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For the past few years I've been absorbing a lot of information that's out there regarding this administration and its outright contempt and distain for our rights as citizens.

From the illegal wars that fill the pockets of Bush's corporate Mafia, to the politicizing of personal religious beliefs and the absolute sham our electoral process has become; I decided to start making some statements of my own. I decided to stop complaining about these abuses of power, and put my money where my mouth is. I will be donating half of the proceeds from all of my designs sold here on CafePress to DNC funding and

It's my goal to contribute what I can to make sure there is a legitimate Congress in place for 2006 that will hold accountable those responsible for the needless deaths of our Armed Services personnel, our Nation's spiraling debt, unfunded mandatory federal programs, use of the terror alert systems for political advantages, campaign finance abuses, the hypocrisy, the lies, lies, and more lies.

The Republicans don't have a copyright on the American flag. The words "freedom" and "patriot" are not trademarks of the GOP. They've wrapped themselves in stars and stripes hoping Americans won't notice that they're gutting the Constitution, ravaging the environment, torturing prisoners, and forcing average citizens to live in fear of the elusive "Terror Monster" they created to keep us all in line. It's all a lie.

You won't find the truth on television or in your local newspaper. The truth is out there if you're willing to know it. The blogging community, portrayed by big media companies as "Left-wing conspiracy theorists", has opened a new door to the truth. You just have to want to know what's really going on. Now big media is starting to take the blogging community seriously and they can no longer cover for the crimes of this administration. Get informed and make a difference in 2006!

I must give credit where it's due..

Check out some of the online communities that helped me see the truth. Hopefully they will shed some light for you:

Just to thank a few.

I will be adding more designs and items in the weeks to follow. If you like what you see, tell a friend.

Thanks also to those who are ready to take our country back!

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