd" Barnes
Seattle, WA
Member Since: 2008

I believe in the simple act of breathing as the most meaningful metaphor for a human life - passionate taking in of our world's incredible wonders sifted through deep and patient reflection and given back through continuous creativity. I believe in art as a way of life more meaningful, at least for me, than any other. I hope for this collection to reflect that philosophy.

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Assorted clockfaces featuring pagan symbology.

Clock of the Red Moon

Clock of the Red Moon
Pagans, witches and wiccans alike are sure to love this clockface celebrating the full red "fire" moon featuring triple goddess symbols and red pentacles.

Clock of the Yellow Moon

Clock of the Yellow Moon
Pagans, witches and wiccans alike are sure to love this clockface celebrating the full yellow "air" moon featuring triple goddess symbols and yellow pentacles.

Clock of the Purple Moon

Clock of the Purple Moon
Pagans, witches and wiccans alike are sure to love this clockface celebrating the full purple "spirit" moon featuring triple goddess symbols and purple pentacles.

Clock of the Green Moon

Clock of the Green Moon
Pagans, witches and wiccans alike are sure to love this clockface celebrating the full green "earth" moon featuring triple goddess symbols and green pentacles.

Clock of the Blue Moon

Clock of the Blue Moon
Pagans, witches and wiccans alike are sure to love this clockface celebrating the full blue "water" moon featuring triple goddess symbols and blue pentacles.

Pagan God and Goddess Clocks

Pagan God and Goddess Clocks
A sophisticated clockface featuring a silver pagan pentacle with copper accents celebrating the masculine horned god and feminine triple goddess with celtic knotwork.

Pagan Fire Pentacle Clocks

Pagan Fire Pentacle Clocks
Celebrate the element of fire in your pagan home or office with this deep red clockface with central gold pentacle, gold accents, black crescent moons and celtic knotwork.

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